A Metal Gear Solid PS5 remake without Hideo Kojima is sacrilege

The latest game in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Metal Gear Survive, was met with a lot of controversy. Fans were outraged that Hideo Kojima’s name was removed from the game and he wasn’t even involved in its development. Other fans are excited for what could be an amazing remake of one of their favorite games.

The metal Gear Solid ps5 is a game that has been developed by Hideo Kojima. Without him, the game would be considered sacrilege.

Is Hideo Kojima planning a Metal Gear Solid remake? (Photo courtesy of Konami)

If rumors of a Metal Gear Solid remake are real, a reader believes that it must include creator Hideo Kojima, otherwise it isn’t worth it.

For years, there have been rumors that Konami is planning a complete remake of Metal Gear Solid, perhaps in collaboration with Sony. Because it’s so old, the original game doesn’t remaster well, and the PS1 visuals and gameplay are definitely showing their age (though I’d say the presentation is still far above average – it’s so far ahead of its time!).

Metal Gear Solid is a great candidate for an update as a legendary game approaching its 25th anniversary, and I’d be surprised if the rumors of a remake weren’t genuine. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the most recent one about a Christmas surprise or not; it’s just too clear a concept – with very little financial risk – that it’ll happen at some time.

Making it without Hideo Kojima is the issue. The entire Metal Gear saga is his creation, so it’s unsurprising that when he left Konami, they couldn’t replace him. They only managed to make the terrible Metal Gear Survive before realising it was a disaster and there was no point trying to do without one of the few auteurs in the video game industry

Kojima is currently a free agent, although there have been no rumors that he is working on a sequel. There are rumors that he’s working on Silent Hill, so there’s no shortage of information, but nothing about him working on a new Metal Gear Solid. What does this imply? That Konami will either hire whomever wasn’t good enough for Kojima to bring to his own business, or some other low-rent producer or director who can’t create their own unique game.

If you’re going to recreate Metal Gear Solid, you’ll have to start from scratch. Making the same thing but with better visuals, in my opinion, is pointless. With the top-down visuals and small game spaces, that’ll look absurd. Making it third-person or adding a first-person option isn’t going to solve the problem.

Look no farther than The Twin Snakes to see how terrible things can become if you don’t alter everything at once – and that was a game on which both Kojima and Shigeru Miyamoto collaborated! (Although just as producers, Silicon Knights did the most of the labor.)

Metal Gear Solid is a legendary video game that deserves to be handled like a Blu-ray remastered version of Casablanca or Lawrence Of Arabia. Those kind of films are always made with great care, and if the filmmaker is still alive, the film is much more so. And Kojima is still very much alive.

A remake would be fantastic if they can get him on board. I see it as an over-the-shoulder third-person shooter in the vein of Metal Gear Solid 5, but without the open world You may rerecord the speech with better actors (but preferably not Kiefer Sutherland), write a new script/translation, and rethink the boss fights and interactions to make them suit contemporary visuals.

This is what I mean when I say it has to feel like a whole new game. If it isn’t, there’s no purpose, and if it isn’t with Hideo Kojima’s participation, there’s no way that so many changes will come across as genuine.

I have no clue whether Kojima would agree to participate; as I already said, there have been no rumors about it. But if he isn’t, then it shouldn’t happen in the first place. Some artists are so inextricably linked to their works that it’s impossible to continue without them. Look at what happened to the Star Wars movies when George Lucas was fired. I mean, they can’t possibly be worse than the prequels, right? Guess once more…

Hideo Kojima is Metal Gear Solid, and I hope Konami and/or Sony recognize this if a remake is in the works.

Doshin, a reader


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