7 Best Truck Bed Extender (May.2019) – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

If you have a pick-up truck you are lucky because you have access to more storage space or more payload, but you may still need more storage space from time to time for your snowmobile, kayak, bicycle, corner beam shaft or full-size lawnmower. If this is the case, a better extension of the truck’s trough can save the situation by freeing up the cost of your truck to transport these goods.

Comparison of Truck bed extender

Top 7 Best Truck Body Extensions on Amazon

1. Darby Industries 944 Truck extension

2. Lund 601021 Truck body extension

It works like a spring that bends with the suspension of the truck. The side wings are adjustable from 27 to 49 inches for wide loads such as plasterboard and plywood. They offer a distributed load capacity of 750 lbs, and for added functionality they feature a side support that can be folded down to create a desk or a portable horse.

Lund’s cash register extension can easily be installed in a standard 2-inch reception fitting and comes with a DOT-approved white/red reflective tape and safety flag.

3. Extension of the canoe loading surface Extension of the towing canoe support

4. Black drain valve Aluminium rear bed extension

5. Amplifier search 74802 HD sports bed extension

6. ReadyRamp I-Beam Full Size Truck Bed Extension

7. T-bed extension

I met him yesterday, and I can safely say that this dilator is positive. This is an adjustable truck body extension in which aircraft-grade aluminium is formed in a radical curve. It allowed us to get in and out of elevated areas without worrying about damage or tightening of the kayak. It can be adapted to different heights and different types of vehicles.

It can be ideal for transporting kayaks, canoes, ladders, building materials and other long objects protruding from the back door of the truck. When you install it, it immediately adds 4 inches to the truck bed. It fits on a standard 2-inch receiver and the radial curve is used to determine the ground clearance. The height adjustment can be up to 9.5 inches and has been tested in the United States of America for weights up to 300 pounds. Produced in North Carolina, USA

How do I buy a truck extension?

Here are a few things to consider before you buy a truck chassis.

1. Select the right type for your needs

1.1. Standard or ordinary U-shaped bed extension

If you want to transport objects that are no longer than the length of the back door of the van and the length of the cargo space, a normal or standard U-shaped bed is an excellent choice for you. It can be made of plastic or metal and uses the rear doors to give you an extra 2 feet of loading space or to provide maximum loading capacity when the rear door is lowered.

A standard extension can be used to transport bulky equipment of the same length as the body of a truck with a folding tailgate. If an extension of the truck body is normal, it can also be used as a loading door when it is not used to hold the load in place during transport. 

1.2. Bed extension or bed loader

The bed or bed extension comes with a mounting configuration that connects to the rear hitch of your truck’s receiver to provide a greater load capacity than the width of the rear door. This guy goes into the truck body and just slides or rolls so the load can be loaded. The bed support is elongated, making it easier to adjust or place the load in different positions. It’s the ideal choice if you need to transport all your tools on the road, because with a transfer table you can transport wood or logs, pipes and stucco on the roof of your truck efficiently and safely.

1.3. Extension of truck loading space

The tailgate not only provides sufficient space for your load, but also allows easy access to the items parked in the truck. It transforms the entire loading space of a truck into a movable drawer and also serves as an extension of the loading space. To provide adequate support, the coupling must be fixed on the right hand side so that the load is secured when the structure is in place.

2. Compatibility with your truck

Check if your truck is compatible with the bed extension. Not all are designed for universal functionality. Each bed frame is designed and dimensioned for a specific truck, so you need to make sure everything you buy fits your truck. If you know the details of your truck and the details of the bed extension, you can use it successfully.

Although some manufacturers claim that their ballast cleaning machines are versatile, you should check the size specifications to make sure they are compatible with your truck. Most bed extensions are designed for a specific model or truck. After reading the specifications you will know if it is suitable for you.

3. Installation, construction and miscellaneous parts

3.1. Building materials

Different models and brands use different types of materials to extend the truck body. While plastic or metal can be used to build a truck, others are made by combining metal and plastic. You will find others who use aluminium, which makes it stronger than plastic or metal and resists corrosion and shattering, while still remaining lightweight.

3.2. Operation and storage

Make sure you read the online manuals and know how they work, so you don’t have to approach a hard to use model. Some are permanently attached to the truck body, while others rotate inside the body or are folded down on the rear door for easy operation when needed. You need to choose the style that best suits your needs, and that depends on whether or not your truck is used for other transport purposes. Then the latest model is the best for you.

3.3. Accessories

With a model that locks every few meters, you can better control your luggage. For correct installation you will need some additional components to make the extensions rigid, e.g. an adapter for the hinge mounting method. You must take into account the weight capacity of the pull-outs, as this varies greatly.

3.4. Easy installation

Care must be taken to ensure that installation is simple. Truck body extensions of the rack type are the easiest to install. The installation kit is normally attached to an extension piece and contains detailed installation instructions, including how to mount the bracket to prevent the extension piece from jamming and the usual size adjustments.


There are different types and sizes of truck body extensions on the market and it can be difficult for you to decide, especially if you are the first customer. This guide is designed to provide you with the basic information you need to make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. I’ve also tried to look at some of the best truck body extensions on the market. Be wise and read reviews and other details before sending money. You have to buy a cheap truck body extension.

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