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31 Simple Mangalsutra Designs | Latest Diamond Mangalsutra (2019)

Lately trendy brides choose mangalsutras which might be a bit more easy and delicate to put on on every day foundation.

Who needs to put on a very heavy traditional mangalsutra in trendy occasions?

You could have observed that brides not wear their conventional elaborate mangalsutra since it doesn’t go well with on work or casual outfits. Thus, the mangalsutra results in the financial institution protected and only to be worn during conventional Indian festivals or weddings.

Though every tradition has totally different mangalsutra requirements, brides lately are extra open to mangalsutras which are truly wearable and go properly with western outfits. In the long run, a mangalsutra has no which means if it’s not worn.

In this article, I will share with you very distinctive designs that I’ve created which are easy and complicated to be worn daily.

Are you ready for an unique collection of straightforward mangalsutra designs that you simply gained’t discover anyplace else?

1. Kohinoor Mangalsutra

As a toddler, I used to be all the time fascinated by queens and princesses. Their outfits and jewels have been mesmerizing.

These fond childhood reminiscences led me to design the Kohinoor mangalsutra. This perennial piece stands for simplicity and royalty.

The center of the Kohinoor mangalsutra pendant is manufactured from moissanite. Moissanite is a synthetic mineral that the feel and appear of a diamond.

You’ll be able to go for a 1.Zero-carat middle diamond as an alternative of a moissanite. However moissanite middle stone is an economical strategy to get the identical look without breaking the financial institution.

The pendant comes with a easy white gold chain with black beads. Kohinoor is an exquisite, simple mangalsutra selection in case you’re planning to put on the piece day by day to work or in an off-the-cuff setting.Simple Solitaire Mangalsutra2. Peony Mangalsutra

Talking of delicate and feminine mangalsutra that goes nicely within the trendy occasions, this easy mangalsutra is an exceptional selection.

The particular Peony mangalsutra provides us a boho vibe. It consists of a easy yellow gold chain with black beads and gold beads organized alternately in an attractive means.

You don’t should have black beads all the best way throughout the chain. We may also be artistic with the place of black beads based mostly on your preferences and elegance.

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Nowadays there’s a development for ladies to put on an extended 36” chain mangalsutra that’s trendy, simple and delicate. Conventional mangalsutras with longer chains could be uncomfortable to wear and feel misplaced with western outfits.

The design of a Tassel mangalsutra was born from an extended chain customized mangalsutra request from certainly one of my shoppers. Because the design has been so common, we decided to add it to our portfolio.

This one-of-a-kind designer mangalsutra has an extended tassel necklace product of 18Okay vintage end gold chain. There are a number of black beads within the front to accentuate the tassel.

Since I can’t stay with out sparkle, I added some diamond balls in a “polka dot” style. This addition provides the mangalsutra a delicate sparkle and shine. This an exquisite fashion in case you wish to wear your mangalsutra day by day at work or for leisure.

4. Moonshine Mangalsutra

That is designed protecting in mind a stupendous woman who merely loves solitaries. The great thing about this piece comes from the strain setting method that fuses marquise and princess shaped diamonds to offer a solitaire-like look.

You will get 5 solitaire-look diamonds for a fraction of the price with out compromising the sweetness and look.

This can be a  timeless design for any age group. Simple and stylish.

I’ve seen many Bollywood celebrities like Aishwarya Rai and Shilpa Shetty flaunting comparable type mangalsutra.

5. Trance Mangalsutra

The subsequent mangalsutra, Trance, was additionally a custom piece designed for considered one of my brides. She needed something extraordinarily distinctive and totally different. She additionally had an present wedding ceremony ring with pear-shaped diamonds. Her want was to have her mangalsutra to match her ring.

So she asked us to make the magic happen for her dream mangalsutra.

With a view to match her mangalsutra with the ring, we used fancy minimize diamonds in an arc type, as she really beloved the arc shape. So as to add a bit extra thrill to her mangalsutra, we added a number of black beads within the entrance, on each side of the pendant.

