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20 Pokémon So Strong They Should Be Banned (And 10 That Are Too Weak To Use)

20 Pokémon So Strong They Should Be Banned (And 10 That Are Too Weak To Use)

Should you want to enter an formally sanctioned Pokémon event, then it is advisable abide by the principles laid out by the Pokémon Firm. One of the crucial essential guidelines includes the Pokémon which might be event authorized, as many Legendary Pokémon are banned from aggressive play.

The present guidelines for the Pokémon Video Recreation Championships embrace the sort of names that you’d anticipate, reminiscent of Mewtwo, Lugia, Arceus, and Marshadow, as their power would spoil the stability of the sport.

The present ban listing is definitely so much looser than the one from 2017, which prevented using all Mega Stones.

The return of Mega Evolution in 2018 wasn’t welcomed by everybody, because it completely modified the face of the aggressive scene, within the sense that gamers have been typically pressured to make use of a Mega-Advanced Pokémon in battle, as they have been simply too helpful to disregard.

The large modifications to the ban record have modified how the sport is performed, as Mega Evolution has to compete with Extremely Beasts and Z-Strikes on the subject of forming a staff. These modifications have made some Pokémon extra helpful to the participant, whereas others have but to budge from their place.

We’re right here at the moment to find out which Pokémon must be added to the official VGC ban record and which of them must be ignored by the participant altogether; from the ghost that forestalls any tag workforce motion from happening to the hen whose potential was left on the chopping room flooring.

Listed here are the 30 Pokémon So Strong They Should Be Banned (And 10 That Are Too Weak To Use)!

30 Strong: Mega Gengar

Gengar has all the time been some of the in style Pokémon on the aggressive scene as a result of the truth that it was the one absolutely advanced Ghost-type Pokémon within the first era of video games.

The introduction of Mega Evolution turned Gengar into probably the most feared creatures within the recreation, to the purpose the place it was banned in lots of casual tournaments.

The rationale why Mega Gengar was so thought-about so highly effective was because of its Shadow Tag Capacity, which prevented the opponent from switching out their Pokémon until they occurred to be Ghost-type or additionally possessed Shadow Tag.

This meant that Mega Gengar was the most effective trapper within the recreation and will shut down a whole lot of groups with little effort.

29 Strong: Naganadel

Naganadel is the most recent Pokémon on this record on account of the truth that it was one of many few additions to the Pokédex in Pokémon Extremely Solar & Extremely Moon. 

It is the newest addition to the Extremely Beasts and it’ll probably be added to Ash’s group sooner or later, as he caught Naganadel’s earlier type (Poipole) within the Pokémon anime.

Naganadel shares the Beast Increase Capability of its Extremely Beast brethren, which will increase its highest stat by one stage when it KOs a Pokémon. Which means Naganadel’s Particular Assault or Velocity stat can shortly develop to absurd heights.

The Poison/Dragon-typing signifies that Naganadel does not have to fret about being annihilated by Fairy-type strikes, which means that it’s protected to punch holes via the enemy line with Draco Meteor and Sludge Wave.

28 Weak: Slaking

Slaking has a few of the greatest bodily stats of any non-Legendary Pokémon within the recreation, with its Assault and Hit Factors being particularly excessive.

All the superb stats on the planet aren’t sufficient to save lots of Slaking from the bench because of the truth that it has one of many worst talents within the recreation — Truant.

Truant signifies that the Pokémon will not act each different flip. Because of this Slaking will solely be taking half the actions of each different Pokémon on the sector, which is a crippling weak spot in a recreation the place each flip issues.

The power of Slaking will shine throughout a single-player journey in a Pokémon recreation, however it will not final lengthy in a aggressive battle.

27 Strong: Mega Metagross

Metagross was all the time an incredible Pokémon on the battlefield on account of its superb stats, movepool, and typing.

It is no coincidence that Metagross is the ultimate Pokémon utilized by the Champion in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, as Steven Stone needed to offer you one final beating earlier than you stole his title.

The introduction of Mega Evolution turned Metagross into one of many largest threats within the aggressive scene. This is because of the truth that it positive factors the Robust Claws Capacity, which provides a 30% increase to the injury of contact assaults.

Mega Metagross can deal scary quantities of injury with assaults like Bullet Punch and Thunder Punch, because of the buff offered by Robust Claws.

