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5 Must have Jewellery pieces


If you really love dressing up or are binging on fashion videos on the internet, then you really understand how important it is to stay up to date with the changing fashion trends. Fashion is one of the interesting areas which can make you look astonishing if done right or hilarious if done wrong. There is only a fine line between the two. This is a real problem and can be frustrating. It is hard to keep yourself updated on the fashion trends when you are living such a busy life. Now, you do not know how to style yourself for the upcoming party!

Here are 5 necklace designs that you will fall in love with:

  1. A Choker: Whether you wear a lehenga on the big day or slim-fit jeans and a denim shirt, a choker can always light up your day. It fits perfectly on your neck and brings your collar bones all the attention. There are different types of choker that you can choose from: gem embedded choker, leather choker, glass choker, traditional stone choker and what not! You can also layer up your choker with other neckpieces and give it a funky look.

  1. Nose-rings: History repeats itself. Nose-rings are a great fashion trend that began with our grandmother’s era. It can make you look hip and happening yet elegant at the same time. Sterling silver nose rings are a go-to fashion statement in 2019. You can find many of the latest nose-ring designs online at very affordable prices. Nose-rings are a crucial part of the accessories that one should have in their jewellery box. Nose-rings don’t just help change the facial structure of a woman but also goes well with most of the outfits. One can wear it with a saree, jeans, a skirt, and even formal pants.
  1. Vintage necklace: If you are someone who is looking for a great party necklaces for your event, then behold! A vintage necklace might seem rusty but is a great match when you pair it up with your classic lehenga and dupatta. Vintage necklaces come in many shapes including the most famous, the Kundan artwork necklace. It gives away a charm and makes your neck look sleek and slender in any outfit you wear. You can even have a gold necklace or a diamond one inherited from your mother, but a necklace is a must. If you don’t, you can check for gold necklace designs with price online at an ease.
  2. Earrings: If you are someone who does not like too many accessories then earrings are your best friend. You can pair it up with Anarkali, churidaar, saree, jeans and even an off-shoulder dress. Tassel earrings, dangling earrings and even diamond earrings can help you get through the party like none other.
  3. A string neckpiece: A multi-colored neckpiece has the potential to brighten up not just your outfit but your day with the applaud and compliments that are set your way. It can be paired with basic colours like black and white and make your outfit look extraordinary in the crowd. It goes well with any Indian attire like kurti, saree, and lehenga.

Stressing out on what to wear for a party is often a daily affair but with this guide, all eyes will be on you. Whether it is a date night with your beau or a family outing, you are bound to look confident and dazzle. In the end, always remember no matter what accessories you choose, there is nothing like a smile.

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