3/6 Wrap Up

The Federal Reserve has raised rates, the first time in nine years. The US dollar is up 5% against a basket of currencies, and oil futures are down to their lowest level so far this year.

The “swaddleme easy change 3-6” is a wrap up of the top stories that happened during March.

We’re honoring L.A. trailblazers and commemorating Women’s History Month.

Figueroa Hotel

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In 1926, just 6 years past the ratification of the women’s right to vote, the women from the local YWCA did something radical: they financed, founded and operated Figueroa Hotel. Not only was Figueroa Hotel a safe haven for solo female travelers at a time when traveling alone was frowned upon, it was also a space for forward-thinking women to congregate, network, and discuss new possibilities. Leading the new hotel was Maude N. Bouldin, who rode in on her motorcycle from the East Coast (you’ll see a painting of her on said motorcycle at the lobby entrance). She was the only female hotel manager in America at that time. Since the 1920s, the hotel has honored the legacy of supporting women by championing female hotel leadership, artwork and events. Look for the inverted triangle insignia throughout the hotel honoring the original YWCA logo and the women it guarded.

Figueroa Hotel 939 South Figueroa St. Los Angeles CA 90015 213-627-8971



Chandler, Dorothy Buffum

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Dorothy Buffum was born in Lafayette, Illinois, in 1901. Her family relocated to Long Beach when she was a youngster and bought a dry goods company, which ultimately became Buffums’ Dept. Store. Camilla and Otis Chandler were her children from her marriage to Norman Chandler in 1922. Her passion for music and the arts, as well as years of volunteer and board service, culminated to a watershed event in 1951. The Hollywood Bowl was in financial trouble, and Chandler was tasked with chairing an emergency committee to preserve it, which she accomplished. She leveraged her wide network to get free musicians, raise funding, and engage female volunteers to simply get things done – frequently taking on marketing and creative department jobs. Thousands of female volunteers from LOS ANGELES had previously been discouraged from joining the workforce, but Chandler was certain that they could complete the task and keep it continuing.


Due to a lack of funding to build a new performance facility, the LA Philharmonic was still playing at its 40-year temporary location in 1961. Chandler altered the course of history once again. She not only spearheaded the effort to collect funds for a new building, but for a three-venue Music Center — the Ahmanson Theatre, Mark Taper Forum, and Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. The Music Center is one of the biggest performing arts facilities in the country, bringing together artists, communities, and ideas in order to improve the cultural life of all residents.

Visit https://www.musiccenter.org/tickets-free-events/tickets-free-events/ to discover more about free and ticketed events at the Music Center.

MORE NEWS: A man was fatally shot inside an East LA home’s bedroom.

135 N. Grand Avenue, LOS ANGELES CA 90012 (213) 972-7211 Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

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