A: the New Film Promises to Be Particularly Terrifying

There was no more news of the project to adapt Stephen King’s novel, That. Catch-up session today with announcements that promise a particularly scary film.

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R-Rated mode strikes again

While the release of Deadpool and its R-Rated classification seems to have made some emulators in the world of superhero movies, the trend seems to be widening since the new movie That could well carry the now famous mention. Roy Lee, the film’s producer, recently stated that he would do everything in his power to obtain this classification, which is synonymous with particularly terrifying scenes. Already the first version had traumatized a whole generation, it looks even better. 


An approach shooting

In addition, Roy Lee also announced that filming was imminent. The project, slowed down by many unforeseen events, should finally come to fruition with Andrés Muschietti at the controls. 

I hope we will shoot the film later this year. We just got the California tax credit, Gary Doberman wrote the latest version of the script with Andres, and the film will be split in two parts. We’re close to the final script and we’re mainly working on getting it into the budget we have said Roy Lee at Collider. 

At the present time it is still not known whether Will Poulter is still available to perform the famous demonic clown.

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