20 Best Mods For Devil May Cry 5 (All Free) –

that Capcom took the time to release DMC5, I think it was worth the wait.

The game’s mod community has grown quite a bit over time, and I can already tell you – there are some insane mods for this game.

Modders have found ways to do all sorts of things, from reintroducing aspects of old DMC games to introducing brand new characters into the game. And that makes everything more fun.

Here are some of the best mods I’ve found for Devil May Cry 5, all of which are worth a try.

20. DMC5 Power Modern

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DMC5 is also the hardest DMC game.

The graphics are great, but if you have a low-end PC, you’ll have to spend a lot of money to upgrade it.

This mod is especially for those who have yet to spend money on upgrades, as the DMC5 Performance Mod will make the game run smoother on lower systems.

As expected, the change alters some graphical parameters that you did not originally have access to. Less detailed graphics are not a high price to pay for a much smoother experience.

19. Riding on the devil

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For those unfamiliar with the devil spell, here’s a little history lesson to refresh your memory.

The Devilbringer was actually Nero’s demon arm in DMC4, which was the source of his demonic abilities.

Finally, the hand was ruined by the beginning of DMC5, which many fans didn’t like (to say the least).

He was left with a bandaged human hand for the rest of the match. But this mod changes that – it brings back the original Devil’s Bringer like it was never lost.

18. V Book My Little Pony Edition

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V is one of the newest characters in the DMC series, and brings a lot of spice to the game as one of the main characters of DMC5.

He plays differently from the other characters in the series, which adds an unusual dimension to the fight.

He also adds a lot to the story, being one of DMC5’s most mysterious characters.

What immediately stands out is his strange attachment to the book of poetry he always carries with him.

Since this is one of his features, modders have decided to make fun of it. They made up some crazy stuff.

This particular mod replaces the book with a colorful version of My Little Pony, and it’s a lot of fun.

17. V Suicide Notebooks, Number

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The My Little Pony edition may seem a little too old-fashioned. So if you’re looking for an update to your book that’s a little more on topic, well, here it is.

Book V: Death Note Edition replaces the notebook from the anime series Death Note.

It may not be as drastic as vanilla, but it’s a fresh Easter egg that should be a treat. Especially for anime fans.

16. Scythe replaces DSD and Sparda

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While there were many cool weapons in the DMC series, I always wanted to be able to get my hands on all those fake giants that the Hellcats carry in DMC5.

Yeah, swords are pretty cool and all. But when I carry a scythe, I feel like a death mower.

The good mod Aracton made this possible with the following mod, which allowed Spard and Dante’s devil sword to be replaced with Cain’s curved blade.

While the weapons are fully usable in combat, one drawback is that the mud has unfortunately not yet learned how to work in battle scenes.

15. DUM things

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When fighting the hordes of hell, it’s hard not to think of games like Doom.

While there aren’t many other similarities between DMC and Doom, this didn’t stop the vZv modder from creating his own bridge between the two games.

His mod is called DOOM Stuff, and that’s exactly what it does – it adds cool Doom-style weapons to your DMC5 arsenal.

This mod specifically adds 6 new weapons, including the Crucible Sword, Marauder’s Axe, Night Guardian Sword, Traitor’s Hammer, Silver Guitar and Guardian Axe.

As a bonus, the modder even added a Doom soundtrack to replace the original DMC5 music.

14. NieR Automata Automatic Weapon Pack

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The crazier, the better, seems to be the motto of this list.

NieR had some cool weapons, and the modder DigitalJoshie thought they would work well in DMC5 too.

Another unique feature of this modpack is that it replaces Nero’s Red Queen instead of focusing on Dante, and gives us 12 brand new NieR weapons: Automatic wrestling machines.

The mod contains the Virtue Pact, Virtue Pact, Cruel Oath, Blood Oath, Type 3 Sword, Type 3 Sword, Type 40 Sword, Sword of the Phoenix, Iron Will, Sword of the Beastmaster, and the Sword of YorHa.

13. Legendary Black Knights

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Once you’ve suffered your first DMC5 loss, there’s little left to do.

Unless you want to take a second vanilla break.

The Legendary Dark Knights mod gives you the ability to play the game in a much more challenging way, and even allows you to customize your encounters with the enemy.

This mod gives you access to sliders that allow you to change the spawning rate of your enemies on different levels of the game, so you can make each level as easy or difficult as you want.

12. Nero CYBERPUNK 2077 Layer

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CDPR’s release of Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the most disappointing in recent video game history.

Since the game was so eagerly awaited and it failed to live up to the expectations of many players, it’s actually quite fun to see how the DMC5 modification game took off long before its release.

The Nero CYBERPUNK 2077 Coat mod from skyrile gives Nero a makeover, replacing his standard Cyberpunk 2077-style makeup.

