31 Best Documentaries on Netflix Right Now

Documentaries are a great way to learn about the world and its people. The following list of 31 documentaries on Netflix offers a wide variety of topics, from art to current events.

There are 31 documentaries on Netflix right now that are worth watching. These documentaries cover a wide range of topics and people. Read more in detail here: best netflix documentaries 2021 .

Documentaries may be an interesting change of pace from Netflix’s typical scripted programming. Whether you want to learn something new or simply immerse yourself in a world of drama and mystery, Netflix offers a broad selection of highly acclaimed documentaries to choose from. Whether it’s crime or nature, controversy or science, these 31 greatest documentaries available on Netflix right now are sure to pique your interest.

King of the Tigers

Tiger King Luis Guzman plays Gomez Addams in the Netflix series The Addams Family, which premiered on Wednesday.

After reaching Social Media apex at the onset of the epidemic last year, Tiger King has likely been viewed by everyone with a Netflix subscription However, if you were one of the five individuals who missed it the first time around, it’s still accessible and must be seen to be believed.

When the filmmakers meet the clients, what starts out as an exposé on the illegal, or at most semi-legal, selling of exotic animals becomes into something completely else. Tiger King, which centers on Joe Exotic, ends up portraying the story of competing private zoos, their terrible circumstances for both animals and workers, and their deep hate for one another, and it all goes worse from there.

Wanted: Hot Females

Hot Girls Wanted

Following an online discussion on the pornification of Pop culture comedian Rashida Jones has decided to pursue a career as a documentary filmmaker. Jones intends to go further into the pornographic business with this documentary, meeting with those who work in it as well as the females who choose to participate. What is revealed is a dangerously uncontrolled business that eats and spits out hundreds of 18-year-old girls every year.

Exploring the mistreatment of women that has formed the foundation for some of the most popular erotica on the internet, bordering on coerced consent behind the scenes. Jones returns to the business in the Netflix follow-up series Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, which examines various aspects of the industry, including as women who do porn for empowerment.

Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers

Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers

Have you ever wondered whether we’re not the only ones in the universe? In one of the most intriguing conspiracy theories out there, Bob Lazar claims to have the evidence you’re searching for. Lazar claims to have worked at Area 51 in the 1980s, when he was hired to reverse engineer alien technology.

Prior to the documentary, Lazar was a well-known whistleblower with a handful of criminal convictions, yet he makes some compelling points that should be questioned. In particular, his mention of element 115, an extraterrestrial fuel source that the government was supposedly attempting to synthesis.



Seaspiracy is a new generation of vegetarians, and it’s perhaps the most hard-hitting documentary on the food business since the notorious Food Inc. Seaspiracy is one of the most recent additions to our list, having been published in March of this year. It focuses on the fishing industry and how it is ruining our seas.

Plastic pollution, ghost nets, and, of course, overfishing are all addressed in the video. Pointing a finger at its audience and calling for a complete ban on the eating of marine life. Cowspiracy, the producer’s debut film, is also accessible on Netflix and focuses on the agriculture sector.

Savile by Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux: Savile

Louis Theroux has become something of a cult figure for his intense documentaries, several of which are available on Netflix. Whilst any of his offerings provide adequate food for thought it’s his investigation on infamous TV host Jimmy Savile that’s probably the most impactful. In it, Theroux interviews a number of the victims who were abused by Savile during his life.

Theroux had previously interviewed Savile fifteen years before any accusations surfaced, and during that conversation, Theroux touched on Savile’s “enigmatic sex life” without getting to the heart of the matter. Although Theroux has said that he has no regrets regarding his previous work, he just wishes he had more to go on at the time, Savile acts as a catharsis for him.

The Final Dance

The Last Dance

One of Netflix’s most inspiring films, and a must-see for any basketball lover. The Last Dance is a documentary that chronicles Michael Jordan’s career, with an emphasis on his last season with the Chicago Bulls in 1997-1998. Interviews with other period legends are included, as well as never-before-seen video of Jordan’s extremely successful season, for which he received his fifth and final Most Valuable Player Award.



