3 way-too-early predictions for 2021-22 NBA season

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The nba 2021-22 season is a prediction of what will happen in the upcoming NBA season.


In the summer, the Cleveland Cavaliers made some daring choices. For one thing, they created a twin tower pair by signing Jarrett Allen to a lucrative contract and then selecting Evan Mobley with the third overall selection. Ricky Rubio was also acquired through trade, giving them some much-needed experienced presence. With these trades plus the additions of Collin Sexton and Darius Garland, the Wine and Gold seem to be a team to watch.

But, before we get on the bandwagon, let’s take a closer look at how these summer changes will play out in the NBA season of 2021-22.

3. There’s a fight for the guard position.

At point guard, the Cavaliers have Sexton, Garland, and Rubio. While Sexton, as last season, can shift up to shooting guard, competition for the two starting guard positions is unavoidable. Rubio is a legitimate starting quarterback in the league. We may presume that moving to the bench would be OK for him. He’s spent enough time in the NBA to understand how things operate. Rubio, though, is still in his prime at 30 years old. He’s also a seasoned veteran and one of the league’s most talented guards. Incorporating him into the starting lineup is the best way to utilize him.

Is this going to cause a schism between Rubio, Sexton, and Garland? Is this friendly competition going to help the team in the long run? We’ll have to wait and see. However, this seems to have the potential to cause a cascade of other issues.

2. Cavaliers make a deadline trade

Last season, Sexton was extensively engaged in speculations. There were lingering doubts about his decision-making, playmaking skills, and, more significantly, whether he was really the next big thing, despite his team-leading 24.3 point per game output. This has caused a schism between the two parties. Sexton may be anticipating a big payday, but the Cavaliers don’t think he’s worth it. In the offseason, the Wine and Gold front staff failed to address these issues. “Failed” is a strong term, since club executives may be ready to wait and see how things go with Sexton in the fold.

After all, indications indicate that both parties are willing to negotiate again. It will be interesting to see whether this pushes Sexton to improve his game and eventually become the franchise guard. Whether or not this occurs, the Cavaliers still have issues at the guard position to address. After all, basketball is more than simply a game of skill. It’s also about how well the players get along.

This is comparable to the scenario with the Phoenix Suns three or four seasons ago. Devin Booker Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight were all on the roster at guard. It’s worth noting that these are the most well-known names. At one time, they had several dependable guards on the roster, like Elfrid Payton and Leandro Barbosa. Looking at where the Suns are today, they seem to have sorted things out for the better. However, it created a lot of problems for the front office during those times.

1. The End of the Love Era

Love’s future as a franchise star will most likely be determined by Mobley’s rookie season. The Cavaliers boast a strong twin tower pair in Mobley and Allen, according to the roster. Both are defensive monsters with a lot of offensive potential. The Cavaliers have made it plain that Allen will now be their main focus. A few weeks ago the two sides agreed on a five-year, $100 million agreement.

The phrase “End of the Love Era” does not necessarily imply that the Cavaliers will move the five-time All-Star. Love’s contract is set to expire in 2023. He’ll be paid $31.2 million this season and $28.9 million the next. These large sums will not entice clubs to aggressively pursue Love, especially given that he has been plagued by ailments for the last three seasons. As a result, the end of the Love period merely means that the former champion will no longer be in the forefront of the Wine and Gold.

The Cavaliers took an unusual step by naming two conventional big men as possible franchise players. Though versatile big men have existed throughout history, it has only been in the past few years that teams have actively sought for stretch big men. This is an unusual experiment that may either make the Cavaliers a national laughingstock or make them the greatest franchise of all time.


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