26 Strong: Celesteela

Celesteela is usually considered being one of the annoying Pokémon within the recreation. This is because of how efficient it’s as a wall, which means that it will probably simply take in hits from the opposing workforce.

Celesteela’s stat unfold favors defensive play, which is helped by it being a Metal/Flying-type Pokémon, which provides it eight resistances and two immunities.

It could additionally improve its defensive stats with assistance from Beast Increase.

If you do not have a Pokémon that has a big sort benefit towards Celesteela (like Zapdos) then you’ll be able to anticipate the battle to go on for lots longer than regular, as you’ll have to endure the agony of making an attempt to chip down this sturdy Extremely Beast.

25 Weak: Ledian

Bug-type Pokémon had a tough time in Pokémon Purple & Blue because of the lack of highly effective Bug-type strikes.

Pokémon Gold & Silver added insult to damage by introducing one of many worst Bug-type Pokémon to the collection within the type of Ledian.

Ledian has a excessive Particular Protection stat, which is let down by all the things else. The abysmal Hit Level stat signifies that just about something can take out Ledian in a single hit. A bodily attacker will completely destroy Ledian in fight.

It is potential to make use of Ledian for setup strikes (like Mirror) with its respectable Velocity stat, however there are various different higher choices for this position in a aggressive match.

24 Strong: Mega Charizard X

Charizard turned virtually completely ineffective in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, because of the addition of Stealth Rock to the sport. Stealth Rock was so good that it was utilized by virtually each participant and it dealt a ton of injury to Charizard every time it entered the sector.

The introduction of Mega Evolution meant that Charizard turned a viable selection once more, as Mega Charizard X switches to Hearth/Dragon-type, which mitigates the injury from Stealth Rock.

Mega Charizard X’s actual power comes from its new Robust Claws Potential, which provides it a serious increase to assaults like Flare Blitz.

Which means it could possibly deal insane quantities of injury with a single assault. The addition of Robust Claws turns Mega Charizard X into among the best attackers within the recreation.

23 Strong: Amoonguss

Strikes that inflict standing results are a few of the strongest within the Pokémon aggressive scenes, as a profitable freeze, stun, or sleep can shortly flip the match in your favor.

The issue with numerous standing effect-inflicting strikes is that there’s a probability that they’ll miss, making it dangerous to make use of them.

Spore is likely one of the greatest status-effect strikes within the recreation, because it has 100% accuracy, which means that it’s assured to place an enemy Pokémon to sleep.

The most effective Spore consumer is Amoonguss, because it has the defensive stats to remain alive lengthy sufficient to start out throwing out standing impact strikes, whereas it could heal itself with Giga Drain and its Regenerator Potential.

Amoonguss has a wide-range of makes use of in fight and is among the greatest disablers within the recreation.

22 Weak: Golem

Golem was as soon as a potent pressure within the Pokémon aggressive scene, because of its excessive bodily stats. As time went on, Golem turned helpful for a single tactic, because it was virtually assured to get a Stealth Rock onto the sector, because of its Sturdy Means.

The Pokémon aggressive scene switched to a Double Battle format, which meant that Sturdy did not supply the identical safety because it did earlier than.

The actual drawback with utilizing Golem was its abysmal Particular Protection stat and occasions 4 weak spot to Grass-type and Water-type strikes.

Because of this it was vulnerable to most of the main threats within the aggressive scene.

It appears like this Pokémon wasn’t fairly as sturdy as we initially thought.

21 Strong: Tyranitar

Psychic-type Pokémon have been a dominant pressure in Pokémon Purple & Blue, because of the shortage of Pokémon that had a kind benefit towards them.

Darkish-type Pokémon have been launched in Pokémon Gold & Silver in an effort to stability out the sport. Pokémon like Tyranitar have been designed to wreck havoc on the conceited Psychic-type Pokémon, which is one thing that they nonetheless do to today.

It is telling that Tyranitar’s Mega Evolution solely provides it a stat increase as an alternative of including a brand new Means, because it did not want any new additions to make it stronger.

Mega Tyranitar is just a behemoth of a Pokémon that may take in hits and inflict injury like nothing else.

20 Strong: Zapdos

The Legendary Birds of Kanto have had an inconsistent historical past within the aggressive scene because of the quite a few shifts in how the sport is performed.

Zapdos has remained as among the best authorized Legendary Pokémon within the recreation, because of its typing and general nice stats.