Fyre recounts the story of the notorious Fyre Festival, which promised visitors a once-in-a-lifetime event only to leave them trapped in emergency relief tents on an empty island. Billy McFarland, a convicted con artist, pulls out one of the century’s most spectacular heists, which is caught on video. Persuading rapper Ja Rule and a slew of prominent influencers, including Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner, to promote the ultimate event on a private island. Even big artists like Disclosure, Pusha T, and Blink 182 have been booked by McFarland.

You can’t look away as the whole event implodes on itself, but than than refunding the $1500 tickets, McFarland flies people out anyhow, knowing they’ll be stuck with no event to witness.

the stairwell

The Staircase

One of Netflix’s greatest real-life murder mystery series, spanning 11 years and with three more episodes added by Netflix in 2018. The documentary team was originally hired by defendant Michael Peterson to cover his side of the story because he is afraid of being railroaded after his wife was discovered strangely dead at the foot of the stairs when they were alone at home.

The case twists and turns with everything from a previous acquaintance of Michael’s who died in exactly the same way years before to some dubious police work and mysterious fire poker. Even by the end of it, the audience is left to make their own mind up about what happened that night, with so much left unanswered. An un-included theory involving an owl that serves as an extra on Netflix certainly provides a compelling new focus as well.

Ahead of the Curve

Behind the Curve

Flat-earthers are a surprisingly growing group, with an increasing number of individuals embracing the long-debunked conspiracy theory in recent years Behind the Curve looks at some of the community’s most important people and explores why they think what they believe. Even a couple of aspiring scientists are included in the film, who devise and execute an elaborate experiment to show the world is flat to the film team, with mixed results.



Asif Kapadia, the guy behind Senna and Amy, has created one of the most stylish documentaries available on Netflix. Kapadia returns to sport to get an up-close and personal look at Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most recognized faces the sport has to offer. It’s a voyeuristic peek inside the Portuguese superstar’s personal life as well as what it takes to stay at the top of such a highly competitive sport.



Another eye-opening look at how we treat marine life, this one focusing on the entertainment sector. When it was Originally released in 2013, Blackfish was met with critical praise and is still available to watch on Netflix The story revolves on Tilikum, a captive orca that used to perform at SeaWorld and was responsible for three different fatalities at the park at the time of shooting. The video suggests that the living circumstances for such a huge monster are cruel, which may explain Tilikum’s violent temperament.

My Octopus Professor

My Octopus Teacher

My Octopus Teacher is a more humbling sea tale about a fortuitous meeting with an octopus and the unusual relationship that develops as a consequence. Craig Foster, a naturalist and documentary filmmaker, is filming marine life off the coast of South Africa on what seems to be a routine day until he notices an inquisitive octopus. Every day, Foster returns to the kelp forest, where she forms a connection with the octopus and records the remainder of her life. In 2021, My Octopus Teacher took home the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Filthy Rich Jeffery Epstein

Jeffery Epstein’s name is undoubtedly familiar to most people given his frequent appearances in the news in 2019. Those press reports, however, barely scrape the surface of his decades of illegal actions due to his notoriously secretive character. Epstein’s reach is sickeningly wide, ranging from accusations of fraud to a child molesting network.

Beyond his crimes, his strong ties to affluent elites such as Donald Trump Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew all of whom he entertained on his own island where he regularly recruited young females, have made him a controversial figure. Filthy Rich recounts the whole tale of what Jeffery Epstein did and how he got away with it for so long.

The Human Mind Explained

Mind Explained

Explained programs on Netflix address a wide range of subjects, including sex and money. All of them provide stimulating analysis, but Mind Explained, which focuses on the human mind and mental health is perhaps the best of the lot. Mind Explained, which features Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone as the narrator, delves into the inner workings of our minds, asking questions like: What are dreams? What is the impact of anxiety on us?

The Cecil Hotel’s Vanishing as a Crime Scene

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel is a Netflix original film that tells the story of one of the most strange mysteries of the twenty-first century. The series investigates the murder of Elisa Lam and the strange disappearance of two young Canadian ladies while checking into the Cecil Hotel. In the final recorded video of Lam, the 21-year-old was seen behaving suspiciously in the elevator, as if she was hiding from someone. Her corpse was subsequently discovered in the roof’s water tank. She seemed to have taken off all of her clothing and left them floating next to her within the tank.

