7 Military Strategies to Consider in Vikings: War of Clans

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Released August 2015, Vikings: War of Clans is a mobile game that puts you directly in charge of a tribe of Vikings. Beware however, you are not alone in this world and your neighbours may be peaceful or aggressive. It is up to you to use your diplomacy and negotiating skills to get the most out of each situation. Only sometimes war is inevitable and weapons must be wielded. Vikings: War of Clans has the opportunity to teach you some military strategies that will be very beneficial to your entire Clan.

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#1. Compassion with the enemy

Even if this first strategy may be surprising, compassion is a good means to an end. Firstly, it allows you to put yourself in your opponent’s shoes and thus think about his future decisions in order to anticipate his next move. You are then prepared for any eventuality and even better, ready to counterattack radically. 


Just because you sympathize with their situation does not mean you have to sympathize with them. For the record, you’re fighting a war. The purpose of an armed conflict is to win it in order to plunder their corpses, empty their coffers and rape their women. You’re a viking, no mercy.  

#2. You are not alone in this world

The whole world is connected to your smartphone. Since Vikings: War of Clans has been downloaded more than 10 million times, that’s a lot of potential enemies to consider. However, they may include allies and every action is important. A simple request for reinforcements could lead to a huge war. In this vast world, perhaps you will find a new clan with whom you can rule these vast wilderness areas with a master’s hand.


#3. Leave nothing to chance

In a strategy game, every resource is valuable. Whether it is wood, stone, or even your own time, each of your possessions must have a purpose. You don’t have to recruit new soldiers or build new buildings just because you have the opportunity. Impatience is an enemy and rigour your only ally. Spend your resources in an organized manner and your future battles will be nothing but guaranteed victories. 

#4. Knowledge is Power

Before attacking an enemy or getting close to a player, gather as much information as possible. His troops, his resources, if he is part of a Clan, his habits as a player, the more information you have, the more chances you put on your side. Don’t hesitate to make use of your spies and even your allies. Check his connection habits and contact some of his former opponents. Knowledge is power.  


#5. Seeing and believing can harm you

While the previous chapter dealt with information gathering, this one will focus on mistrust and verification of sources. Even if you manage to obtain information about your target, be careful. What you see may be wrong. Do not hesitate to re-check the origin and veracity of your information. This way, you avoid unpleasant surprises when it’s time to launch the assault. And if you put off gathering information about the assault itself, many changes can occur in that time and thus distort your preparations. As you know, prudence is the mother of safety. 

#6. Never lower your arms

A special feature of an MMO is that it is impossible to lose. Sure, you can hit rock bottom and your enemies can have fun trampling on you. However, you can’t lose permanently and getting back up the slope will only take you a little time. What’s more, your allies, your friends and why not your mother will be the main reasons for your return to the top. Never give up, rather take advantage of these difficult times to imagine your revenge.


#7. You n’t change human nature

In a massively multiplayer game, you will have to face countless other players. And unfortunately for you, you can’t predict how they’ll act. Some will have fun attacking each of their neighbors while others will prefer to defeat their target in a long and bloody war. While this category of players attack you head-on, others prefer to hit you in the back. It’s up to you to surround yourself with people you trust so you don’t have to juggle betrayal and pettiness. Surround yourself with reliable teammates, make your own rules and above all, have fun.

To discover the game in more detail, it’s not here.

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