6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Natural Gas

When thinking about natural gas cooking and heating are the first things that may pop up in most people’s minds. But it is much more than just that. Before looking at the Advantages and disadvantages it might be useful to have a little understanding of what natural gas is .

The short version, it’s a fossil fuel that exists in a gaseous state. It is popularly used in many businesses and homes around the world. Although natural gas is the safest and cleanest fossil fuel, it is not much different from the others.


More Environmentally Friendly

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel by far. The reason for this is that the gas almost completely burns up during the process, leaving minimal byproducts behind that could affect the environment.

If the natural gas is burning with a blue flame, it means that it is completely burning and not leaving behind anything. Not only that, but the gas also doesn’t leave any ashes or bad odors behind.

The gas is also non-toxic, which means that people might not experience harm upon exposure to it.

Relatively Easy and Safe to Store

Natural gases are much safer to store compared to the other fossil fuels. Not only that, but it is also very easy to keep.

Since the gas doesn’t need to be stored in underground storage tanks, it clears out any risks of soil contamination and oil spills. Natural gas can be easily stored in the liquid form in above-ground tanks, which are often located in nearby consumption centers.

It Is Reliable

While other sources of energy might get interrupted when the storms hit, the natural gas keeps coming. The reason for this is that it occurs underneath the earth’s surface, and nothing can impact it in any way.

Cheapest Energy Source

Natural gas is the most affordable of other fossil fuel energy sources, as its prices have always remained somewhat the same. Since it is very abundant in supply, the costs don’t fluctuate significantly, even if the demand suddenly increases.


Highly Combustible

Natural gas can be dangerous because it is highly combustible. Therefore, any mishandling of the storage or delivery tanks can quickly result in an explosion.

Not correctly maintaining the gas-powered appliances in residential or commercial properties can also be extremely dangerous and result in explosions.

The problem is that the gas is odorless, and its leaks can’t be easily detected. Luckily, many companies add odor to their natural gases to make it safer for people to use.

Natural Gas Is Non-Renewable

Although it’s almost impossible to figure out whether natural gas can be quantified or not, many experts argue that it is non-renewable. They state that the sources will eventually get depleted at some point, like the other fossil fuels. While there might be many natural gas resources currently available in the world, they all will eventually be depleted.


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