Zapdos has a tremendous movepool that gives it a variety of choices in battle, making it onerous for an opponent to foretell what it has to supply.

Zapdos has an arsenal of highly effective Electrical-type and Flying-type strikes, however it may additionally act as a wall with Shield, it could summon quite a few totally different climate results, and it will probably take away entry hazards with Defog.

It is this type of utility, backed up by uncooked energy, that units Zapdos aside from different Pokémon.

19 Weak: Delibird

The varied Pokédex entries for Delibird state that it has saved many various lives on account of the truth that it carries meals in its sack.

Delibird has stored many an explorer alive resulting from sharing meals with them once they have turn into misplaced and have run out of meals.

It is a disgrace that Delibird’s generosity does not prolong to its fight talents, that are horrible throughout the board. Delibird has abysmal stats, a typing that makes it weak to the most typical threats within the recreation, and a shallow movepool that does not give it the prospect to fill out any particular area of interest in fight.

Delibird is perhaps a welcome sight when you have been climbing up a mountain, however you do not need to see it in your aspect of the sector throughout a battle.

18 Strong: Pheromosa

Pheromosa is likely one of the greatest examples of a “Glass Cannon” within the Pokémon aggressive scene. This can be a gaming time period that’s used to check with characters with excessive offensive stats, however low defensive and well being stats, which means that it may well dish out hits, however not take them.

Pheromosa has some ridiculously excessive offensive stats, with each its Assault and Particular Assault stats giving it superb offensive energy.

These could also be additional elevated by Beast Increase throughout battle if Pheromosa can keep on the sector lengthy sufficient to profit from it.

The sheer offensive capabilities of Pheromosa imply that it could possibly annihilate a few of the most potent threats within the aggressive scene. You simply must be cautious if you deliver it out, as Pheromosa will not have the ability to endure any counter assaults for lengthy.

17 Strong: Cresselia

Cresselia is among the event authorized Legendary Pokémon within the aggressive scene. It might not have the scary energy of Darkrai, its reverse within the Lunar Duo, however that does not imply that Cresselia must be underestimated.

What Cresselia lacks in offensive stats, it makes up for with its unimaginable defensive capabilities and a movepool that permits it to be affected person.

Cresselia can throw out standing results with strikes like Thunder Wave and Poisonous, whereas shortly restoring any misplaced well being with Moonlight or Relaxation.

If the opponent does not have a Pokémon that hits certainly one of Cresselia’s weaknesses, then they’re going to spend so much of turns being chipped away by the Lunar Pokémon.

16 Weak: Guzzlord

The Extremely Beasts are a gaggle of a number of the strongest Pokémon within the recreation. They are handled as Lovecraftian monstrosities inside the Pokémon world and their arrival could also be a menace to the very material of existence.

The exception to that is Guzzlord, who has an abnormally excessive Hit Level stat, however it lacks the defensive capabilities to again it up.

Guzzlord has some spectacular offensive stats, however its horrible velocity signifies that it might not get an opportunity to make use of them.

Its Darkish/Dragon-typing leaves it wide-open to a number of the commonest threats within the aggressive scene, like Fairy-type and Preventing-type Pokémon, which can scale back Guzzlord’s spectacular hit level quantity to zero inside the area of a single highly effective assault.

15 Weak: Tapu Fini

Pokémon Solar & Moon launched the Guardian Deity Pokémon to the collection. These are a gaggle of 4 Pokémon that shield the islands of the Alola area.

The 4 “Tapu” Pokémon have been a standard sight on the aggressive scene, and with good purpose.

Tapu Fini has the Misty Surge Capability, which routinely creates Misty Terrain for 5 turns when it enters the sector. The good thing about Misty Terrain is that it prevents all standing results and halves the injury of Dragon-type strikes.

The power to routinely block standing results for 5 turns is usually a devastating tactic towards many groups that depend on them and may render some Pokémon inert when it comes to their usefulness in battle.

14 Strong: Aegislash

The Aegislash line was derided when it was first revealed because of the widespread grievance that Recreation Freak could also be operating out of concepts.

A floating sword and defend might not the be probably the most imaginative concept on the planet, however it definitely set the aggressive scene on hearth when it lastly arrived.

Aegislash has the good thing about superb typing and possessing probably the greatest distinctive strikes within the recreation, within the type of King’s Defend.

The actual purpose to make use of Aegislash is its Stance Change Means, which permits it to modify its superb defensive stats for a set of offensive ones.

