5 best NFL quarterbacks under the age of 25, ranked

With future Hall of Famers hanging their spikes on the willows each season, it looks like the NFL will lose some generational QBs over the years. But the QB position has a bright future ahead of it, with new signal-callers and a good number of young quarterbacks ready to take over in the coming years.

The role of quarterback is so important to any football team, and NFL fans are definitely interested in developing these QB replacements who have improved and continue to redefine their position. Let’s take a look at the first five BQs under 25.

NFL Young Arms:

5. Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert, originally from Oregon, is one of the best QBs under 25. The Los Angeles Chargers have moved the rookie up to #6 in the 2020 NFL Draft and plan to bring him in slowly under the guidance of their QB1 Tyrod Taylor. But the opportunity presented itself when Taylor dropped out at the beginning of the season, and Herbert didn’t hesitate to step out of the spotlight.

The 22-year-old showed composure on his debut for the Chargers and fired numerous rockets to help Los Angeles in a tough AFC West division. In 15 starts under head coach Anthony Lynn, Herbert threw for 4,336 yards and 31 touchdowns, breaking the NFL record for most passes by a rookie. He also became the fourth rookie to throw for over 4,000 yards and was named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2020.

4. Joe Barrow

All eyes were on Joe Barrow when the Cincinnati Bengals’ signal-caller entered the league as the first pick in the 2020 NFL draft. And for the most part, Barrow did not disappoint. After an incredible test for the LSU Tigers, the 24-year-old brought his skills to Cincinnati and thrived as a controlled passer in the pocket.

Sure, the Bengals don’t have the best team, but Burrow still managed to win a few games before tearing the ACL and MCL of his left knee in Week 11 of the NFL against the Washington football team and ending his rookie season.

Although his first season in the NFL was short, NFL fans could appreciate Burrows’ playmaking ability.

Before his injury, Burrow was on the wave of a monster season after an exciting start to his NFL career. From Week 2 to Week 4, Burrow became the first rookie QB to throw for 300 yards or more in three consecutive games, en route to his first career victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars. In just 10 games, Burrow had 13 touchdowns for 2,688 yards, showing how promising his future looks.

3. Josh Allen

One of the biggest surprises of the 2020 NFL season was the emergence of Buffalo Bills playmaker Josh Allen. After two disappointing seasons as the Bills’ offensive leader, the 24-year-old came out of his shell last season and became one of the best QBs in the entire league. Allen threw for a total of 5,163 yards in his first two seasons in Buffalo, nearly matching last season’s total of 4,544.

He scored 37 goals in 16 games last season, seven more than in his first 18 NFL games for the Bills. And with the vast improvement came Buffalo’s rise to success in the AFC championship game for the first time since 1993.

The California native was first selected to the Pro Bowl and was named to the NFL’s second All-Pro team after an impressive 2020 season. He was also named AFC Offensive Player of the Week four times and was the first player in Buffalo franchise history to receive the award at least three times in one season. With his arm, Allen has become one of the most exciting young QBs in the league, and all the individual awards he received in his third season in Buffalo are a testament to that.

2. Kyler Murray

The Arizona Cardinals’ first pick in the 2019 NFL draft was positive.

Murray has become one of the best young players in the NFL. Kyler Murray was one of the main reasons the Cardinals became the team to watch last season. Although he was less successful last season, Murray’s rapid development has placed him in the conversation with the league’s top quarterbacks at age 23.

After winning the 2019 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award, Murray excelled with 3,971 yards and 26 touchdowns last season. Along with DeAndre Hopkins, they form one of the most formidable attacking duos in the league in 2020. In addition to his incredible shots, Murray had more urgency in his second season, making him even more dangerous. He ran for 819 yards, putting him second behind the league’s best QB, Lamar Jackson, who tallied 1,005 yards.

For Cardinals fans and NFL television viewers, it’s a good thing Murray gave up his professional baseball career.

1. Lamar Jackson

Speaking of Jackson: He completes this list as the most promising QB under 25. As the only MVP among these five QBs, it’s hard not to put LJ first. Yes, Lamar Jackson and his inability to make it through the postseason have been criticized, but little by little Baltimore Ravens fans are seeing him blossom as one of the best young leaders in the NFL.

In just three championship seasons, Jackson has become a household name when it comes to being an elite QB in the league. The NFL’s 2019 MVP has had a great career after taking over from QB Joe Flacco, who now plays for the New York Jets. After being promoted to the starting lineup in 2018, Jackson took the team on his broad shoulders and led the Ravens to great heights.

Although he was unable to continue his incredible season as NFL MVP in 2019, the 24-year-old still managed to have a great campaign in 2020. He threw for 2,757 yards and scored 26 touchdowns and led the league in runs (159) and running yards (1,005). Jackson’s racing game continues to redefine the place of the QB, and the scary thing is that it’s only just begun.

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