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4 common types of exhibition booth designs you should consider

Finding the right exhibition booth is not always easy. This difficulty arises as you must conform to a variety of building rules as well as adhere strictly to the shapes, functionality, and size of the booth. While there are many designs to choose from, there are limits to what determines how your exhibition booth will be set up. Space allocated is a factor that determines the kind of booth you will set up. Consider the following types of exhibition booths.

1.     Perimeter booths

These are booths that have their backs against a perimeter wall. The advantages of having a perimeter booth are the use of the perimeter wall to increase brand exposure and to defy height restrictions. To maximize such an opportunity, you should ensure that the perimeter wall is several feet higher than that of your neighbors using regular in-line booths. After all, the wall is where you hang your signage and brand logo.

2.     Linear/ in-line booths

Booths arranged in a series usually have one side exposed to an aisle. Linear booths have height limitations which may give your neighbor visibility. When going with a linear booth, be sure to design the booth according to the stipulated height requirements to avoid having to readjust the booth size on site.

3.     Peninsula exhibition booth

Organizers expose peninsula booths to an aisle on three sides. There are two types of peninsula booths.

·        Ones that backs up to linear booths

These kinds of booths have restrictions, and you should design them in a way that does not block the display of other in-line booths that are behind you. At Las Vegas trade show booth builders, multitudes of people deploy creative concepts. You must ensure that you get the best design without compromising other display booths surrounding you.

·        Ones that backs up to other peninsula booths

These are also known as split island booths. They are not so complicated to build, but you should ensure that you discuss with both sales representatives to get possible alterations on the booth design. These alterations will make sure that your booth is not a hindrance to other exhibitors.

Peninsula booths provide you with more visibility because it is open to traffic from three sides. They offer freedom in height variations and enable one to get the most from design and layout. You can exploit the height allowance to hang your signage from the ceiling giving you much-needed exposure.

4.     Island exhibition booth

These are quite large, and folks expose them to traffic on all its four sides. The advantage of an island booth is that it grants entrance to your booth from all sides. Island booths often stand out and grant you the opportunity to customize your booth as you wish without restrictions. Besides easy access, island booths also have hanging signage that attracts attendees from far away. This visual makes attendees your booth to know more about your products or services. Island exhibitions are suited for competitive exhibitions where people’s attention can quickly get saturated within the early hours of their visit.

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