20 Most Underrated Quirks in My Hero Academia –

Hero Academy has a great cast, so we see a lot of unique quirks.

But, like the characters in the show, we only pay attention to the more visible quirks and almost forget about the more subtle characters and what they have to offer.

To address this, we’re going to look at some of the more underrated (but powerful) quirks of My Hero Academy.

And while many of them are underappreciated, there is much to appreciate.

20. IQ – Saiko Intelli

Saiko only managed to display this quirk once, and even then it was a terrible fight.

Due to his quirkiness, he can significantly increase his IQ after drinking tea.

In battle, she uses her Quirk to set up a master plan that puts some American students in harm’s way. Then she is overwhelmed by Momo and quickly forgotten.

But it was just a bad game because Quirk Momo is so unpredictable.

Also, Saiko’s quirk is a multiplier, meaning her power increases tenfold as she ages.

Imagine her leading the army!

A good plan is worth a lot more on the battlefield than a thousand foot soldiers, so I really think Saiko deserves a little more respect (and screentime).

19. Invisibility – Toru Hagakure

So far, the series has made poor use of Thora and her strange invisibility.

Think about it: She could have easily sneaked into the repair base and discovered their plan, or even destroyed the beautiful bullets.

She could also just kill a major character with no real problem.

I mean, come on, just sneak into someone’s house, wait for them to fall asleep, and then poison them or something. Every bad guy has more than enough weapons/chemicals lying around anyway.

I’m not saying she should have, because she’s a hero and all. But I want to show how this strangeness can be broken through.

18. Vines – Ibara Shiozaki

It’s still a mystery to me how this girl didn’t make it to the top.

She’s like Kamui Woods, but with a little less reach.

Their tendrils are extremely strong and can protect them from most attacks, while being strong and fast enough to break through concrete quickly.

And although the series didn’t really pay attention to this detail, its tendrils are covered in thorns!

First they remove the app and now they ignore Queen Win. I can’t take a break.

17. Electrification- Kaminari Dengki

How come my boy Denky is still not a big player?

At first, it made sense because he couldn’t control the flow. But he made it! Or through a base, but always….

And even if he’s not the boss, it’s only a problem in teamfights.

If you throw this human remote at a horde of enemies, it can roast their brains with little or no effort.

And yet, it still comes down to a cell phone charger.

16. Splash – Amy Fukukado

This fashion, frankly, seems like the perfect symbol of peace.

It literally makes you laugh out loud.

Have you ever tried to rob a bank while holding your stomach and wondering if you had to pee? Exactly!

While we haven’t seen it used yet, we can assume it can hit multiple people at once, making it an extremely powerful CC AoE ability that can also fool an opponent.

15. Telescope- Tatami Nakagame

I want to include this one because, frankly, I could never do it.

Like Outburst, I would be so busy laughing that Tatami could have knocked me out.

I don’t think anything can prepare you to see someone get sucked in like a scared turtle. That’s literally my entire argument, and I stand by it.

14. Gigantification of the object – This student Seijin in red.

I can’t lie, that quirk is frankly borderline OP.

This allows you to significantly magnify any object you touch. The ninja boy uses it to throw huge bolts at Todoroki, and his power seems pretty ridiculous.

Think about it: It’s like throwing cars at someone. The fact that he can turn a simple pebble into a stone that you can throw at your enemies is pretty scary.

But he’s a nameless character, so we’ll never see him again. What a waste.

13. Cement – foam cement

This grill is the engine of the city.

This allows the user to manipulate the cementitious materials freely as long as they touch the surface.

So, basically, that makes you a capital improvement nerd in an urban area.

And I don’t need to explain why even a review of Nerds is still more than impressive.

So if you can’t walk through entire walls all the time, Cementoss probably has your number.

12. Love – La Brava

Brava has some of the best supporting roles we’ve seen in the series so far. And I don’t think enough people understand that.

Of course, this quirk is extremely situational and limited, as it can only be used once a day and you have to really like the person you are using it on…..

Still, the fact that a middle-aged man was able to match an adult Deku in terms of strength is not just impressive. It’s a little broken.

Imagine what would happen if she fell in love with someone like Kirishima or Deku himself.

11. Leafy grouper

Let’s face it:

If someone had a knife, the gang would be in a lot more trouble.

This seems a bit silly at first, as it allows you to expand and control your teeth in everything. But she proved that she was really strong.

Moonfish had Bakugo and Todoroki and sweat, and he just attacked without thinking.

Imagine the horror of someone using their tooth to kill you on the street. How can a human being react to something like that?

