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My Heroes Academy has a large and varied list.

And since 80% of the series’ audience has superpowers (or quirks), there are plenty of flashy abilities on display here.

But of course some gifts are much stronger than others. I mean, there’s a kid who can just pull his eyeballs out of his head. And then there are those who are capable of destroying armies.

Today we take a look at the most powerful quirks in My Hero Academy and rank them based on their versatility, destructiveness, and dueling abilities.

I only count the first four seasons of the anime, so movie viewers and manga readers can yell at me.

And if you weren’t ready to scream, I won’t involve Erie. Because as I write this, she has absolutely no control over her quirkiness.

25. Thanks, uh… Sir, I want to thank you for your support. Well, thank you.

I’m going to start with Compressing, because it’s an incredibly powerful skill. But only under the right conditions.

With this ability, Mr. Compress can crush anything in his hands, even a small marble.

The man inside is unharmed, but he cannot free himself.

As we saw in the formation arc in the forest, we can deviate from it very quickly. And if Mr. Compress wanted to use the offense, he could always have someone step off the plate if he threw it from a distance.

Very powerful, but if the opponent knows what to look for, it will be hard to get the W out.

24. Warp Gate – Kurogiri

Warp Gate is weak for the same reason; it’s one of the most useful skills a human can have, but without the support of allies you can easily be overwhelmed.

Warp gates are not only easy to move from one place to another, but can also be used to adjust an ally’s attack. Or to drive away the enemy.

But like Mr. Compass, if the opponent knows what to look for, he can easily avoid damage. I rank it higher than the Compress, simply because it’s more versatile.

23. Elasticity – Soft Delinquent

Elasticity is a fashion phenomenon with an extremely high artistic limit.

Basically, you can make anything you touch elastic.

However, this applies not only to air, but also to larger objects, such as B. Building.

So, if used correctly, it’s a fantastic duelist property.

You can set up air barriers to repel enemy attacks. Or make the ground elastic so they lose their grip. Or even abuse the vagaries of supercooling to attach heavy objects to your opponent.

It’s not just about strength, and if the opponent is smart, he can defend himself. But if they don’t have the mental capacity to remember all your little traps, they’re having a bad time.

22. Prediction – Mr Night Eye

If this grill gave you some sort of physical improvement, it would probably be in the top 3, honestly.

Since you can see someone’s near or distant future, you can dodge or parry any attack from your opponent, provided you’re fast and/or strong enough.

It can also do wonders for Data Collection and construction planning. It is extremely practical and can make you feel like an Uchiha in a one on one fight….. However, it can only be used once a day.

And if your opponent beats you, it doesn’t matter if you saw it coming.

21. Cloning – Ectoplasm

We haven’t seen Ectoplasm in a real fight yet, but we know from Naruto how oppressive and broken cloning techniques can be.

More hands on deck means many advantages. And the ability to annoy your opponent with feints can be a decisive battle.

And if the opponent is really strong, Ectoplasm can choose a huge clone to crush the opponent.

He takes a second to make his clones, so you can beat him with a sneak attack. And the clones themselves are not very strong, but this oddity is really strong.

20. Creation – Momo Yayoyorozu

This quirk is now the definition of a utility, as it can literally create any element from scratch, provided it is not too large and the user knows the atomic configuration of the element.

We’ve seen him play the hero several times in the series. But its dual and destructive power is quite weak.

This quirk allows you to outsmart your opponent, but not to outsmart him. So unless you go out with your team and run into almost everyone on this list, you’ll have a hard time getting out of here alive.

19. Hardening – Eijiro Kirishima

Getting tough is one of the best defensive quirks we’ve seen in the series, because when Kirishima puts on his Unbreakable uniform, he looks like a compact tank.

Not only can he take heavy blows without getting hurt, but he can also attack and do heavy damage.

Kirishima has not mastered his grill yet. So it’s anything but invincible.

But once he learns to keep the unbreakable for a long time he will become a very good dualist and tanker.

18. Vibrat – Yo Shindo

Vibration is a simple skill that has a surprising amount of energy.

