#9 Best Surge Protector Extension Leads In UK 2021(Updated)

Today, in this article, we are going to talk about the best surge protection extensions in the UK. If you need information on this topic, please read it carefully.

Extension cords are sometimes useful if you have limited space at home and connect most of your electronic devices to a single power source.

Whether in the office or at home, a small device can make a big difference and solve your problem in the best way possible.

With sudden fluctuations in electrical voltage, a power surge can damage your electronic equipment. There can be many reasons why the voltage suddenly rises or falls, for example. B. Overload, etc.

If you want to protect your gadgets and devices from power surges, you need to choose a good surge protector.

We have listed below some of the best net protectors you can see for your needs.

1.5 m connection cable to be selected by Pro with overvoltage protection


This is the first product we have discovered for you. This is a 5 meter extension cord with overvoltage protection. It is equipped with four power outlets. In addition, an LED indicator is attached to each of them. It comes with a 5 meter long cable.

High quality materials have been used in its production, making it durable and reliable. In addition, you will see a user-friendly design.

You can use this cable as a lightning rod in the office or home, etc. where you need to connect many electronic devices.

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2.Te-Big 12 group overvoltage protection


This Te-Rich surge protector is the second on our list because of its special features. It has a unique tower-shaped design. The most amazing thing is that it supports both AC and DC.

This means you’ll see 12 ports and 5 USB ports to solve all your charging and power problems. It only comes with a length of 2 meters.

It serves as a power source and protects your device so you can use it without worry.

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3.Shock wave protected power supply band AUOPLUS 6 rings with 4 USBports


This is a surge protector from AUOPLUS. In doing so, you will see four USB connectors and six ports that you can use to power your devices in the office, home, etc.

These USB ports support fast charging technology and provide up to 3A of power, so you can charge your phone or other electronic devices quite quickly.

If your voltage fluctuates for any reason, this will protect all connected devices and prevent them from being damaged. There is enough room in the middle of this port to connect larger devices.

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4.Duronic 10 Way Expansion Tower ST10B


It is one of the best-selling network protectors. It has a superior design in which you can see 10 outlets, so you can plug in more and more electronic devices.

The total capacity of this tower is 3,000 voices, which is sufficient for regular use. This tower saves you time and space. This allows you to connect as many devices as possible in a much smaller area.

It has an ingenious tower that is much stronger and more durable. If you want a surge protector for your office or home, then you can go for it.

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Tower power strip5.GLCON with USB (4pcs 5V 3.1A) Outputof surge protector


The GLCON Expansion Tower is one of the best surge protectors in its class, which is why it ranks fifth on our list. In this case, you have 10 outlets to power your electronic device.

In addition, you will see four USB outlets so you can charge your mobile phone Power Bank etc. It is made of high quality ABS material, making it much stronger and more durable.

This protects them from sudden power surges and also ensures that devices are powered and gadgets are charged. If an overvoltage occurs, the power supply is immediately interrupted to prevent damage.

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6. Mscien extension cable 5M Individually switchable 5M extension cable, surge protected with 5 m cable


It is a 5 meter long extension cord with surge protection and light design. Each outlet on this extension cord features an individually colored switch, making it much more functional and attractive than other models.

The simple switches in this system save a lot of light. It provides surge protection for devices connected to the power supply. And make sure the device is not damaged.

You can attach it to the wall to make up for the lack of space in your home or office. In addition, you got an extension cord of 5 meters.

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Belkin BSV400af2M 4 way/4 plugs 2m sealing cable


It is a surge protector made of high quality material. In this one, you will see a very nice design that is even more appealing in the black and white color combinations.

He gave you a big switch, so there’s a small chance you could accidentally turn it off. In this one you got a six foot cable, which I think is enough.

This extension has 4 sockets so you can connect four different devices at the same time. This is an interesting option for your office because you can add multiple devices at once.

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8. Masterplug Heavy duty quad extension cable with 2 USBports


This is a portable surge protector with four outputs and a portable design. This product makes it much easier to charge USB devices with much more safety features.

These plugs are much safer than an unexpected power surge, so there is no risk of damage to equipment. You see a contact and a functional design. Comes with a 1 meter long cable.

In this case, you have two ports to power both devices simultaneously. It is equipped with a special type of thermal stop indicator to ensure optimum safety.

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9. Plug with four outputs of a lightning conductor


This Masterplug Power Surge with four outlets is a protected extension cord with 4 outlets that has a unique design. It has a thermal shutdown indicator that warns you when your device is protected by an overvoltage.

It has been made much lighter and portable, so you can easily carry it around and attach it to the wall if necessary. This Master Plus has four power outlets with enough room to plug in a bulky appliance.

This product is guaranteed for one year, so you should buy it without hesitation. It comes with a 4-meter cable, so you can easily connect your household or professional devices.

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Guide to buying the best surge protector –

When you first see a voltage limiter, there are a few basic elements to look out for. You can see all these important points below.

Overvoltage protection

This is an important feature that should be checked before it is extended to ensure it is protected from power surges. If it is not protected against overvoltage, your electronic devices can be damaged by high voltages at any time, so always choose extension cords that offer overvoltage protection.

Number of performances

At each end of the extension cable are plugs with different capacities. If you’re looking for a surge protector for your office, choose a model with at least eight outlets.

Number of USB ports

If you use a large number of digital devices, choose a surge protector with a maximum of USB ports for fast charging.

Construction and mechanical engineering

When you take a protective device, make sure it is of good quality so that it does not get damaged even if you fall. We recommend that you choose a robust plastic impulse device.

Cable length

When making your choice, you can take into account the nature of your home or office so that you can buy the right amount of electricity for your on-demand protection.

Connection type

We always recommend a lightning rod to mount it on the wall and save a lot of space in your home. If you want more outlets, you can also go to the surge protector tower.


We hope all the above information is excellent. Moreover, if you want to prevent the deterioration of the devices installed in your home or office, you can invest in them.

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