This is one in every of my favorite designs as it very new, novel and fascinating.

This one mixes parts from three totally different mangalsutras – Jasmine Mangalsutra, Trendy Mangalsutra and Crescent Mangalsutra.

designer white gold mangalsutra6. Valencia Mangalsutra

Valencia is a petite design utilizing our favorite fancy minimize diamonds. It has a fragile mangalsutra form to go properly with any neckline chances are you’ll be sporting.

In case you love black beads and simple pendants, this can be a good selection. This mangalsutra would go nicely with conventional Indian clothes, tunics, and sarees.simple mangalsutra in white gold

7. Oriental Mangalsutra

Not everyone likes geometric shapes and varieties. This led to the creation of floral mangalsutra designs.

The Oriental mangalsutra in rose gold brings out the feminine nature of a lady whereas nonetheless retaining it easy with a pleasant gold branch and a couple of diamond leaves. This can be a very simple mangalsutra design may be worn on special events or every day.

It’s also possible to customise the mangalsutra in a metallic of your decisions like white gold or yellow gold.

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There’s the large development of sporting mangalsutras in our favorite cleaning soap operas. On the large display, you’ll see many pretty brides wear their mangalsutra day by day. Actresses Divyanka Tripathi, Surbhi Chandra, Mouni Roy are also married in their real life.

Divyanka Tripathi knew that mangalsutra is likely one of the most necessary pieces of jewellery throughout a wedding. Though mangalsutra is usually bought by the groom’s family, she determined to go together with her husband Vivek Dahiya to decide on a design that each of them love.

She needed a dainty mangalsutra. Vivek appreciated the winged shaped mangalsutra with a light-weight pattern which you could see under. It’s pretty, easy and stylish.

Here’s a mangalsutra tip that Divyanka shared about selecting an ideal mangalsutra, “There are tons of mangalsutra designs out there on-line.

Since mangalsutra is an Indian piece of knickknack for traditional outfits, nowadays all Indian ladies don’t just wear Indian clothes on a regular basis. So whenever you choose a design, ensure that its Indo-Western fashion, so it goes nicely with all totally different outfits.”

Divyanka additionally adds the there are some events when she can’t put on a mangalsutra within the neck. So her pretty husband Vivek brought her a mangalsutra bracelet. Vivek stated to her that she will wear the mangalsutra bracelet if you can’t put on your mangalsutra.
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9. Surbhi Chandra Mangalsutra

Now let’s speak about Surbhi Chandna who play a task of Annika in the cleaning soap, Ishqbaaz.

She believes within the reality the more easy a mangalsutra, the extra lovely it seems. For the tv show, she chooses a simple kundan pattern in an attractive black beaded chain.

Surbhi says her mom has an identical piece with additional diamonds in it. Since our era is a bit more trendy, and she or he truly prefers to do just like what Shilpa Shetty does. For instance,  she wears her mangalsutra in her palms and calls it a mangalsutra bracelet.

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10. Mouni Roy Mangalsutra

Mouni Roy’s easy mangalsutra is timeless piece. Mouni plays as Shivangi in Naagin 2. In this collection, she wears a very simple one diamond mangalsutra. In real life, she prefers simple refined items that aren’t within the face.

I feel this brief length mangalsutra is gaining a lot reputation as it is versatile, simple and timeless piece.

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11. Sonam Kapoors Mangalsutra

Sonam Kapoor acquired married with Anand on Might 2018. It was probably the most awaited and a visual treat to all the fashion lovers.

Sonam Kapoor paid consideration to the issues that mattered to her which included the outfits, jewels, decors and most importantly Sonam Kapoor’s customized mangalsutra.

The thought right here was to principally combine the zodiac signs of the bride and the groom as cute gold and diamond charms with a diamond solitaire in the middle.

