7 Classic Digimon that needs to be shown in the reboot


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The new start of Digimon Adventure already seems to tell a completely different story than the original series. The first sheet of the original series was dedicated to Devimon, who brainwashed Digimon with pine nuts and used them as he saw fit. In the end, DigiDestined became strong enough to beat Devimon with Angemon. The revival may change things, as he presents his cast one after the other and may have another villian in the middle of his first bow, but a new gentle attitude towards Devimon will certainly be a welcome and nostalgic addition to the new series.

Graimon skull

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In the original series, fans were initially enthusiastic about the fact that Ty Grahamon had evolved before he was finished. These negative feelings towards Ty led to a malicious version of Graymon’s final form, the Graymon skull. It was a rare moment in the series that shocked Thaya deeply, and also for the rest of the group began a long recovery period, because they were scattered in the digital world for several months.

Because the new series Digimon seems to make the base more powerful, SkullGreymon may not appear. But because it was so essential to Tai’s journey for the first time, the re-launched version of the character needs something at least similar to this form. He just looks so cool you can’t see him in the updated version of the series.


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Myotismon was one of the most important villains of the first series, and he marked the dark period of DigiDestined’s journey in general. With its (literally) devilish presence, which provides lovers of the original with fantastic and unforgettable moments, Myotismon will be a welcome addition to the new series.

If the new anime decides to respond to his stories with new villains, will the spiritual successor to mysticism perhaps work? His influence on the series even affected the second season, so if that doesn’t mean this bad boy shouldn’t give anything back, he won’t either. Can you imagine how cool the attack of the Mad Wing will be in the new series?


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If Myotismon was really important for the original series, then one of the most convincing duets of this arch was Gatomon and Wizardmon (and his famous spicy sauce). Because of the approach, which was very big for the Lone Gatomon, the wizard remains one of the symbols of this arch, because he preferred Kairi’s growth.

His fate in the last series helped bring about the arrival of Angevomon, and although this may not be the second time, the friendship of the wizard who helped bring down the walls of Gatomon during the restart will be severely missed if he is not included in the series.

Sugar and salmon

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An important element of the original series was to show that there are good and bad Digimon in the digital world. It’s not that dry, but the nuance is that the fans liked the original series so much. Even those who started out as violent villains like Sukamon and Chuumon weren’t so bad after all. The wrong duo eventually played a crucial role in Mimi Tatawa’s journey, and it would have been nice to see the poop-mouse duo resurrect in a new series. If only for the comedy.


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The last criminal in a series of resets should be a major threat. He who brings DigiDestined to the edge of the abyss, so that both worlds are in danger. The apocalypse was that of the original series, because Tai and the other DigiDestined became so strong, defeating so many strong opponents that their last opponent was in fact the god of empty space itself. As a manifestation of the negative energy of the digital world, the Apocalimon was the final hurdle. It’s a pity that the battle of the original series was so short, and the new version of Apocalymon was able to remedy this in a remarkable way!

Cthulhu Digimon

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It was a bit of an illusion, like the second season, but do you remember that strange episode with a touch of horror when Kairi was taken to the mysterious beach? Was Divermon’s group there to try and recruit them to finally defeat Digimon’s powerful shadow? What happened to him? The original Japanese version of this episode appeared to be a stand-alone incident, but the English oak teased the fans by telling them that the mysterious Cthulu Digimon (Dragomon) would play a role in later episodes. But it didn’t work! So now is the perfect time to bring her back and fix the big mistake.digimon adventure reboot,digimon movie

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