This makes it very arduous to knock out an Aegislash as it’s switching in, since it’ll all the time be in its defensive type, however it is going to be capable of carry out a strong counterattack when it lastly will get a flip.

13 Weak: Jumpluff

Jumpluff as soon as crammed a really particular area of interest when it got here to Pokémon battles; it will depend on its excessive Velocity stat to make sure that it might hearth off a Sleep Powder earlier than the enemy might react.

If the Sleep Energy labored, then it gave the Jumpluff a couple of turns by which to organize some setup strikes (like Sunny Day) or to spice up its personal power with Swords Dance, in order that it had the facility to take down the opponent.

Jumpluff’s technique was all the time dangerous, however it turned quite a bit much less viable when Double Battles turned the primary format, because it now needed to deal with two Pokémon on the similar time.

Jumpluff’s abysmal bodily stats and typing imply that it may simply be taken down by a variety of the widespread threats within the aggressive scene.

12 Strong: Tapu Koko

Pokémon Solar & Moon presents each participant an opportunity to catch Tapu Koko, as you’re thrust right into a battle towards it after you grow to be the Champion.

It is value catching a Tapu Koko, as its power and velocity make it one of the vicious Pokémon within the recreation.

Tapu Koko possesses the Electrical Surge Capacity, which permits it to summon Electrical Terrain every time it’s switched in.

Electrical Terrain boosts the facility of Electrical-type strikes by 50%, which will increase its already superb attacking strikes into ones that may annihilate the enemy, as long as they are not Floor-type Pokémon.

11 Strong: Kartana

Kartana is notable for having one of many highest base Assault stats within the recreation, to the purpose the place it’s going to carve by means of something with a low Protection stat in a single hit.

The addition of Beast Increase signifies that this Assault stat will solely get stronger with every fallen Pokémon, turning Kartana into extra of a menace with every passing flip.

Kartana’s overwhelming offensive capabilities are balanced out by its horrible Particular Protection and Hit Level stats.

This turns a battle towards Kartana into one among precedence, because it has a really excessive Velocity stat that may permit it to outpace just about something it can face.

Any Pokémon with the facility to defeat Kartana additionally must be robust sufficient to face up to its assaults, which is rather a lot simpler stated than finished.

10 Weak: Mightyena

There are some Pokémon which might be thought-about to be filler by followers. These are the Pokémon you discover initially of your journey, as they hold round within the grass that surrounds the primary few cities.

Pokémon like Rattata, Sentret, Poochyena, and Caterpie are sometimes considered filler Pokémon because of this.

Poochyena may look like an fascinating selection in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire because of it being a solo Darkish-type Pokémon, nevertheless it is not well worth the effort.

This is because of the truth that Mightyena has dangerous stats and a shallow movepool that makes it demonstrably worse than just about each different Darkish-type Pokémon that you simply may need to think about using in a aggressive staff.

9 Strong: Tapu Lele

Precedence is a vital mechanic within the Pokémon video games, because it determines the order during which strikes happen. This often means the distinction between victory and defeat because of the truth that most Pokémon can solely endure a couple of hits earlier than taking place.

Tapu Lele has the Psychic Surge Capacity, which summons Psychic Terrain each time it switches in.

Psychic Terrain has the power to stop strikes with enhanced precedence from working, which signifies that a whole lot of Pokémon that depend on swift strikes can be pressured to make use of different assaults.

Psychic Terrain additionally has the impact of accelerating the injury dealt by Psychic-type strikes by 50%, which signifies that Tapu Lele will increase its already spectacular injury output everytime it enters the sector.

eight Strong: Mega Lucario

Some of the essential elements of any Pokémon’s transfer choice is whether or not they grant a STAB bonus or not. STAB means Similar-type Assault Bonus, which refers back to the increase that’s added when a Pokémon makes use of a transfer that shares its sort.

Mega Lucario advantages probably the most from STAB strikes on account of the truth that it positive factors the Adapatibility Means when it Mega-Evolves.

Adaptability doubles the STAB bonus it will get when it makes use of Preventing-type and Metal-type strikes, which means that it’ll possible crush any Pokémon that isn’t resistant or resistant to both of these varieties.

7 Weak: Shiinotic

Shiinotic first gained consideration for its unsettling look, because it resembled the sort of creature you’d see in a fan recreation the place Ash Ketchum is shipped to reside out his personal private hell in Silent Hill.

