5 Best Mini Militia Mods Which You Havent Played Before

After the recent boom of PUBG in the mobile gaming sector the Mini militia is still beating it. People are still searching for the mini militia mods and hacks. But due to the lack of original sites, they never get it the mod which they want. But the search was over and I created a list of 5 best mini militia mods which you might haven’t played yet. Have a look to below list and let me know which mod you liked the most.

Top 5 Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2 Mods

#1: Mini Militia GOD MOD

The is the most popular mod which has been played by millions of people around the globe but still, people do not know about the same. This mod has the unlimited powers for everything. In this mod you’ll be getting unlimited health, infinite jetpack, no ammo reload and many more. There is a lot of buzz in the mini militia community, but still, people who don’t follow the XDA or any other community, then they might not be aware of this mod. Search and explore this mod. I’m sure you will love it.

The mini militia god mod is the combination of all great mods. Some of the users are really excited to know when it is more evolving. But sadly it is over evolved, so that the developer even don’t know what to do next.

The god mod have three names, one is god mod, another one is mini militia unlimited everything mod and the other one is mini militia all in one mod.

#2: Mini Militia Unlimited Health Mod

This is yet another best mod by the XDA developers. The reason to build this mod is to support newbie players who won’t be able to stay in front of pro player and they lose interest. After using this mod, they get a chance to stay in front of them and fight. Besides this, newbie players will be getting a lot more it this mod.

Later the mod was caught by the official game developer. But in the recent update, XDA developers tweaked the mod and make it more strongly than ever before. If you are new to mini militia then I may suggest you try this mod.

#3: Mini Militia Mega Mod

Some users won’t allow the user to play with unlimited life mod because it kills the overall gaming experience but the story doesn’t end so easy. The developer did an awesome job and developed the unlimited ammo and nitro mod with smart features which helped newbie player to pretend like they are not using any mod.

This is the really amazing mod if you have just started with the game. There are some more powers you should be getting with this mod.

#4: Mini Militia Wall Hack Mod

Users who are aware of the mini militia mods are using this mod to prank newbie users. Using this mod they can hide and prank the newbie player by killing while hiding. This mod is also known as Mini Militia Prank Mod.

It feels bad when you killed by someone in the game and you never know how it happened. Seriously bad! Right?

Then you can use this mod too and start doing a prank.

Last but not least…

#5: Mini Militia Pro Pack

This mod is not rare and well searched by many users to get the pro version of mini militia game for free. Usually, a user has to pay $1 to activate pro pack to enable features to carry a dual gun and special guns while playing. A user can also earn free timings by watching ads to carry dual weapons. If you do not want to watch ads and carry dual guns, then you have to pay $1. But later this mod released while drastically increased the usage of this mod.

Mini militia pro pack mod is the first mod tested in the community and after the success of this mod, the developers released many other mods from which best are listed above.

These mods are exclusively on the You can get all mods for free.

Final Thoughts!

In all the mods are specifically build for every purpose. Different types of mods cover different needs. Choose your favorite mod and start playing with it. I am sure you gonna like it. I will be updating this post soon to keep you guys updated.

Hope you guys enjoyed and I am waiting to know which mod you liked the most. Thanks for showing interest in this article.

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