5 Insider Tips for Business Travel

Here they are the ones you have been waiting for, the insider tips for all your business travel needs. You may think these are similar to others but read them carefully and you will hear the sneaky treats for your corporate travel creeping out from between the sentences. Here are the five insider tips for business travel that only we are going to know;

  1. Factor in your important comfort, this doesn’t just go for taking time out on the plane to be uncontactable and get your mind in order for the days ahead this also goes for keeping a reminder of home with you all the time. If there is a specific undershirt that you like to wear at home when writing emails, bring it with you, if there is a smell on your pillowcase that relaxes you then pack it. The important tip here is to routine yourself abroad as you do at home, when it comes to chilling out.
  2. Cheapest may not be best, of course we all love a deal and the company adore a money saver but if it’s not right for you then pay that little extra. There are compromises that can be made elsewhere but when booking a car through a comparison site like enjoycarhire.com pay that little extra for the comfort to make yourself feel like this trip is not just worthwhile but that you are worth that little bit more, it’ll come across in your pitch.
  3. Book your way, there are always package deals for flights and with comparison sites like Kayak or Skyscanner you are sure to get a good deal, but never discount the idea of creating the deal that is right for you. If you can find two one-way flights that are cheaper than a return, then snatch it up and pat yourself on the back for being so innovative.
  4. Every few, whatever way you have to travel for the company or for your own company, every few trips make a little stop off for yourself. It’s a goal-oriented process that allows you to stay focussed on the tasks at hand. If you arrive at your fourth destination in a fortnight then make it that place that you stop in at a historical site or a monument or hug a tree, whatever suits, make it a reason to keep travelling.
  5. Don’t forget yourself, it’s so easy to be hungry for the next deal, to be excited by the contacts you are making and all the work you will do when you arrive back at your travel office but never forget if you are not there then it doesn’t happen. You need to hydrate, you must eat, exercise and sleep are all truly valuable tools for staying bright and sharp.
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