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With three different delivery devices, Roku covers almost every aspect of the video streaming market. And since Roku was founded in 2008, it now has a library with thousands and thousands of channels.

But don’t confuse channels with the term – on any other device they’re just called applications, but on Roku they’re channels, even if they’re not just, well, a channel.

So it’s nice to have so many chains to choose from in a Roku chain store, but it can be a bit overwhelming because there is no real kitchen and often incredible and useful chains are found next to useless counterfeit goods.

That’s why I’m here to help you. While it’s impossible to cover all the good Roku channels (and new channels come out every week), this list gives you the opportunity to start with some of the best channels on different topics – ideal for someone who’s just received a new Roku device or wants to add content.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

Most of the channels mentioned here are free of charge, but some require a monthly subscription. For some channels (mainly games) must be paid in advance.

Please note that some of the free Roku streaming channels you might find on US websites (e.g. the Roku channel that offers TV shows and commercial films) are not available in the UK, so we don’t publish them here.

It’s very easy to set up new channels on a Roku – you can do this from Roku Channel Store (provided you’re logged in with your Roku account), or directly on your Roku streaming device by going to Streaming Channels.

If you need to buy a Roku streamer, you can view our full comparison and then buy a streamer on Currys or Amazon. There’s a reason we chose the Roku Stick+ as the best streaming device in the UK….

Main Roku channels

Once you’ve taken your Roku out of the box, almost every British user will want this application. (In fact, some of them may already be installed on your device by default).

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

1. Netflix

Netflix needs no introduction, as it is almost synonymous with cable cutting and streaming TV, with a huge selection of original films and TV programmes.

Netflix no longer offers free trials in the UK, but once you have signed up, you no longer have long-term contracts, so you can always unsubscribe and sign up again.

  • DownloadNetflix here.

2. Amazon Peak Video

One of Netflix’s main competitors, the Amazon Prime Video Service offers movies, TV shows and originals such as Star Trek:. Picard as part of its Senior Member status, as well as the ability to purchase more movies and television programs on demand. If you are a beginner, you can try for free 30 days on Prime Video or on Amazon Prime.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

  • You can download the video here.


NOW TV, Sky’s answer to Netflix and Prime Video, is a subscription service that offers separate, pay-per-view rates for television shows, Sky Cinema, children and sports.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

There are ways to get them for free or at a lower price – see our TV guide NOW here.

  • DownloadTV NOW.

4. YouTube

With a large screen area, 4K videos and the ability to stream selected YouTube videos directly from your phone, this channel gives you the maximum YouTube experience.

  • DownloadYouTube here.

5. Apple TV

Apple TV’s streaming service allows you to buy movies and TV shows on demand and subscribe to Apple TV+, which offers original content with programs such as Morning Show and for all of mankind.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

Apple TV+ offers a 7-day free trial, or you can get a full year free trial when you buy a device running iOS.

  • Download Apple TV here.

6. BBC iPlayer

Although the BBC streaming channel is not yet fully competitive with Netflix, it has certainly improved over the years. View programs, get the latest BBC news and select boxes from the BBC’s extensive archive. Thinkto pay the television contribution of

(But if you’re looking for for BritBox , they don’t have a Roku channel yet.)

  • Download here the BBC iPlayer

7. Turntable ITV

If you like programs like Love Island, X-Factor andCoronation Street,, you can watch them all on request via the ITV Hub Roku channel.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

But don’t forget that the ad is still there, and you can’t miss it… (although there are many ways to watch ITV without advertising)

  • ITV Hub can be downloaded here.

8. All 4

Channel Four, a popular commercial channel, also has its own Roku channel. With sequels from the series such as The Great British Bake Off, and hundreds of boxes, you’ll probably find something interesting to watch – don’t forget not to miss the commercials.

  • Download all 4 here

9. My 5

The selection of British channels will not be complete without channel 5. You will receive follow-ups of new shipments and previous shipping boxes. From reality shows like Big Brother to popular Australian and American shows – it’s worth the choice, with – again – advertising in the package.

  • Download here my 5.

10. Game UKTV

Collection of BBC channels – Dave, Yesterday, Really and Drama – where you can get entertainment, comedy and reality TV packages such as Taskmaster,Ghost Adventures and the classicEastendersepisodes on demand.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

  • UKTV game to download here.

