50 Quality Of Life Suggestions!

As Epic begins adding quality of life enhancements to stw, I decided to come up with fifty more ideas. Because why not.

  1. Save the survivors and build a network of radars to escape quickly.
  2. Evacuate the shelter option to start early.
  3. to purchase the maximum number of items in the store at one time.
  4. Pure assembly returns.
  5. FoV slider.
  6. Stacking traps up to 999
  7. Ability to buy backpack space for gold / Vbucks
  8. The ability to jump to level 50 immediately.
  9. the default settings for the survival team
  10. Indicator showing the duration of the effect (e.g. 5 shots to the head cause 10 seconds of bonus damage).
  11. Ability to automatically create ammunition when below a certain level
  12. Filter so you don’t pick up more 1-star material.
  13. Improve the energy reduction of heroes by making them do a little more damage as well.
  14. Enable the shake option screen when you’re near a spawning bowl
  15. Mounting screen if you buy a llama for $100.
  16. Llamas for the immediate opening of the event and lamas for the free registration
  17. Reduced construction costs for building owners
  18. Fast moving speed for ninjas
  19. Increased damage to soldiers from head fire
  20. Fast energy regeneration for foreigners
  21. A reset for each trap changed in the new update.
  22. No more beta / LTM missions (unlikely, since it’s a first-class experiment).
  23. Ability to play old quests at any time.
  24. Sort the Completed Main Tasks tab in chronological order.
  25. Search field for diagrams and characters
  26. Other presets for heroes
  27. Ability to build more than one cannon at a time (so 2 launchers in one turn).
  28. Reduce the atlas protection time to 5 minutes, but make the bowls more intense.
  29. When recovering a shelter, the ability to use an escape hole to stop grenade attacks.
  30. The old buffa weapon sets are like Lunar New Year programs.
  31. Upgrade the starting weapon so it’s not just a skin.
  32. Option to buy 100 legendary streams for 1500 gold
  33. Add arsenal slots to weekly shop
  34. Reduce hovercraft delay / Make a double tap
  35. Give survivors weapons so they’re not completely helpless, or improve their AI so they don’t get ambushed by hordes of huskies :/
  36. 5 stars in shipping and the addition of an option to fill them directly for V-Bucks or X-Ray tickets.
  37. Give the defenders better AI (maybe use one of the IO guards).
  38. Remove the 30-second waiting period at the end of the mission.
  39. Select the type of mission you want to perform when using the Play with Others option.
  40. Enter some of the business modifiers in certain commands for a change of pace
  41. Conversion of XP into scalable materials
  42. Improvement of markings on collective books
  43. Show players a warning when using a weapon against a vulnerable miniboss (e.g. this miniboss can only be hit by falling!). Weapons don’t even scratch)
  44. Add a PL 122 requirement for the use of a mythic weapon.
  45. The caches of mini-bosses in the spider must be legendary.
  46. Add old bonuses like diamond llama.
  47. Use of bouncy castles / transfer slides
  48. Cunning harbour and forts
  49. Survivor team bonuses that count
  50. Upgrade the first-person camera

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Post 50 Quality of Life! suggestions for the Fortnite game.

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