The mod even has the original Samurai logo visible in the game, which is pretty impressive considering it hadn’t been released when this mod became available.

11. MGR Reskin

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Metal Gear Rising has found its way to DMC5 thanks to the Evilmaginakuma mod.

This MGR model offers a complete renaming of DMC5’s 3 main characters, replacing Dante with Gray Fox, Nero with Raiden, and Virgil with Jetstream.

Not only the appearance of the characters has changed, but also some of the weapons have been swapped. These include Grey Fox’s katana in Rebellion and Raiden’s raised blade in Dante’s Devil’s Sword.

The effort is obvious, as the package even includes custom visual effects and full facial animations to match the skin.

10. replace Virgil with Genji from Supervisor.

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to customization.

And it’s crazy what people make up sometimes.

DMC5’s ninja cyborgs apparently don’t stop at Metal Gear Rising’s Gray Fox, as modder little_noob233 introduces us to Overwatch’s technologically advanced Kanan player Genji.

There’s nothing left of the mod, except that it changes Virgil’s appearance to that of Genji.

But there’s no denying that the possibility of a guardian character in DMC5 is very cool.

9. Nero Killer

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While I haven’t spent much time with the latest Assassin’s Creed games, there was a time when I thought they were among the best in the world.

I remember it being one of the first games I bought when I got my PlayStation 3 at the time. And I don’t think anyone can deny that hitmen have become one of the most emblematic characters in video games in recent years.

So I grabbed the chance to have an Assassin skin in DMC5 with both hands, and it’s this mod that replaced Nero’s default outfit with an Assassin cape.

The mod contains no hidden blade, and that’s the only reason it doesn’t get a higher spot on the list.

8. Hellboy MOD

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Ahead is one of the most complete rescreens you can get for DMC5, and this time he brings a famous comic book character into the fold.

Evilmaginakuma’s Hellboy mod replaces Nero with Apocalypse Beast, and it’s very nice.

The textures are straight out of Injustice 2, so they’re good quality.

Even better, this mod includes an alternate version with a real Hellboy shape to replace the conversion from Nero to Devil Trigger.

7. Spawning modes

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I remember Spawn being my favorite comic book character when I was a kid.

And although he finally got the movie, it’s a shame he didn’t become as popular as I had hoped.

I collected Spawn characters back then and didn’t understand why the movie wasn’t as good until I was much older. But of course I would take the opportunity to have something to do with spawning these days.

And Evilmaginakuma does it again with his spawning mod for Dante.

It even comes with a weapon, an alternate texture of Devil Trigger, and custom visual effects to complement the skin.

6. V Joker costume

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The Joker has been the subject of much media hype since Heath Ledger’s portrayal in The Dark Knight.

And Joaquin Phoenix’s latest film isn’t bad for the character either.

Although many fans see similarities between V and Kylo Ren, GirlGamer1998 has other plans for the mysterious new DMC character.

This mod makes V look much more sinister than the Joker, even replacing his Book of Worms with appropriate Batman comic books.

5. Mortar weapons

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If you read the title of the following post, you’re probably thinking: Minecraft and DMC5? That would be a terrible mix.

Well, anything 8-bit or anything like that is fine in my book. And the fact that it’s from Minecraft makes it even better.

This mod brings Minecraft-style weapons into the game instead of Dante’s original weapons, creating a unique mix of artistic styles that should make the game much more visually interesting.

4. The Dante Pack Nightmare

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You’re probably wondering how many other crazy things we could have added to the DMC5.

Dante’s Nightmare Pack is one of the most unique mods on the list. It brings some of our favorite horror villains into the DMC universe.

In a game like Dead By Daylight, it might not come as a surprise, but who would have thought to see these guys in a DMC game?

The mod adds Freddy Krueger, Ash Williams, and Jason Voorhees to the game, as well as some of their favorite weapons for the game.

The pack takes out a large number of enemies in the game, so you have quite a few in this game.

3. Advertiser Michael Jackson Style and Rating

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The Pop King himself is in the background as you make your way through the demons?

Come on, who can say no?

The mod even has a Michael Jackson style notation.

2. Puzzle for Dante

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We have everyone’s favorite superheroes now, and I can’t imagine missing one of the strangest characters in DMC5.

As with the previous skin models, the textures in this case have been adapted to the DMC5. The textures come straight from Deadpool Fortnight, so nothing is noticeable when using the mod.

Mud evilmaginakuma also added a DT version to complete the reskin.

1. Lil Peep (Nero) Mod

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It’s probably the craziest mod I’ve ever seen in a game.

Many fans were shocked by the sudden and accidental death of rapper Lil Peep in 2017.

As a tribute to the late rapper, modder Neroization has created a DMC5 skin of him to replace Nero.

The standard face already works well with the skin. But the resemblance to the face tattoos is 100%.

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