11. Playing back Google Movies and TV

Although Google does not have a subscription service like Netflix, the company offers a full-service on-demand content store where you can buy or rent movies and TV shows.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

They often get discounts and rebates, and the video quality varies from SD to 4K.

  • Download Google Play movies and TV.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

12. Alex

The ideal solution for streaming your own video files. From home videos to old VHS tapes and DVDs copied to your computer (from VHS to DVD converter) If you have a video file on your computer, you can stream it to Roku via the Plex channel. (You must also have your desktop application installed on your computer).

Plex recently added to its own ad streaming service with old movies and TV shows, but the UK selection is not very impressive.

Note: As long as the channel is free, you have to pay for the activation of all functions.

  • Download here Alex.

Streaming Roku video channels

Since this is the golden age of television and Roku is a very popular platform, there are still many video channels to choose from. In addition to the essential elements, some other excellent examples are listed here:

13. Pluto TV

If you still want a live TV experience, Pluto offers it, and more. You get 40 free live channels that you can browse with the OSD TV guide. Movies, real thrillers, sports and even cats – you’ll find something to amuse yourself if you really don’t know what you want to watch.

  • DownloadPluto TV here.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

14. Televisions

Besides the big channels that have their own applications, there are many other Freeview channels – and if you don’t want to use the antenna and, the Freeview– TVPlayer box will help you… something like that.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

There is no official Roku Freeview application (very limited for smartphones), but with TVPlayer you can broadcast a number of Freeview channels for free. And a longer list of live channels in Freeview and some on-demand programs are behind a paid firewall with TVPlayer Plus.

  • Download the TV player here.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

15. Vevo

a great place to watch official music videos and live shows So yes, you can find most of this content on YouTube, but there’s also exclusive content – plus it’s really more convenient if you want to get lost mainly in music videos.

  • DownloadVevo here.

16. Video

Vimeo is a kind of competitor of YouTube. Vimeo is an ad-free video sharing service that gives you more control over who can watch your video – that’s why some authors prefer YouTube.

  • DownloadVimeo here.

17. Yeast

Video on demand service dedicated to horror, with a collection of classic and recent horror films and TV shows such as Hellraiser, Halloween and various originals such as theseries of Creepshow reissued. (Read here our full report on yeast).

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

  • Download here the shower

18. Surprisingly classic

If you’re a fan of old, original American movies and TV series – mostly weird B-style horror movies, fantasy films and comedies – then you have your chance with the Amazing Classics app. It’s all free (with a few ads here and there), and you’ll probably find something exciting – as well as a lot of peculiarities…

  • You can download the Amazing Classicshere.

19. Crane roller

Anime lovers, rejoice! This is the official channel of the popular anime VOD service, which contains the largest anime collection in the world, including Naruto Shippuden, Attack on Titan and Dragon Ball Super. You can watch some of the content for free, but the Premium level gives you more choices and shows that are added an hour after the first broadcast in Japan.

  • DownloadCrunchyroll here.

20. TV races

Another video-on-demand shop where you can buy or rent the latest Hollywood movies and some TV shows. They sometimes have special offers, so it’s worth checking them out, even if you usually use Amazon Video or Google Play Movies. And since Roku in the UK has a button to access DeepL for Rakuten on their remote – the channel is probably already installed on your device anyway.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

  • Download Rakuten here.

21. TED

You are probably familiar with TED, the non-profit organization that publishes inspirational messages or, as they are called, ideas that are worth sharing.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

The TED Channel on Roku provides a convenient interface where you can scroll and stream hundreds of short TED conversations on a variety of topics.

  • DownloadTED TV here.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

22. CuriosityStream

Streaming service dedicated to documentary and non-fiction films, with screenings on science, nature, technology and much more. It is based on a subscription and you can pay per month or per year (the price depends on the video quality you want to get in Full HD or 4K).

  • Join the CuriosityStream here
  • DownloadCuriosityStream here

23. YuppTV

A video streaming service for South Asian (mainly Indian) content with thousands of movies and TV shows in 14 languages. You need to register for a free account and then you can view some of the content – but there’s also a premium level with lots of content that you have to pay for.

