4 top tips for improving your website

In the ever growing digital world, your website is very much the beating heart of your brand.

It’s the place where consumers can find out everything about your business – its history, its product offering and its values.

In fact, having a high quality website that provides such information in a clear and engaging manner can sometimes be the difference between business success and failure.

So for those of you looking to create a top of the range website that attracts customers, here are four top tips.

  1. Brand storytelling

Consumers want more than just great products that improve their lives, they want products created by relatable and engaging brands.

Using your website to tell your business story enables you to become this type of brand that people can easily connect with because it demonstrates openness, which, in turn,helps humanise your business.

A good example of brand storytelling isice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s . It has an interactive timeline on its website charting the company’s business journey – far more exciting than a generic ‘about us’ page.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is an fantastic way to encourage visitors to stay on your website because it enables you to start conversations and demonstrate your expertise and creativity as a brand.

It’s also effective for expanding your brand reach as people will share your blogs on Social Media if they find them useful and interesting.

So don’t be afraid to write blogs posts that are slightly outside of your business-specific realm – the key thing is that your blogs are audience-relevant. For example, a university targeting prospective students might write a blog with tips on choosing student accommodation.

  1. Social media buttons

If you want to attract lots of site visitors and increase your online reach, placing social media buttons on some of your web pages is a great idea.

Having social media buttons on your website enables your visitors to share your website content with minimal effortand connect with you on social media

With your content making its way around the various social channels, your brand reach will be increased and you’ll be more likely to benefit from increased website traffic.

If you’re not sure where to start, this social media buttons guide on Search Engine Journal is a useful read.

  1. Case studies

Creating case studies for your website allows you to evidence your track record as a reliable, problem-solving brand. This makes them highly useful tools for converting site visitors into paying customers.

You should involve your customers in the creation of case studies, for example, by asking them to provide a quote or record a video about their positive experiences with your brand.

When it comes to case studies, a good formula to follow is project, solution, outcome. It’s a tried and tested formula used by longstanding businesses such as Ormiston Wire.

Follow these four top tips and your website will be transformed into a customer converting machine in no time.

That’s our list! Share your website improvement tips in the comments section.


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