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4 Tips for Spring Roof Maintenance

4 Tips for Spring Roof Maintenance

You wouldn’t like the idea of costly repairs or totally replacing your roofs because you know how expensive a new roof can be, right? Well, if yes, then you’d totally agree with us if we say that roof maintenance should be one of your main priorities. Especially when it comes to the spring season, you cannot neglect your roof because that’s the time of the year when your roof really needs your attention.

One way or the other, it’s good because, in winters, outdoor maintenance gets quite difficult, but in the spring season, it’s easier. So if you really do care about the one thing that protects your house when it’s snowing outside or raining and if you really want to avoid unnecessary expenses, then stick with us today.

Today we are going to talk about some of the most important tips for spring roof maintenance. These tips can really come in handy to you, so make sure to take notes of them.

1- Roof Inspection

Sometimes, maintenance also means “Regular checkups”. Now, we aren’t asking you to call an inspection team every day, it’s just that getting your roof checked once a month would be more than enough. These people are pros, and they know things that an ordinary man doesn’t. The summer Sun and storms can do a lot of damage, so it’s best to get it checked on time. It’s easy, and all you have to do is to head to Google and type “roofing Toronto”. You will see a list of roof inspection and repair companies, and then you can call the one you want.

2- Keep it clean

Of course, maintaining something also means to keep it clean, and the same is the rule that you have to follow for your roofs. In the spring season, there’s going to be rain, there are going to be buds, petals, pods, and whatnot. In order to keep the gutters clear, you have to get rid of all these things on time so that nothing obstructs the health of your roof. If you witness any algae or mold growing on your roof, then call the professionals because they’ve got some special equipment to keep your roof clean without damaging the shingles.

3- Your house needs to breathe

Ice damming, mold, and several other issues can occur if you don’t provide proper ventilation to your house. You need to let your house breathe, and for that, you require attics and vents. Along with roof inspection, you are supposed to ensure that these attics and vents are doing their job and they are letting some air in and out of your house.

4- The Shingles

Your shingles shouldn’t be damaged, and that’s something you can check on your own too. Just ensure that all of the shingles are lying down flat, and if you see some loose nails, just use a hammer and fix them to secure that part of your roof. In case your shingles are showing or curling, it’s better to call a professional and get the problem fixed on time before it spreads and destroys all of your roofs.


These are some of the things you need to do in the spring season. The roof is one of the most important parts of your house, and you shouldn’t compromise on it no matter what. Especially, as said earlier, if you don’t want any additional and uncalled expenses, then the wiser thing to do is to take measures on time whether it’s your roof, your the interior of your house or some appliance that you use on a regular basis.

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