5 expert tips to design the perfect logo

5 expert tips to design the perfect logo

It goes without saying, but the most important thing is to have a unique logo. There are thousands of companies which will not make the task easy but it is a compulsory step in the creation of a business. So, you will have to look at the competition to make sure that your logo is not a copy of another. You have to avoid resemblances at all costs because the last thing you want is for your future customers to confuse you with another company that has simply improved its logo.

In addition to having a good name, having a good logo is crucial to your success. But obviously, finding the perfect logo is far from obvious since there are lots of things to think about. Here are five expert tips that will allow you to design the perfect logo for your brand.

Match your name to your logo

You need to think of a way to match your company name and activities to your logo. If your name is short, then it could serve as a logo, making it more attractive. But beware! Typography is also very important. So avoid fonts like Comic without MS which are very amateurish. If you can match them, people will find it easier to remember it than an abstract logo. There are several possible choices to make the good choice according to the image which you want to convey. But if you trust your name, why bother looking for something complicated?

Color is more important than you think

No, the color of your logo is not a trivial aspect. Multiple studies show that colors provoke emotions in people and change their behavior. For example, red is associated with aggressiveness but also with love, passion and strength. For its part, the orange makes people click. So it is advisable to use it. But in any case, it is better to use several colors and not be limited to one. On the other hand, it is important to check that your logo also works in two colors in case you print documents in black and white

Keep it simple: simplicity is important

Some companies have fun creating exaggeratedly complex logos to stand out from the competition as much as possible. But it’s not a good idea. The idea is to successfully create a logo so simple to remember that a client could sketch it on a blank sheet of paper. The most telling example is Facebook: a white “F” on a blue background. Same thing for Apple. It couldn’t be simpler and the whole world remembers it. There is no secret.

Opt for an “active” logo

Basically, there are two types of logos: “active” and “passive”. The first category is widely recommended but it requires more work. In fact, an “active” logo refers to the sensation of movement it generates. There are two very well-known examples which illustrate this notion. For example, the Twitter bird that seems to fly away while singing. For FedEx, we observe an arrow formed between the “E” and the “X” which induces movement and completely corresponds to the nature of the company. This kind of logo gives a good image of a company because it refers to its proactive character and its enthusiasm.

Thinking about social networks

When your company is created with its logo and name, it will have to exist on the internet. And therefore on social networks. So, when creating your logo, you have to think about its place on the different networks. It must therefore be easy to adapt to appear in a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. profile picture. This means that it must be able to fit into a square, a rectangle or a circle as well. The best is to create several versions of its logo so that it can be integrated into all forms of frames.

Unless you have graphic design talents, it is not recommended to create your logo on your own.

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