The user can easily transmit hand-operated vibrations. This brings great destructive power, as the user can create massive earthquakes at will simply by touching the ground.

And although it wasn’t shown in the anime, I think it could kill someone if they get their hands on the body.

So not only does the enemy have to have a long range, but he also has to be fast enough to dodge earthquakes to stand a chance.

17. Manifesto – Tamaki Amajiki

I know it’s a bit controversial to not put this oddity in the top 5 or top 10, but hear me out.

There’s no doubt that Quirk is strong. It gives you both defensive stats, if you had shells for dinner, attack stats, including squid tentacles, and even some useful stats like wings.

However, it takes time to prepare. And has a set time limit, no matter how long it takes to digest the food.

So if the user skips a meal or goes on a diet, they’re screwed.

In addition, different types of food should be available on a regular basis to maximize the potential. So traveling outside of Japan would be a nightmare. Unless the hamburger gives you capitalist power or something.

16. Understood – Neito Monoma

Like the previous section, this mode has almost unlimited possibilities. But there are also many drawbacks.

Allows the user to copy any quirk, as long as they have made physical contact with it in the last 5 minutes.

You can already see where the errors are.

When you are facing a distant opponent, one on one, you have almost no chance. But in teamfights, this quirk can be a game changer.

The element of surprise alone is quite strong. But the fact that you can switch between your team’s quirks and your opponent’s quirks makes you almost impossible to read.

15. Meatball – Seiji Shishikura

Meatball is one of the oddities here, but with the potential to be OP.

It allows the user to control their own flesh and turn their enemies into living meatballs. This allows the user to separate their hands and attack you from a distance, then practically in one shot.

Since he can also defeat multiple people at once in group fights, he is a force to be reckoned with.

However, if the enemy has sufficient destructive power, the user will either have to be creative in the use of his quirk, or flee immediately.

14. Wave motion – Nejire Hado

Wave Motion allows the user to release large waves of pure energy from their body.

The user can fly and maneuver with it or shoot down hordes of enemies.

The waves themselves are rather slow. But they do have a knack for it, as they can take out villains the size of buildings in one fell swoop. The amount of energy a user can generate is also limited, but unlike Aoyama, this limit is quite generous.

So Quirk gives you mobility, AoE, and blast damage, which is crazy, right?

13. River of Earth – Ryuko Tsuchikawa

Basically, it bends the earth. How can he not be powerful?

Earth Flow not only lets you create destructive avalanches, but also giant puppets that the user can control remotely.

Since Ryuko never used this accessory in battle, we don’t know how powerful it can be.

But I don’t see why she can’t bring you to your knees while you’re there.

The range of this quirk is insane, and it certainly offers great utility and destructive power.

Too bad the user wasn’t a good fighter.

12. Brainwashing – Hitoshi Shinso

This quirk is either overpowered or completely useless, depending on whether or not you know how it works.

To activate it, the enemy must answer the question posed by the user, after which he is completely brainwashed.

So if the opponent knows what you’re trying to do, or just isn’t the talkative type, this quirk is useless.

But if your opponent falls into your trap, you win without lifting a finger.

I can’t put too much stock in it, because it’s a guess. But the man has potential.

11. Whirlwind – Inasa Yoarashi

We already had a master of the earth, and now we have a master of the sky.

This maverick is extremely complete, as it has incredible destructive power, dueling potential, and utility.

You can create a huge vortex and flatten a small village, or you can use air power to fly and maneuver to take out enemies and their attacks.

There is no real downside to this quirk, but the user may be overwhelmed by some of the following entries.

10. Erasure – Eraserhead

The fun is perhaps one of the strongest in the series. But only in the right hands.

It allows you to completely erase your opponent’s quirks while watching them.

So if you can shoot them while they’re out of whack, you’re practically invincible.

However, if you make a mistake and blink or are attacked by multiple powerful enemies, it becomes much more difficult.

Were it not for the fact that the eraser head is practically a god in hand in close combat, this quirk would be average. But it has reached new heights.

