2019 AFPSAT Review Materials & Practice Exam for Army Aspirants #PDF

What is AFPSAT?

The Armed Forces of the Philippines Single Written Examination, also known as AFPSAT, is mandatory for candidates from the Army, Air Force and Navy (Marines) for pre-service. The selection of men and women in the Philippine armed forces through psychological screening has long been used and is still an integral part of neuropsychiatric screening. One of the qualifications required is the ability to undergo pre-military training and remain in the armed forces.

The AFPSAT examination is free of charge and in order to qualify, graduates must meet the basic qualification standards and AFP requirements listed below.

Afpsat-Reviewer in pdf-format

Qualifications and requirements

In order to be admitted to the Officers’ Course (OCC), a Filipino citizen born between the ages of 21 and 29, at least 1.5 meters tall and unmarried, never married and never having children or being employed, must hold a driving license. (152 cm) but not more than 1.80 m (193.04 cm) tall for men and women of good character who are physically, mentally and psychologically fit for active military service.

For the officer training course (OPC), a Philippine national, a non-active qualified reserve officer assigned to the Philippine Army in accordance with groups I and II of Circular 4 shall not be older than 31 years of age at the date of recruitment for active duty (CAD), a licensee physically, mentally and psychologically fit for active duty, not less than 1,5 m (152 cm) for both men and women, but not more than 193,04 cm (6 feet 4 inches) in height and of good character.

Similarly, the candidate’s qualifications for the Soldier’s Course (CSC) are as follows: A citizen of Philippine descent who was at least 18-23 years of age (excluding age) before the date of appointment as a soldier, has at least a high school diploma, but with the technical / professional skills needed for AFP, at least 1.5 meters. (152 cm) for both men and women, but not more than 1.80 m (193.04 cm) in height (without exception height), unmarried and without children, of good character and physically and mentally suitable for military training.

The following requirements are required for registration during the FAMHP


1) Birth certificate

2) Transcript and diploma

3) Form 137-A Railroad diploma (for secondary school graduates)

4) Valid government issued identity card

5) One (1) 2×2 photograph.

AFPSAT Scope of the study

The study consists of 150 multiple choice questions, generally covering the following subjects :

-Philippines Constitution

– General information

– Oral argumentation

– Logical argumentation

– Quantitative argumentation

– Current situation

Mechanics, durability and AFPSAT registration mark

New guidelines for the AFPSAT registration mark (from 10 September 2018)


  • The AFSAT result is valid for three (3) years.
  • Racketeering is only allowed once for the applicant and must be carried out at least once.
  • six (6) months after the first examination
  • All major departments now recognise the validity of the result and the candidate in question will no longer be able to take the same test if he or she reports to another department within three (3) years.

Calendar of AFPSAT examinations | Information about the treatment centre

For the latest updates on dates and locations of AFPSAT examinations, please consult our mail : Last AFP audit plan

Where can I get free training material, an assessor and a practical test for the AFPSAT?

The AFP does not provide evaluators for the AFPSAT, and unlike other qualification tests, there is rarely an evaluation centre that evaluates courses for the Philippine military tests, including the PMAEE and the PNPCAT.

However, if you have enough imagination, there are many e-learning materials that you can use as reference material for your assessment.

The following are some of the supplementary assessment documents that are important for reporting on FASH audits. You can download it for free and take part in trials when it suits you.

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