Sonam’s zodiac sign is Gemini and Anand Ahuja’s zodiac signal is a Leo. The mangalsutra charms have been a symbolic representation of their solar signs coming together and turning into one with the diamond solitaire at its coronary heart. I absolutely beloved the idea.

Need to discover more zodiac mangalsutra designs?

Zodiac impressed mangalsutra designs will heat your heart.

And if you need to create your personal zodiac customized mangalsutra, you’ll be able to contact us in your custom mangalsutra design.

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So above are a few of the designs that the actresses chose based mostly on their personal types.

However there’s one factor all of them have in widespread – they needed a easy mangalsutra yet delicate and trendy.

12. Constellation Mangalsutra

This can be a very trendy and dainty mangalsutra design for the fashionable bride.

If you need a gorgeous mangalsutra that doesn’t look too daring but trendy, Constellation is a superb selection. This can be a design by which you’ll be able to achieve the fashionable look as well as stay related to our roots.

The design has three black beads within the front and the remaining is a fragile gold chain.  The pendant is made up of spherical and baguette diamond shapes organized in an organic constellation pattern.

I feel it’s good day by day put on mangalsutra.simple mangalsutra design12. Lariat Mangalsutra

Lariat Mangalsutra is a really glossy design with simply two black beads within the backside. It is a basic lariat fashion design that’s easy and excellent for day by day put on.

The piece is designed as a mangalsutra however it isn’t recognizable as traditional mangalsutra.

With altering occasions, this can be a trendy various to be able to protect traditional values.  It additionally has one baguette diamond that is fastened and ties the chains collectively.

Modern Simple Mangalsutra13. String of Lights Mangalsutra

String of Lights mangalsutra design is inspired by the appeal mangalsutra development. I needed to create a design that is simple and playful.

This can be a unique design that has black beads as little charms positioned on a delicate gold bar. The middle of the pendant consists of a pear form diamond to add a bit of sparkle to the design.

In the event you love playful simple jewellery this design is perfect for you.

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14. Pia Mangalsutra

Pia mangalustra design is a very delicate and simple design that included a V-shaped diamond studded gold bar.

It is ultra-modern with it type and has solely three delicate black beads on both aspect of the pendant.

You can also make this design in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

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Milana Mangalsutra is an easy mangalsutra with a bit more sparkle. The design includes utilizing a cluster of spherical diamonds.

The word Milana means, getting collectively and being united. Since mangalsutra is a logo of unity and a pair getting collectively in the lovely bond of marriage, Milana is a very fitting identify for this piece.

This can be a special design is straightforward and versatile designs you’ll be able to put on this with Indian and western wear.

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16. Pole Star Mangalsutra

Pole Star refers to a vibrant star, that’s usually closest to the north and south celestial poles of the earth.

Inspired by the Pole Star, this easy diamond mangalsutra has a gold arc-shaped pendant with 18Okay gold balls on the edges.

That is an extremely simple design and the dimensions of the diamond might be adjusted based mostly on your finances or liking. A minimal of 0.2 carat diamond is beneficial for the piece to look visually balanced.

It’s simple and excellent for on a regular basis wear.

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17. Vendure Mangalsutra

Vendure Mangalsutra is impressed by nature and how it represents freshness in a relationship. It consists of two leaf shaped motifs related by a diamond within the middle. Vendure is an very simple design with feminine nature-inspired parts.

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Fantasy is a mangalsutra design that’s extremely fun and iconic fashion. It is designed for a lady who loves out of the field designs.

It features a few square geometric varieties organized in an eclectic manner. I feel it provides like the pop music, younger vibe to the mangalsutra.

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19. Peace Mangalsutra

Peace mangalsutra is impressed by the meditative type of the pyramids and arrangement of three of them in a line to create a easy and trendy mangalsutra design.

It’s simple and geometric varieties makes it in a super day by day wear piece.

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Concord mangalsutra is derived by the straightforward motif that indicates harmony in a relationship.

