6 ingenious Instagram hacks everyone must know

6 ingenious Instagram hacks everyone must know

Instagram is one of the most engaging and popular Social Media platforms to connect with people. It started as a photo sharing platform, and today, it serves as a great platform for growing businesses. So don’t forget to add Instagram as part of your social media strategy and boost your brand’s social presence.

If you want to streamline the workflow, here are a few Instagram hacks that will help you.

  1. Download videos from Instagram

You are browsing through Instagram and a video caught your eye. You might want to show your marketing team to get them inspired or want to save it as a reference for your future videos. Whatever the reason for wanting to save a video, it is crucial to know that Instagram doesn’t allow it, and there are no direct ways to do it.

Luckily, there are workarounds to this. If you want to know how to save Instagram videos on Mac , you can use the Pulltube application. It is a trusted and secure app that can help you download any video from the web, including Instagram videos.

Similarly, if you’re using an iPhone, the AnyTrans app is the best way to download Instagram videos for iOS devices. Unfortunately, even Android users cannot directly save Instagram videos, and they need to use apps like AnyDroid.

  1. Create saved replies for quickly replying to DM FAQs

If you are running a business or an influencer, you are bound to come across hundreds and thousands of FAQs in your DMs. Offering timely answers is important, but it can quickly become overwhelming if you are a one-person show.

Fortunately, there’s a quick way to reply to FAQs without fuss. You need to open your Instagram profile and tap the three lines in the screen’s top-right corner > click settings and scroll down to the Business tab > choose Saved Replies > select the + button to create a new saved reply and type your message. Remember to include a shortcut and then click the save button.

Whenever you want to use a saved reply, all you need to do is type the shortcut you’ve created, and a blue button will appear in the message box. Tap the button, and the reply message will appear automatically.

  1. Add pictures to Insta stories from your camera roll or gallery

Thanks to this easy hack, you can add more than one picture into your stories. For doing this, go into the Insta Stories stickers tray and click the image circle. Then, select an image from your camera roll and adjust the size of the picture. Once the size is adjusted, choose where you want to place it in your story frame. You can also tap the frame to change the frame style.

If you do not have the image sticker, you can copy and paste an image from your camera roll. However, the copy and paste hack is only available for iPhone users.

  1. Monitor your screen time

Do you waste an entire day scrolling through Instagram? If so, you need to know this hack to track your screen time and also give you a reminder that you’ve spent a lot of time and need to do something else.

To monitor your screen time, you need to go to your profile and tap the hamburger menu > select your activity option > tap time, and you can see how many hours you’ve spent on Instagram. You can set daily reminders to manage your time.

  1. Alter the theme of your Insta account

Instagram allows users to choose the theme they want, including dark or light. The theme can be changed on iOS and Android devices. First, you need to go to your profile and click the hamburger menu > click Settings > select theme option > select the theme of your choice.

  1. Archive posts on Instagram

If you don’t want some of the posts to be shown in your profile, but you don’t want to remove them completely as you fear losing the comments and likes, you can archive them . First, you need to go to your profile and choose the posts you want to archive > tap the three dots on the top-right corner and click on archive. Your posts will be archived and no longer appear on your feed.

So, these are a few helpful and quick Instagram hacks that you can use to streamline your workflow. Whether you use the platform for personal or business purposes, these tricks will help you wow your friends or audience.

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