3 Theories that’ll blow your mind

It’s the season for theories about the Falcon and the Winter Soldier! Marvel and Disney+ properties went wild in the first episode. Now it’s time to look at some of the things we can focus on after the events of the first episode. Sam Wilson, Captain America and all the rest. Of course, if you haven’t seen the series yet, be aware that spoilers from the first version follow.

The first episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now available to stream on Disney Plus. Not only is this the start of a new series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest foray into television, but it’s also a time for fans to think about the fate of the characters and where the story might be headed.

This was certainly true of the MCU’s first series, WandaVision, when fans dissected each episode to try and predict what would happen in Wanda Maximoff’s storyline and the future of the MCU. Of course, not all of these theories were realized (remember when everyone thought Mephisto was pulling the strings in Westview?) when the series finale aired. But that probably won’t stop fans from coming up with their own theories about the story of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes.

Series creator, showrunner and writer Malcolm Spellman has already warned viewers that the story of Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be more linear compared to WandaVision and probably won’t inspire as many fan theories. It’s not about making things up. It’s the characters that matter, Spellman told Inverse.

But even after the first episode, much of the show’s plot remains shrouded in mystery, and the plot and characters can go in many different directions. Here are some possibilities that could happen in the series when it ends after six episodes:

1. Helmut Zemo is trying to run Winter Soldieragain.

In his first appearance in Captain America civil war used Daniel Bruhl’s Helmut Zemo Bucky Barnes, also known as the Winter Soldier, to try to sow discord among the Avengers. He almost managed to cause a rift between Rodgers and Tony Stark and it’s likely he’ll be back to try again.

While Barnes is still trying to make up for his actions as a Winter Soldier, Zemo’s return could remind him of his dark past and increase the conflict surrounding his actions. Zemo knows a lot about the Winter Soldier’s past and may try to turn him into a hit man to carry out his orders and pit him against his allies, Wilson and Sharon Carter.

2. John Walker/American agent becomes the villain of the series.

Although he was portrayed by the US government as Captain America representing true American values, comic book fans know that John Walker / Agent USA is a darker, more extreme version of his predecessor. Falcon and the Winter Soldier also introduced other antagonists to the series, such as the terrorist group calling themselves the Flag Wreckers, and even Zemo, whom the Avengers first met in Captain America The Civil War

But a villain in Rogers’ suit, bearing his shield and name, would have made him a compelling villain and would have been very obvious to Wilson and Barnes. It’s not yet clear whether these villains will work together or act separately, but it’s a safe bet that the government introducing their version of Captain America after Wilson trusted them to take away his suit and shield can’t be good news.

3. Sam Wilson has finally changed clothes and is wearing theshield.

In the first episode, Wilson refuses to wear Rogers’ shield and take on his role as Captain America because the shield makes him feel like an outsider, to which Rogers responds: That’s not the case. But Falcon can’t turn down the responsibility of becoming America’s next captain for long, especially after the US government appointed its own version of the captain when he gave up.

Seeing a dark and extreme version of Captain America in an American Agent Rogers suit and using his shield inconsistent with his values will likely force Wilson to reconsider his stance on following in Rogers’ footsteps. James Rhodes even convinced him to take over in the episode. If he doesn’t want the Captain America identity to be used by someone else, he’ll have to don the iconic suit and vibranium himself.

Wilson has already done this in the comics, so it’s likely he’ll do this in a six-part series at some point.

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