Although it is still unknown how she went inside the tank, the death was ruled an accident. To add to the mystery, the hotel has a long history of strange deaths and suicides, prompting many to believe there is ghostly activity at the location.

Mysteries That Haven’t Been Solved

Unsolved Mysteries

If that isn’t enough to pique your interest in mysteries, Netflix also offers two seasons of Unsolved Mysteries. Each episode of this resurrection of the iconic format, which started in 1987, looks at a new unsolved case and encourages anybody with knowledge about the events to come forward. A guy who endured an unbelievable fall through a hotel roof after leaving a mysterious handwritten message concealed in his house, presumably for his spouse, is one of the highlights. And a mysterious lady with no identity who seemed to have been murdered in her Oslo hotel room.

The Social Conundrum

The Social Dilemma

Social media platforms are, at best, a mixed blessing in the lives of billions of people across the globe. The Social Dilemma takes a critical attitude against digital behemoths, examining how platforms are intended to abuse users. Using gambling mechanisms to make their platform addicting, unjustly affecting global elections, and becoming a hotspot for disinformation and cyberbullying, Facebook has faced a broad variety of issues. The video tries to draw similarities between the growth of social media and the increase in adolescent suicide rates, raising questions about the effect of these sites on our mental health

The Great Swindle

The Great Hack

The Great Hack crafts a thought-provoking story about the enormous amounts of power that sites like Facebook hold, particularly in connection to the Cambridge Analytica incident. Consumer data was utilized to weaponize political advertising for maximum impact by the mysterious company.

The business aired aggressive and sometimes deceptive political advertisements in an attempt to persuade voters over to whatever side was paying, targeting individuals who had the propensity to hold prejudice via fear or other methods. The company’s most well-known campaigns were two of the most divisive in recent history: the 2016 presidential election in which they backed Donald Trump and the Brexit Referendum, in which they backed leave. On both counts, we’ve come out on top.

House to be Destroyed

Knock Down The House

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the political landscape has changed dramatically, with the emergence of populist and sometimes authoritarian governments occurring concurrently across the globe. This prompted a strong reaction from the opposite side, with progressive and socialist politics being pushed to the center of the discussion, as it frequently does.

Knock Down The House follows a group of progressive prospects as they attempt to unseat long-serving politicians and replace them with fresh voices, in the hopes of once again changing the political landscape. The main emphasis is, of course, on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who, against all odds, defeated House Democratic Caucus Chair Joe Crowley in the contest to become Congress’s youngest woman ever.

R Kelly’s Survival

Surviving R Kelly

Surviving R Kelly chronicles a pattern of violence perpetrated by R Kelly, a legendary R&B singer, on a number of women throughout his life. The documentary, which includes interviews with several of R Kelly’s victims and their families as well as R Kelly’s own family, regrettably leaves a lot of unanswered concerns about the business as a whole as it reveals one of its worst-kept secrets.

Employees, producers, and record labels all seem to be involved in R Kelly’s grooming and conditioning of young females for years of abuse. The filmmakers also do a good job of humanizing R Kelly, detailing his childhood trauma and bullying while staying mindful of the harm he does to a number of people during his successful career.

Until I Die, Sunderland


Behind-the-scenes sports films have been a popular format in recent years, with several world-class clubs offering a look behind the scenes. However, one of the most intriguing tales comes from an unexpected source: Sunderland AFC of the English Premier League

The documentary starts with the team having just been relegated from the Premier League after a decade in the top flight, and follows their journey as they attempt to return to arguably the greatest league in the world. What follows is a season of controversy and poor business choices as the club is exposed. With the club tumbling from one catastrophe to the next, the filmmakers unintentionally struck lightning with this story, as the club gets relegated for the second time in a row.

American Manufacturing

American Factory

American Plant, the first film from former President Barack Obama’s production business, recounts the story of a Chinese-owned factory that opens in Ohio. People are undoubtedly acquainted with the idea of outsourcing manufacturing to China, but you don’t hear about Chinese millionaires doing business in the United States very frequently.

