7 Types of Videos Your Business should be using

7 Types of Videos Your Business should be using

Different kinds of establishments require different types of videos, and deciding what kinds of videos suit your business may seem overwhelming. Moreover, creating videos may seem a challenging task. But videos are an excellent way of giving information about your business, services, and products.

That’s the reason this article outlines major video types your business can make to attract traffic, convert leads, and promote your products and services. The article will also include approximated video creation times to make your work easier when calculating how long it will take.

  1. Staff Training Videos

We all need help at times. Particularly new staff members who might not understand all the information given to them at the time of admission. At that point, training videos will come in handy.

Besides giving new staff members more in-depth information about the company’s processes, the video will save you stress and time. Additionally, training videos aren’t just for new team members; they are also helpful to all staff members.

Asking how long it will take to create a training video? Such videos usually take 1.5 to 3 hours to make. The length of the short will be determined by the amount of content you are explaining. Therefore, it can be shorter (5-10 minutes) or long because the video’s purpose is to give the necessary information to employees.

2. Product Videos

Do you sell a service or a product that is not easily explainable in brief? You need a product video that explains your service/product benefits and features and how the product works. They are especially important to customers who are contemplating buying a product or knowing more about the product or service. That means the video needs to be comprehensive and clear.

Production time ranges between 1 to 2 days, depending on the type of service or product you offer. Use Spiel to create top videos that could help your target audience understand your products and services better.

3. Explainer Videos

You cannot escape from problems when you are in business, and that is why explainer videos are crucial. It could be a problem concerning the use of your products or a more particular issue. By the time a customer gets or employee gets to the end of the video, they should know what action to take.

Why wait for a customer to ask an obvious question when you can use a video to explain it? Simplify the work of your support team by creating an explainer video. Better than product videos, which can be replaced later with an updated product video, explainer videos can be used for many years.

You will need a full day to create such videos because they are detail-oriented. It seems a lot of time to spend? Yes, but they are worth it compared to your support team’s time to answer client questions. The video length can be 2 to 5 minutes.

4. Product Updates

Have you updated your product recently? One of the major ways to ensure your clients are up to date regarding product updates is through video. Teach new and existing customers about the new features. This will make your product adoption easy.

These videos occupy a prime part of a company’s website, and for that reason, their creation takes a lot of time because of multi revisions and edits. Most of the time, aligning the script and concept correctly and including significant important stakeholders in the video consumes the longest time. They are usually short videos because they are often featured in Social Media channels and blog posts

5. Testimonial Videos

Happy customers can drive traffic to your website, who will then be converted to customers. Honest reviews, Facebook comments, etc. can convince a customer to buy your product. This is the reason testimonial videos are essential.

Such videos show how the product or service you offer has positively impacted customers. Hearing what a product or service has helped a customer is better than reading a whole paragraph of description.

It will take 1-2 days to put together a testimonial video because you may have to travel to the customer’s residence to shoot the video. Such videos usually last 5 to 10 minutes.

6. Onboarding Videos

As new members of your business, your customers need to get the best impression. How you welcome them and make them know your in-depth business matters a lot. This is where onboarding videos come in. They explain every aspect of your business to your new customer and make them feel at home.

Such videos give your customer a good foundation with your product. That means you need to take time and ensure the video is polished and easy to understand.

When it comes to production, these videos can take up to several days, so be ready to spend more time. However, they are essential because they determine how a customer feels the first time they become part of your business.

Time length is usually 5 to 10 minutes, and you must keep your viewers engaged. You can be as creative as possible to avoid boring your customer.

7. Promotional Videos

Have you ever created personal invitation videos? These are more like promotional videos. When you create promotional videos using a promotional video maker it makes your guests feel your brand and pitch the event irrespective of whether they are meant to invite guests to a webinar or conference.

In such videos, you give a detailed but brief overview of your product or service. Also, you include a Call to Action that interested viewers can use to sign up.

Production length depends on the superiority of the product or event you are promoting, and so it can take between 60 minutes to a few days. For example, an invite to a webinar doesn’t require as much time as an invite for five days conference. The video should be at a maximum of 3 minutes long.


It is fun to create and watch a video. Most importantly, they are an essential part of growing your business . And now that you know some of the crucial videos your business should use, you can go ahead and start creating them. Hopefully, you found help by reading this article.

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