2021 NFL Mock Draft: Pittsburgh Steelers – Pick #24

of the biggest problems for the Pittsburgh Steelers last season was the play of the offensive line. Add to that the loss of Maurkice Pouncey and Ramon Foster, the fact that Ben Roethlisberger is not as mobile as he was in his younger days, and a poor run in 2020, and they have a serious problem for 2021.

It would be foolish of the Steelers to pass up the opportunity to fix this glaring problem via the draft. With all of this in mind, I predict the Pittsburgh Steelers will pick Dillon Radunz, an offensive tackle from North Dakota State as the 24th pick. Winners of the FCS national title in 2017, 2018 and 2019, North Dakota State has risen as a program capable of winning at the FCS level, and Radunz was a stabilizing force at the front of the Bison.

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The first thing you notice about Dillon Radunz is that he has the size and athletic ability of a modern NFL tackle. At 6-foot-11 and 100 pounds, he belongs in the Senior Bowl. This weekend’s practice was extremely important for Radunz, as he played at a lower level in college football and only played in one game last year as the FCS season was moved to the spring thanks to KOVID-19.

In the clip below, Radunz gets praise from a Senior Bowl executive. That is a great compliment from someone who has been in the Scouting world for a long time

One of the biggest compliments recruiters can give a big boy is that he walks like a little boy. Check out the LT in this clip. @NDSUfootball OL Dillon Radunz is on the move! @DillonRadunz is probably the best combination of athlete and opponent in the OL class this year. Can’t wait to see where he lands. pick.twitter.com/J8LOTHHzJ5

– Jim Nagy (@JimNagy_SB) April 16, 2021

Radunz’s ability to reach the second and third levels is unmatched. He has the size, frame and feet to be a player that the Steelers can integrate right into their offensive line. Often, fans want their team to make a brilliant choice by selecting a wideout or top linebacker, but Radunz will be a surefire pick for the Steelers to rely on in the 2021 season.

Although it hasn’t been a season in the spotlight for North Dakota, Radunz has been able to stay in shape with his own training and performed well in the Senior Bowl. Most of the other players who attended the event in Mobile took advantage of the team environment training that preceded the event. These circumstances indicate that Radunz is disciplined, fresh and ready to line up with the Steelers in 2021 if he is selected in this game.

Wherever Radunz goes, I’m sure 32 NFL general managers liked the above clip, and I bet he won’t let this one go. I’ll be following his career closely as well, as we’ll see more and more FCS players and lower level players emerge higher in the draft. If Dillon Radunz and fellow running back Trey Lance get into the first round of the 2021 NFL draft it would be a great accomplishment for North Dakota State football.

NDSU could have two first round picks in 2020 with QB Trey Lance and OT Dillon Radunz (if both are announced).

I didn’t expect to like Radunz as much as I did after four games in 2019 this morning. His moves are fantastic at the left tackle position.

– Matt Miller (@nfldraftscout) June 23, 2020


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