10. Stealing Vitality – Rikiya Katsukame

Here’s a position with a lot of potential.

When a user makes physical contact with an enemy, they can essentially imbue them with stamina, weakening them and adding their own strength.

Imagine sending this guy to a war zone with bad guys on his side!

The only problem is that the user has to be quite tall, as they have to throw a lot of punches to take advantage of this feature.

9. Pop-Off – Minoru Mineta

While I don’t really like Mineta, I have to admit that her Quirk can be pretty powerful.

That’s because in most fights, a well-placed bullet can mean GG.

If the opponent lacks momentum, Mineta simply pushes his leg against the ground. He can just go in and wait for backup.

And imagine what he would do if we threw morality out the window?

Just dip the eggs in deadly chemicals and aim them at your face.

Or dip them in gasoline and chase them with a match. The possibilities are endless!

8. Power supply- Soramitsu Tabe

Like the sunfish, this quirk would be terrible if everyone had it.

Did you see him leave? It can bite anything in a heartbeat!

It can literally rip your head off, even if you’re wearing full armor. He can also tunnel by eating the ground and then coming out for a surprise attack.

The fear factor is also huge.

I don’t think there’s anything scarier than seeing a Pac-Man type yak run at you, growling with its teeth.

7. umbilical laser – Aoyama South

It’s funny to think that such a smart and optimistic character as Aoyama has an ex-murderer, Quirk.

I’m basing this mostly on the second movie, but his laser can cut through huge rocks.

So it can’t be long. But if he’d been aiming right, he could have shot a hole in your body before you realized what was happening.

6. Voice – Gift Microphone

The Voice is not only a pretty good talent show, but also an amazing oddity.

Although the present Mick is usually just messing around, he showed the power his Quirk has.

He can even summon a whole group of people together just by yelling at them!

And if he really wants to go to extremes, he can blow out your eardrums.

Characters with vocal quirks like Jiro, Shinso, or even Naruto would be practically powerless against him.

5. Flint

To be honest, the ending didn’t look very convincing at first.

But it has been shown that when used properly, it can be very powerful.

This gives you more mobility, as you can easily carry the board and use it as a springboard in the air.

It can also prevent the collapse of huge objects that obstruct traffic or even of small buildings. He could also probably do some sneak attacks by throwing something in the air, blocking it, then dragging his opponent under him and then dropping him.

4. Glamour – Kami Utsushimi

Glamour is a very clever fashion because it allows the user to create visual and auditory illusions in close proximity.

Used correctly, this can cause rogues to walk into traps, reveal secret information, reveal their intentions (or idiosyncrasies), etc.

However, a system is only as good as its user. Because you really need to know what your opponent wants to see (or hear) in order to take advantage of it.

3. Chronostasis – Hari Kurono

I would say chronostasis is the definition of high risk/high reward.

You have to stay perfectly still to use it, and you probably only have one chance to hit your opponent.

However, if you manage to hit them clockwise, the game is over.

They would be so delayed that they could not fight.

And you can easily pair them or take them with you if you want. There is also a minute hand, but it is much less useful and should only be used with a two-second solution.

2. Folding tray – edge protection

Although Edgeshot is one of the main characters, I feel like a lot of people fall asleep at the switch.

It seems a bit strange since he can only use it to control the length and width of his body. But it has been shown to use them quite effectively.

By making his body super thin, he can sneak into any room without being detected, just as he can shoot and stab quickly before you even realize what’s going on.

It’s not the smartest fashion. This is probably why it is generally neglected.

But there’s a reason he’s one of the best.

1. Copy – Neito Monoma

I’m still intrigued that Monoma didn’t get more time in the fight.

I think he has one of the strongest quirks in the series, and yet it comes across as a simple joke.

After physical contact with someone, Monoma can use her creep for about five minutes.

It can store multiple modes, but not use them simultaneously.

And even if he did, imagine the potential he has.

He can copy his stronger teammate’s tricks and double his damage, or even steal his opponent’s tricks to counter him.

Not to mention that he could steal a quirk, pretend it was his original and unique quirk, and then quickly defeat the opponent with another quirk in the form of a surprise attack.

frequently asked questions

What is the most useless quirk in my hero’s academy?

My hero – the academic daredevil

Who is the most underrated character in my hero academy?

There are tons of underrated characters in the series, but the most underrated student is probably Mezo Shoji. I think it’s because he never gets enough airtime and his quirkiness doesn’t stand out as much as Todoroka’s or Deku’s. But he is still a very good man and would have been one of the best heroes.

What are the strongest quirks of my hero academy?

Anna Lindwasser’s list.

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