8 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a Website

Having a website is the key to success in 2020, every business must have one. However, there are hundreds (if not, thousands!) of businesses out there who fail to have a good looking and clear website that drives both sales and traffic. Not only do you need to have top SEO in order to beat your competitors, but you need to show your customer base (and the potential customers) that you’re available online and that you have an online presence!

Below is a list of the top 8 reasons why every business should have a website and some businesses who are currently killing it when it comes to their website. If you want to take a leaf out of the top performers book, take a look below and start stepping up your game when it comes to your online presence and your website. These reasons aren’t in any particular order, just have a read and choose some as a reason to get your act together and make your business successful.

  1. It drives leads and sales

Whether it’s leads or sales that you want for your business, having a website will drive these completely to new levels. If right now you’re only working on word of mouth and other people knowing about your business then having a website will open hundreds of doors for you and ultimately lead to countless levels of success. Don’t be afraid to start your website from scratch, even if you’re an old school business and have never focused on having a website before. The more traffic you have on your website, the more leads and sales will come your way. Even if you don’t directly sell eCommerce products on your website, people may still enquire and call you to ask about what you do.

  1. It builds brand awareness

Word of mouth has always been the best way to get new and loyal customers. However, brand awareness online is hugely important these days and should not go under your radar. As a business you must have brand awareness so that people know about your business and think of you whenever they need a certain product or service. Brand awareness online is easier than ever, set up a bright and bold website along with some social media platforms and before you know it, lots of people will be aware of your brand’s presence.

  1. It can showcase your USPs

Your business USPs are sometimes the only thing that separates you from your competition, this includes people who may have been in the industry for a lot longer. Having a clear website that displays these USPs is essential for new and returning customers. You want to ensure that people know what you stand for and what they believe to be their key differences to other companies. For example, the truckcraftbodies.co.uk website shows that the company is aiming to reduce fuel emissions using their solar panel technology. Having this information clearly on their website shows the user who is visiting their site something they may have considered before, using a company for how eco-friendly they are.

  1. It can tell your story

Does your business have a long and interesting history that should be known to your customers and anyone who has bought from you? Perhaps you want to tell them about how your great grandfather started the business and it has been passed down through generations? Whatever the reason is, use your website to show people what your story is and how they can get involved with what your business is doing. Plus, you can add any good samaritan stuff in there too, charity work and other things that people will be impressed with may want to go front and centre on your website to showcase you’re a reputable brand who can be trusted. Cadbury’s Chocolate brand does this really well on their story page, using a timeline to showcase the history of Cadbury’s and where they are now.

  1. It’s not expensive

Unlike what you may have initially thought, having a website actually isn’t as expensive as traditional marketing methods. While years ago you may have paid a few hundred pounds to have a billboard up explaining about your company and promoting it, having a good and clear website with an SEO strategy is enough marketing as it is. In fact, it’s a lot cheaper to have a website than older methods which is why so many people choose to do it. Plus, if you do want to do any marketing around your website and it’s launch (maybe even dabble in digital marketing) then you’re free to do this with a speedy website that attracts customers from across the globe.

  1. It opens your international doors

With being international in mind, having a website gives your brand and business a voice in other countries and cities around the world. If you’re a little local business with no online presence or website then you may be known in your city and perhaps some nearby ones too. However, having a website means your business is available from all other countries, where the internet is available, your website will be! That’s an exciting prospect for any small time business who has never had global/international orders before.

  1. It will save you time

Having content on your website will save you time in terms of explaining how things work. This is especially true if your business provides a unique service or product that people may have never seen before. Rather than having to explain to every customer about how your process works, they can read about it on a page you create on your website. Plus, if people ring and want to find out more you can also send them to this page without hassle. Trust us when we say, having a website will save an endless amount of time and you will thank you in both the long and short term.

  1. Become the best

Have you always wanted to be miles ahead of your competitors? You can be now! Have a look at their website and make yours 100x better by using a team or agency to help you build it. Becoming the best is easy as long as you’ve got a plan!