The unsettling look is about the one factor that Shiinotic has going for it on account of the truth that it has the crippling mixture of extremely low Hit Level and Velocity stats.

Because of this it will not have the prospect to outlive lengthy sufficient to tug off any strikes that would make it worthwhile, as even its respectable defensive stats will not maintain it round for lengthy.

6 Strong: Salamence

Salamence has remained some of the highly effective Pokémon within the collection since its debut in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire. A variety of gamers will possible keep in mind the wrestle towards Drake’s Salamence in that recreation, and he wasn’t even the Champion.

Salamence’s usefulness dipped barely through the Pokémon X & Y period because of the introduction of Fairy-type Pokémon.

This drawback was shortly swept away by the debut of Mega Salamence in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, as its unimaginable general stats and Aeriliate Potential gave it such a lift that it nonetheless remained probably the most vicious and highly effective Pokémon within the collection.

5 Strong: Landorus (Therian Forme)

Pokémon Black & White launched the Forces of Nature trio to the collection. These three Pokémon would achieve new types in Pokémon Black 2 & White 2, because the Reveal Glass permits them to rework into their Therian types, which resembled animals.

Landorus’ Therian type is usually thought-about to be the perfect of the three, because of its superb stat unfold and a STAB boosted Earthquake that may deal a ton of injury when used.

Landorus-T can also be proficient with Stealth Rock, which makes it a great lead Pokémon, as its Intimidate Capability signifies that it probably will not be OHKO’d earlier than it could hearth off the Stealth Rock.

four Weak: Meganium

The starter Pokémon which might be given out at first of every recreation are meant to get you thru the story mode with ease. It is often potential to finish the sport utilizing solely the starter Pokémon, as long as they’re the one Pokémon leveling up.

The starter Pokémon usually do not have superb stats relating to aggressive battles. Meganium may be the most important instance of this, because it’s typically thought-about to be the weakest Grass-type starter Pokémon within the collection.

Meganium has the issue of being a jack-of-all-trades in a system the place it’s outclassed in every particular person space by different Grass-type Pokémon.

There isn’t any cause to make use of Meganium over the likes of Venusaur or Tangrowth, which is partly because of its weak movepool, which is the world through which most Grass-type Pokémon shine, because of the abundance of standing impact strikes which might be often at their disposal.

three Strong: Mega Blaziken

Blaziken is usually thought-about to be probably the most highly effective starter Pokémon within the collection as a result of its superb stats, typing, and movepool. Blaziken’s Velocity Increase Potential can also be a key a part of why it is so profitable, as its Velocity stat steadily grows over the course of the battle.

Mega Blaziken is just like Mega Tyranitar, in that it solely provided an enormous increase to its already spectacular stats.

The enhancements Blaziken receives to its Assault, Particular Assault, and Velocity stat when it Mega-Evolves flip it into one of the crucial bodily dominant Pokémon within the recreation.

2 Strong: Mega Kangaskhan

Kangaskhan was thought-about to be one of many worst Pokémon within the collection for the longest time. The introduction of Mega Evolution turned Kangaskhan into probably the most fashionable aggressive Pokémon on the event scene.

Mega Kangaskhan permits the child Kangaskhan to hitch the battle. In mechanical phrases, because of this it positive factors the Parental Bond Capacity, which permits it to assault twice with the identical transfer every flip, with the second assault dealing half injury.

Parental Bond signifies that strikes like Seismic Toss deal a ton of additional injury, whereas Physique Slam has an additional shot at paralyzing the enemy.

The additional injury output provided by Parental Bond turns Kangaskhan into one of many deadliest Pokémon within the collection.

1 Weak: Farfetch’d

The saddest factor about Farfetch’d is the truth that it got here so near attaining glory. The lately leaked demo of Pokémon Gold & Silver revealed an unused evolution for Farfetch’d referred to as Madame, which was a cool wanting swan with a sword.

This kind wouldn’t solely have given gamers a purpose to catch/practice a Farfetch’d, however it might even have benefited from holding an Eviolite.

Because it stands, there isn’t any purpose to make use of a Farfetch’d in battle. It has horrible stats, a boring movepool, and has one of the widespread typings within the recreation, which means that there are many higher choices on your workforce.

This can be a disgrace, as Farfetch’d was so near being superior.

Are you able to consider another robust Pokémon that must be banned? Tell us within the feedback!

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