9. Hawks

Hawks is another example where the quirk itself doesn’t seem very strong, but the user has shown how powerful it can be.

Quirk allows the user to easily control the pen with the wings on the back.

But the Hawks have shown that Quirk is the king of utility. He can help pedestrians, stop criminals and make a sandwich at the same time!

Its feathers are quite long. And the Hawks are extremely accurate with it, meaning he can take out multiple targets before they realize what’s going on.

But if you destroy his feathers, he won’t be able to do much.

8. Disintegration – Tomura Shigaraki

Decomposition is a kind of one-time killing where anything the user touches with their five fingers turns to dust.

At first it was just a matter of scraping the elbow of the gum cup, but it soon became quite powerful.

And yes, manga readers, this craze should be at its peak once anime catches up.

But for now, it’s a short-range possibility. And can be easily countered with both long range and mobility.

7. Double – Twice

This craze is absolutely insane, and will only get bigger as time goes on.

This allows the user to make a duplicate of each, provided he has the dimensions.

It wouldn’t matter if the lookalike couldn’t also use the original mode.

This means that if you have a few powerful allies, you can send duplicates of the divine plan and not have to suffer the consequences if they are defeated.

And if he didn’t suffer from mental illness twice, he could make an army of himself when he went to war. So deeply overwhelmed, to the bone.

6. Major repairs – Major repairs

The rescheduling is ridiculous.

You can shoot someone with a touch and then revive them if you want, or use their flesh to give you extra muscle.

You can then manipulate the earth by touch and heal any injury you sustain – almost instantly.

There is literally only one way to counteract this grumpy, grumpy, grumpy, grumpy, grumpy, grumpy, grumpy.

And let’s just say there are only a limited number of people capable of such a feat.

5. Half cold, half hungry – Shoto Todoroki

After this confession, I am also considering ownership of Dabi and Endeavour fire.

Because honestly, Shoto just got an updated version.

Not only can it give off fire that burns any enemy to the ground, but it can also freeze the entire battlefield.

And when used in combination, his quirk literally has no weaknesses. It has huge range, huge utility, insane output damage, and they can all be single target or AoE.

Honestly, if Shoto was that strong, I’m sure he could accomplish that goal.

4. Explosion – Katsuki-Bakugo

Explosion seems to be the type of skill that has everything to do with destructive power, as you can use it to create explosions and the like…..

But Bakugo has shown that he has more diversity.

Bakugo is virtually unmatched in mobility, using explosions to maneuver through the air while attacking the enemy.

He can also focus his breath to make a single shot with decent accuracy. But if he really wants to blow something up, he will. And the area it can cover in a single blast is nothing short of terrifying.

3. One for all – Izuku Midoriya.

I already feel anger over this.

One for all is the perfect good guy trait, because it allows people to build generations of power and create an unstoppable hero.

However, we have seen that this can be quite exhausting for the body. Especially if you received it for the first time.

And while it is infinitely expandable, it took Quirk seven generations to gain enough power.

So, as we judge Quirk ourselves, I can’t give him the top spot. It takes too long to prepare and can easily kill the user if used incorrectly.

2. Penetration – Mirio Togata

So this peculiarity allows you to become Obito.

Its destructive power is nil. But his utility and dueling skills are second to none in my eyes.

Once trained to perfection, he can make sure no one can hit you, no attack can land, and no one can stop you.

It also gives you insane mobility because you can phase in and out. Also, no one can block your punches.

In Mirio’s hands, this is by far the strongest dueling grill.

If Mirio was a villain and a bit older, I doubt even All Might could handle him.

1. All for one, all for one

All for One is the ultimate quirk, and I’m honestly disappointed it hasn’t been used in a better series.

This allows you to forcibly activate someone else’s Quirks, steal Quirks for yourself, or even give them to someone else.

You can combine as many quirks as you like and there is no downside to using them.

Honestly, if everything was a little more creative, he could have wiped the floor with the characters.

I mean, imagine if someone had all the quirks on this list, it would be crazy.

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