  • Download here YuppTV

24. hayu

A perfect place for lovers of noisy American reality shows. Hayu has over 200 shows, mostly from… Um… let’s call it guilty pleasure. From , to the rhythm of Kardashian to , real housewives in Beverly Hills

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

You can get the first month for free, but after that there is a monthly subscription.

  • DownloadHaya here.

25. News BBC

You can enjoy the full BBC experience on iPlayer, but if you just want to stay in touch while reading and watching BBC news, this station offers just what you need.

  • Get the news from the BBC.

26. Airborne messages

Would you like to receive news from Sky? You don’t need to sign a contract with them to broadcast Sky News live and watch clips and news programs on demand.

  • DownloadSky News here.

Roku and other utilities. channels

Roku streamers aren’t limited to video – from music services to radio to home – your Roku can do much more with this range of channels.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

27. Spotify

With increasingly powerful TV speakers – not to mention high-quality sound bars – Roku can be an excellent device for streaming music. Unfortunately, most major music subscriptions in Britain don’t have a Roku… but at least we have a big app.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

With Spotify, one of the world’s leading music streaming services, you can stream more than 50 million songs – either via a free, limited (with advertising) stage, or via a monthly subscription.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

  • Download Spotifica here.

28. Deezer

Although Deezer isn’t as popular as Spotify, it’s another good music streaming service with 56 million songs. It has a limited free level (where you can only mix songs) and an unlimited package.

  • DownloadDeezer here.

29. Radio Voting

Listen to live radio stations from around the world – over 100,000 stations with music, talk shows and podcasts. It’s a great way to listen to British stations, but it’s also a great way to discover new music from all over the world.

  • DownloadTuneIn here.

30. Firefox Video signal

Unfortunately, Roku now has web browsers (because Roku doesn’t allow it) – but with this video streaming channel, you can use Firefox on your Android phone to stream videos from websites to your TV.

It’s not as smooth as a Google Chromecast device, and it doesn’t always work (it depends on the format of the video to be played) – but it’s something.

  • Download Firefoxhere


Use the remote control to reach the stars… With NASA’s channel on Roku, you can watch live NASA television broadcasts, watch more than 16,000 images from space and thousands of space videos and discover what the Earth looks like from the International Space Station – in real time. There is a regular version and a separate version with UltraHD (4K) channel.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

  • Here you can download the NASA TV.
  • Here you can download the NASA TV UHD.

32. Fireplace TV

I know, I know. A fake chimney on your TV won’t really warm you up. But it looks (and sounds) good, it’s better than a boring screensaver, and on those cold winter nights I can swear it warms me up… Roku has several chimneys, some of which cost money – but it’s pretty much free.

  • DownloadFireplace TV here.

Sets for Roku

I’m not a big fan of streaming games – and Roku is no exception. So you do not have console-level games, and controlling the game with a Roku remote control is not perfect – but still, some of these casual games can help kill time and are actually quite fun.

33. Field runner

I’ve played this tower defense game many times on my smartphone – and while it’s not easy to operate it with the remote control, it can still amuse you if you use an arsenal of tower weapons to prevent the enemy from reaching your base. Please note that this is not a free game.

  • Get the Fieldrunners here.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

34. Scribble jump

Another classic smartphone (dating back to some of the earliest iPhone models), is a fun game where you can jump around and try to climb as high as possible. And it works well with the Roku remote control.

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

The game is free – but there is advertising.

  • DownloadDoodle Jump here.

35. Hose

Speaking of classic games… This game goes back to the first mobile phones, and the Roku version retains the classic black and green look. The snake gets longer and longer and moves around, trying to eat apples without bumping against the wall – or against its own tail. 

37 Best Roku Channels In The UK For 2020

  • hose can be downloaded here.

36. Chip rotor

Racing games are quite popular in the casual gaming market, and this cute little game (which sometimes will try to remind you of some of the Mario brothers…) serves the genre well. You run and jump and try to avoid obstacles and enemies along the way. This is a paid game.

  • Pork chops, that’s all.

37. Super Stickman Golf

This award-winning game combines golf (where you aim your club to remind you of birds or evil worms) with puzzles and challenges you on 32 courses. This is a paid game.

  • Buy Super Stickman Golf here.

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