A Screenplay for the Sequel to Who Wants Roger Rabbit? Has Been Waiting for Years at Disney.

In 1988 came out Who wants Roger Rabbit’s skin?, a film now considered a classic by many. This mixture of film noir and cartoon, attractive at the time, no longer seems to be relevant to production studios. The proof is, a scenario for a sequel to Who wants Roger Rabbit’s skin? would exist at Disney, without the studio wanting to do anything with it.

a possible sequel?

2019 will be a busy year for Disney. Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, The Lion King, Aladdin, Star Wars episode IX, big productions that are sure to fill movie theatres around the world. A well-filled catalogue that could, one day perhaps, host a sequel to the film Who Wants Roger Rabbit’s Skin?, directed by Robert Zemeckis. Indeed, during an interview for Yahoo on the occasion of the release of his new film Welcome to Marwen, the American director revealed information that was appealing to fans of the 1988 film, the existence of a script for a hypothetical sequel and, above all, his presence at Disney.

I don’t know where [Who wants Roger Rabbit’s skin?] fits into their world. There’s no princess in it, so I don’t know where it fits in. There’s a wonderful script at Disney that’s really good, but I don’t think it’s in their plans…

Even if Robert Zemeckis has always been recalcitrant to the production of a sequel to Back to the Future, the American would not be against the arrival of a Who wants Roger Rabbit’s skin? 2. However, Disney seems to have turned the page on films mixing real actors and characters from animation. Nevertheless, the genre seems to be back on track, thanks to Terence Nance and LeBron James via Space Jam 2. Anyway, fans are warned, a scenario for a sequel to Who wants Roger Rabbit’s skin? exists, and it hibernates in a warm cardboard box at Disney. And who knows, if there is enough demand, the film will eventually see the light of day. 

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