A Guide to the Realm Within

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In version 1.5 of Genshin Impact there are many new features for travelers to explore, including a brand new system: Serenitea pot. The Serenitea pot is essentially an in-game living space where players can design and build their own kingdom. Here is our guide to the Genshin Impact Serenitea pot, explaining the basics and how this new system works.

How to get the Serenity Pot in Genshin Impact

To access the Pot of Serenity, players must first complete the Cauldron quest, which can be called Home: La première partie, qui commence avec Madame Pin au port de Liyue. Après avoir terminé la quête, vous aurez accès au nouveau gadget. Vous pouvez ouvrir vos sacs à tout moment et aller dans l’onglet Gadgets pour trouver un objet et le remettre en place.

Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot Guide

Après avoir reçu le pot de la sérénité, vous avez la possibilité de choisir l’un des trois royaumes : Floating Abode, Emerald Peak ou Cool Island. Plus votre rang de confiance augmente, plus vous pouvez en débloquer. Choisissez votre zone d’entrée et rencontrez Tabby, le fantôme de Teabagger, et votre guide dans ce tout nouveau royaume. À Tubby, vous gérerez divers aspects du pot Serenitea, notamment :

  • Taux de confiance
  • Changer le style du royaume
  • Configure your furniture
  • Deposit of real estate

Increased reliability

Trustworthiness is your level of relationship with Tabby that allows you to unlock more areas, generate more money and generally open up more opportunities. As you make more furniture, Tabby’s confidence grows, increasing your confidence index and allowing you to earn more rewards.

Energy Adept grade

The energy of the Adepts in the sphere increases as you place furniture. As you reach new ranks of adept energy, the accumulation of kingdom currency increases!

Manufacture of furniture and household goods

You can build furniture from plans, which you can view in your inventory as soon as you get them. Open the bags and go to the Valuables tab to find the plans. Once you learn them, you can make or collect materials to build furniture for your kingdom. The more furniture, the greater the confidence! Furniture systems include common ingredients, processed materials and new elements such as stains and wood.

Making furniture takes about 14 hours per item, but with the Adept Velocity virus it can be done instantly. Click on the hand icon in the top right corner to place your furniture anywhere in the room. You can rotate the objects to put them in the perfect spot, and save your progress when you’re done. Don’t forget to go inside and plug in there too.

Imperial depository

Talk to Tabby and select the Kingdom Depot option to access the store. Here you can spend the currency of the kingdom to buy various furniture and upgrades for your kingdom.


The Serenitea pot is also compatible with cooperatives. You can join in by simply clicking on your portrait and switching to cooperative mode. Click on a friend and select the option to request a visit from the Serenitea pot.

You can also check out our Genshin Impact 1.5 Hidden Achievements Guide if you want to earn free Primogems!

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