The film starts on a positive note, with the repurposing of an abandoned General Motors factory, which will provide thousands of employment to the local population. However, in another Academy Award-winning film, the clash of civilizations is brought to a climax as working-class America fights with Chinese business.



Another major scandal provides another compelling backdrop, this time focused on the Russian doping scandal that marred the Winter Olympic Games in 2014. In the wake of an ongoing doping scandal, Bryan Fogel sets out to discover how easy it would be to get away with cheating in major sporting events. He enlists the help of Russian scientist Grigory Rodchenkov to help him falsify results for an upcoming cycling event.

The story pivots when Rodchenkov’s life is threatened as a result of his involvement in the 2014 Winter Olympic scandal, and he leaves Russia to link up with Fogel in America. Rodchenkov blows the whistle on the whole inquiry, including the sophisticated technique they used to deceive a ruthless Olympic Committee The film won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature for the second time.

Athlete A

Athlete A

Athlete A follows a team of Indianapolis Star investigative reporters as they break one of the century’s biggest stories in the USA Gymnastics sex abuse crisis. Obtaining information from the victims of USA national team doctor Larry Nassar, who is accused of sexually assaulting over 368 individuals. A closer look into how Nassar got away with it for two decades, as well as how predatory instructors were transferred from gym to gym, uncovers further evidence of a massive cover-up.

The Kingdom of the Lost Pirates

The Lost Pirate Kingdom

The series is a dramatized version of the conventional documentary style, with actors playing important characters, but it is no less interesting for anyone interested in learning more about the golden era of piracy and the real-life pirates of the Caribbean. Following Benjamin Hornigold’s voyage to Nassau and the creation and eventual fall of the pirate republic. Black Sam Bellamy, Anne Bonny, and Edward ‘Blackbeard’ Thatch are among the characters included in the series.

The Circle of Evil of Adolf Hitler


Another dramatic docu-series for history lovers to savor, this time focusing on Hitler’s rise to power and the collapse of the Third Reich. Hitler’s Circle of Evil recounts how Hitler came to power in a still-emerging German country, spanning World War 2 and Hitler’s increasing slide into lunacy.

Our World

Our Planet

Nature films have nearly become their own subgenre, with David Attenborough as the top of the genre. Our Planet is one of Attenborough’s greatest works to date, capturing nature at its most breathtaking. To give his audience food for thought, Attenborough also tackles some hard-hitting subjects like climate change and other negative human effects on the natural world.

Madeline McCann’s Disappearance

Director Chris Smith revisits the still-unsolved Madeline McCann case 12 years after the event. The Disappearance of Madeline McCann also looks at the reaction of the media and the criminal inquiry that followed the event. Along with reliving the events of the night in question, Madeline McCann, three years old, disappears from her hotel room in Praia Da Luz, Portugal.

Amanda Knox is a British actress.

Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox interviews Amanda and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, who were both convicted of the murder of Amanda’s roommate Meredith Kercher and subsequently acquitted. The verdicts drew worldwide attention, with forensic specialists praising the prosecution’s handling of the case.

Knox and Sollecito were each sentenced to four years in jail for their roles in the crime. The video gives the couple the opportunity to share their side of the tale while also examining how the matter was handled in court and in the media.

Gaga’s height is five feet and two inches.

Gaga: Five Foot Two

Lady Gaga, the enigmatic popstar, opens up about her life and the making of her fifth studio album, Joanna, to fans. Gaga: Five Foot Two is shot in a cinéma vérité style, enabling Gaga to be herself without feeling compelled to tell a story. Fans of Lady Gaga will like the documentary, which also includes footage from Gaga’s Super Bowl performance and her appearance on the popular TV show American Horror Story

High Marks

High Score

Another one that’s probably more for the fans than anything else, but it’s still a fascinating look into video gaming history. The series covers two decades and many creators, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the development of some of history’s most popular games and what made them so fascinating. video games have grown to become one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and High Score provides an interesting look at their evolution from niche craze to mainstream media.

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