Hello reader! Here you are on my first article and I’m glad this one caught your curiosity. But first of all let me introduce myself: I’m Justin, in this article I’m going to talk about a Japanese animated film, but I don’t consider myself as an Otaku. I’m just a passionate person who wants to share his favorites (so it’s possible that on some notions of Japanese I get a bit lost). Introductions are made, now it’s time for the article.

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5 cm per second, one sentence to be remembered

First of all what is 5 cm per second (from its Japanese name: Byōsoku go senchimētoru)? First of all it is the title of the film but more particularly the sentence to remember. The one that’s going to matter. The film is a Japanese animated film, released on March 3, 2007 in Japanese theatres. Directed by Makoto Shinkai. It is 1h02 long (which is relatively short for a feature film). This film is about the love between a young boy (Takaki Tono) and a young girl (Akari Shinohara) both in high school, but the relationship is complicated by a communication problem.


As said above, this film tells us about the relationship between two schoolboys, as you may think there is no fight and even less blood. However, this film is full of small sentences that have their importance as well as strong feelings and emotions (I have a preference for words and emotions rather than fights). The film is composed of 3 distinct parts which are : Ōkashō then Kosumonoto and finally Byōsoku 5 senchimētoru (which means respectively: Essence of cherry blossoms/Cosmonaut/5 cm per second). The fact that the film is divided into several parts thus allows leaps forward in time and thus allows the story to move forward at a suitable pace, stopping only at the important passages in the life of our dear Takaki Tono.


As you can see, the film has some very beautiful images! These add even more beauty to this film. The drawings are detailed, well shaded, with a very beautiful coloring. Add to that shots for a few seconds on images like these with a beautiful soundtrack (Japanese music/violin/piano background music) and you will have a great atmosphere.

The film is available in VO/VOSTFR/VF so there are no language barriers and it’s not the first of Makoto Shinkai’s films: in fact it’s the third in a series of 5 films (soon 6).


So don’t hesitate to watch this wonderful movie, personally I cried so much for this one, it’s so beautiful. Admire it in your bed under a warm duvet with a good cup of hot chocolate and you will be in the best conditions to enjoy it.

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