31 Trillion Dcimals for Pi: a New Record!

Yesterday, Thursday March 14th, it was the international day of the number Pi ! Yes, this date was not chosen at random, because among our American friends, March 14th is written 3/14 and it corresponds to the number Pi with these first two decimals.

31,415,926 535,897 decimal places

If you are asked to quote the number Pi, as most people do, you will stop at 3.14 as is customary. But you might look like a small player against Emma Haruka Iwao, employed at the Cloud department of Google and who has justrecorded a new record by succeeding in calculating… 31 trillion decimals from π, or 31,415,926,535,897 decimals of that number ! A record that has been ratified by the Guiness World Records. As a reminder, the previous record dates back to November 2016 with only 22.4 trillion decimal places dug up!

To achieve this performance, Emma Harula Iwao used the software called y-cruncher , which is available to everyone at this address and which allows to calculate this famous number. It still took him 120 days to overcome ! Of course, the Google engineer was able to rely on several virtual machines that ran the program continuously on the company’s cloud.

In addition to the prestige of breaking a World Record Google explains in its post that only a hundred decimals for Pi are used in science and practice. Exhuming tons of decimals offers the opportunity to experience the computing power of computers.

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