It’s an attractive pattern that is advanced from the fusion of types and fluid nature of a heart-shaped motif.

Quite simple and stylish mangalsutra design for the fashionable bride.

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21. Falguni Mangalsutra

The phrase Falguni means lovely.

Falguni mangalsutra is a very lovely design that is the fusion of the floral and trendy design types. It’s a easy arc-shaped pattern with the florals nested superbly in it.

This can be a good mangalsutra for anybody that loves simplicity and magnificence.
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22. Gana Mangalsutra

Gana Mangalsutra is designed protecting in thoughts the thought of marriage is coming together as a gaggle of people. A gaggle of families and associates of the married couple.

The concept can also be derived from a gaggle of diamonds positioned in a geometric circle shape.  The pendant is then related to the black beaded mangalsutra chain.

This can be a design you can flaunt at work or events.

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23. Krisha Mangalsutra

Krisha Mangalsutra is an easy mangalsutra design that’s divine and pure.

I really love this arc-shape that you simply find in mangalsutra designs. Since we’re speaking about simple day by day put on mangalsutras, I re-designed this arc-shape to be a bit confined and petite.

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24. Sacred Tie Mangalsutra

Getting married is a “sacred tie” that provides a relationship a which means and dedication to each other. This mangalsutra design is advanced from the idea of this sacred tie utilizing gold and diamonds.

It’s a really glossy and simple design that you would be able to put on day by day. Simple shape with simply the correct quantity of diamonds to make this a timeless piece of knickknack.

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25. Blossom Mangalsutra

Blossoms have all the time recognized so as to add freshness and shade. Every lady loves this sense when she appears at her jewellery.

The blossom of a flower has been my inspiration behind this mangalsutra design. The petals are studded with diamonds and made from 18Okay gold.

It’s a feminine design that’s so simple but nonetheless very engaging.
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26. Rina Mangalsutra

Rina mangalsutra is designed for simple, trendy brides out there.

This mangalsutra is made with princess reduce diamonds organized in a sq. motif. It is basic and delightful piece.

Good mangalsutra if you want to wear it to work or night events.

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27.  Moments of Life

Moments of Life is an easy mangalsutra design that consists of seven diamonds that characterize the saptapadi (seven guarantees). The bride and the groom make these promises or vows as a part of the wedding ceremony.

It’s such a dainty and easy mangalsutra design which you could put on it every day with out having the worry of the mangalsutra being too overpowering.

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28. Dew Mangalsutra

Dew mangalsutra has a chic form of a dewdrop. It’s the basic pear-shaped diamond pendant, identical to a dewdrop in your neck.

A simple and delightful fashion in case you are on the lookout for one thing that’s a timeless form and may go nicely with both Indian and western outfits.

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29. Mehar Mangalsutra

Mehar means to love and friendship. Since marriage is a relationship that requires both love and friendship for it to be its greatest.

This design is advanced by the holistic strategy of love and friendship coming collectively and a creating joy and achievement. I really like this design because it is so easy and trendy.
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30. Neysa Mangalsutra

Neysa means pure. Marriage is the purest relationship as it’s selfless and giving in the direction of one another. The relationships develop into stronger daily.

Neysa mangalsutra was designed holding in thoughts pure types like rounds and rectangles.

The mangalsutra features totally different diamond shapes related to type an exquisite pendant that’s simple and charming.

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31. Valentine Mangalsutra

Valentine means beloved. This design is advanced from a easy V shaped pendant. The intent here was to create a diamond and the gold beaded sample arranged in a small motif.

This piece is a logo of love and elegance. You’ll be able to wear this every day or during particular occasions.

Buddies, I hope these mangalsutra designs have impressed you at the moment. Mangalsutra must be a fun piece of jewellery and should mirror your character, fashion, and way of life.
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Do you could have a favourite easy mangalsutra design? In that case, which simple mangalsutra did you’re keen on probably the most?

Let me know in the feedback section under.

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