7 Fun Emojis to Lengthen Conversations

We used to imagine a futuristic version of our daily communication wherein we can all just make dozens of conversations despite the distances we all have. Especially for people who are bound to work outside their hometown, communication has been troublesome. The dilemma was solved when technology advanced in such great magnitude.

The invention of the worldwide connection or internet has brought us all pros and cons in broad aspects and different angles. If we focus on its positive effects, we do not have to miss our loved ones as much as before, for we can communicate with them in an instant through our Social Media platforms. How do we add flavor to our online conversations?

Tongue Emoji

The tongue emoji generally displays a hungry and playful expression, typically used when it is about food. It is an open mouth with a pink tongue sticking out. You can use the tongue emoji and add another food emoji to express that you want to eat that specific food. But the tongue emoji is not limited to that; what else could it mean?

If you are conversing with someone you are wooing and things are starting to get kinky, you might appreciate the tongue emoji even more. We can stop here and need not explain more details, use your imagination, and utilize the tongue emoji. The tongue emoji is currently at rank 113 in all social media platforms

Thinking Face Emoji

You can use the thinking face emoji if you feel intrigued by the person you are talking to; it is composed of a frowning face with one eyebrow raised, staring upward, while the thumb and index finger are resting on the chin. You can easily initiate curiosity and engage in more informative conversations by using this emoji.

ROFL Emoji

ROFL emoji or rolling on the floor laughing is usually applicable to people you are close with unless you are imposing sarcasm. This emoji shows a boisterous laughing face with teardrops hanging by each closed eye. You can use this emoji in reacting to hilarious memes or jokes, or you can just use it to express excessive happiness.

Thumbs Up Emoji

Emojis nowadays are on the yellow default color, which shows good equality to other skin colors, especially nowadays, wherein racial discrimination is no longer tolerated. The thumbs-up emoji may look bland, but this can help you better engage in lengthening conversations as it provides positive remarks to the other end. This is one of the commonly used hand emoji .

Smiling Face with Horns

Yes, this emoji resembles a devil, but it does not necessarily mean you have purely evil intentions(or does it?). If you long miss your partner and you are stuck in a long-distance relationship dilemma, you can use this emoji to initiate a kinky and high-spirited environment. You know what comes next, probably the tongue emoji.

Pleading Face Emoji

The pleading face emoji shows a sincere expression with furrowed eyebrows and large glassy eyes. If you are asking a favor from someone, or you want to ask for forgiveness and surpass your arguments, or if you just want your partner to buy you something, you might be surprised how powerful the pleading face emoji can be.

Face Blowing a Kiss

The face blowing a kiss emoji is a classic; it has puckered lips blowing a red heart with one eye winked. This emoji shows a simple yet genuine touch for a romantic gesture. If you are missing a family member, your partner, or your best friend, you can send them this emoji to remind them how much they mean to you.

The Effects of Emojis

Emojis are pretty childish and straightforward to look at, but they provide a stronger impact on the person we communicate with; thus, we become more expressive on the feelings we try to imply. Although these emojis have particular meanings with their expressions, they can also appear to have different meanings depending on your approach.

The Emoji Guide explains in detail the various emojis we have on different mobile devices Emoji appearances vary depending on your mobile device or the online platform you are using, whether it is Samsung, Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. If you are the linguistic but shy type of person, use the emojis mentioned in this article which might help to lengthen your conversations.

In A Nutshell

One of these emojis’ advantages is that it applies a neutral default color for all emojis that include human facial expressions; this removes biases and promotes neutrality and equality for all users and audiences. The variety of these emojis are also surprising; they have almost covered all the necessary emotions one can express.

Thanks to the creative innovations in our technology, life has been better and more convenient. With these advancements, we could communicate with our loved ones with a snap of a finger, and better express our feelings to them, even with just typewritten words. You can utilize these emojis and converse better with the people you care about.

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