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4 Brilliant 2020 Breaks From Birmingham Airport

Summer didn’t really end long ago in the grand scheme of things, but it seems another world away when you’re blowing smoky breath in the air and defrosting your car windscreen before work.

It’s tempting to go into hibernation during the British winter – with a few family size chocolate boxes and set of comfy pajamas, Strictly Come Dancing can almost see you through til Christmas and leftover selection boxes can almostkeep you afloatuntil February.

But when it takes more than scintillating TV salsas and high-calorie treats to keep you motivated, planning next year’s summer holiday should warm your cockles and put some pep in your step.

If you can bear to pull yourself away from the Bull Ring, Birmingham City and Aston Villa for a week or two, exciting vibes await in several super destinations a stone’s throw away.

So without any further ado, here are four brilliant 2020 Breaks from Birmingham Airport.

  1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city for culture vultures who enjoy diverse distractions and there really is something for everyone – from coffee shops so chilled out that they’re practically horizontal to museums where you can marvel at some of history’s greatest artworks.

So a trip to the ‘Dam can suit a wild stag or hen weekend or a sober and sensible intellectual sojourn, and everything in between – read this Lonely Planet Amsterdam guide to create your perfect itinerary.

  1. Dublin

If you love a pint of Guinness, can’t stop reading James Joyce’s mesmerizing prose and appreciate good craic (conversation), the best place in the world for you to feel at home in Dublin.

And from Airbnb options to hotels and hostels, there’s plenty of accommodation to suit your requirements and budget – head to for insider’s tips.

  1. Edinburgh

For plenty of locals and visitors alike, Edinburgh is Britain’s most beautiful city. For starters, its main thoroughfare Princes Street overlooks an ancient castle set on top of a dormant volcano and they fire a real cannon from the battlements at 1PM every day – pretty tough to compete with!

It’s also a UNESCO city of literature, home to the world’s biggest annual arts festival and has a social scene that includes everything from chic cosmopolitan cafes to top of the range restaurants. If you’re still unconvinced, scan this Culture Trip info on Edinburgh – it’s enlightening.

  1. Munich

When tight leather lederhosen and frothy, fresh beer float your boat, you’ll take to Munich’s world-famous Oktoberfest like a wobbly duck to water – this drink-sodden spectacular of high-jinks and hangovers is held every year for 16-18 days from the last week in September.

Munich also boasts the BMW Museum, The German Hunting and Fishing Museum and Bayern Munich FC.And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – for a deep dig on Munich’s magnificence, consider the recommendations on TripAdvisor, because often no recommendation resonates as much as that of a fellow adventurer who’s been there recently.

Getting There

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Finally, don’t forget to book Birmingham airport parking at for an early bird deal and cruise to BHX in your own car, feeling completely chilled.

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