5 takeaways from Day 4 of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial

3. Unbridled nitpicking: Some of Trump’s defense attempts to turn molehills into mountains were laughable. After insisting that they had found clear evidence that those responsible for the charge in the House of Representatives had falsified evidence – a serious charge! — Trump’s team cited two key examples of this alleged misconduct. The first was a tweet from a Trump ally in which she wrote that Calvary was coming. Impeachment administrators manipulated the meaning of the tweet, argued Trump’s lawyer David Schoen, because they said it was evidence that Trump’s supporters had rallied their base to support him at the rally. That’s not true, Sean says, the tweet was actually referring to Golgotha, the place where Jesus was crucified. Yeah, that’s what he said. (By Capitol Hill reporter Luke Broadwater: When Sean said that Trump represents the shin of Christ, the Democrats in the room were appalled. Senators Whitehouse, Hirono, Gillibrand and Manchin began to talk, and Whitehouse was incredulous: Oh, my God. The second major example of evidence tampering by Chamber directors, according to the lawyers, is a photo of Executive Director Jamie Raskin that was published in the New York Times while he was investigating tweets that Trump allegedly retweeted. But the date in the tweet was the third. January 2020, not January 3, 2021, the defense noted. Scandal! Except that Trump has been taken off Twitter, which means ALL his tweets have to be reconstructed because we can’t get the originals. And that the typo in the New York Times photo had already been corrected by the time the prosecuting authorities used the tweet to make their case. Awkward things.

4. Video fight: As we know from the report, after a 13-minute video of the events of the 6. In January, when prosecutors showed in detail what was on display on the second day of the trial, Team Trump tried to make more videos of its own to counter the influence it had on the senators’ jury. And a video they made! Most notable was a 543-minute, 10-minute conspiracy by Democrats – from Joe Biden to Kamala Harris to virtually every Democratic senator – to utter the word battle. As I noted earlier, the fact that Trump instructs his supporters to fight like crazy should not be considered a serious incitement to violence, because Democratic politicians also use the word fight. But you have to be willing to ignore any context to believe it, and make sure you do. More or less: Saying you want to fight for health care as a basic human right is different than telling the mob to fight like the devil or that their country will disappear. But I digress…) It’s pretty remarkable to accuse the House prosecutor of taking the tweets and video clips out of context and then airing that fight video … It takes a certain amount of courage to do that.

5. It’s about hate: According to his lawyers, the main reason Democrats in the House have indicted Mr. Trump is not his actions (and inactions) regarding the 6th Amendment. January, but because they simply hate him – and this hatred has blinded them to respect for procedures and the rule of law. Hate has no place in the American legal system and certainly not in the US Congress, Trump’s lawyer Bruce Castor scolded at the end of the defense team’s closing argument. As proof, he cited a video…. to I told you they made a lot of videos! — which prompted many Democrats to call for Trump’s impeachment for most of his presidency. And it happened! A group of Democrats in the House of Representatives were already trying to file impeachment motions long before we heard about Trump’s phone call to the Ukrainian president or his speech on the 6th. Janvier heard it. But this argument is also a bit of a diversion. Ultimately, it’s not a decision to make or leave. You can hate Trump and still believe he didn’t start a riot. And vice versa. Trump’s legal team just didn’t want to do what Trump said and did. So they withdrew from these partisan skirmishes. This will no doubt resonate with many Republican senators looking for an excuse to vote for Trump. But that doesn’t make it true.

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