At Hitek, we love to teach you things. After revealing 16 interesting facts in April, we’re doing it again with 18 incredible facts to make bedtime less silly! Here we go.

Watch The Thing at the South Pole

People working at the South Pole research station are completely isolated for 8 months. They have a rather special tradition where they have to watch all three The Thingmovies.

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Fats Waller has been kidnapped

This jazz pianist from the 1930s was kidnapped by four hooded and armed gangsters for Al Capone’s birthday present. For three full days, he played tunes that Al Capone asked him to play. When he came home, he was hung over and his pockets were full of money.


The Guinness Book of World Records has stopped records for pets

To prevent masters from feeding their pets to appear in the record books, the Guinness Book of Records has decided to end this category.


The UVB-76 radio

Since the 80’s, the UVB-76 radio emits a buzzer sound interspersed with beeps, messages, sequences of numbers, names, with no apparent meaning.


The cat who takes the bus

A cat nicknamed Artful Dodger regularly takes the bus alone from his home in Bridport. He waits at the bus stop and travels about 10 kilometers before going down again.


Saving lives in Sweden

Sweden has set up a nationwide programme that allows citizens to receive a text message when there is a heart attack near them. This makes it possible to proceed more quickly and to practice first aid while waiting for the ambulance to arrive on the scene.


The venom of poisonous frogs

Venomous frogs raised in captivity are completely harmless in that they do not ingest toxic insects, making their venom harmless.


Cutting wood is good

Cutting wood would increase testosterone by 46.8%. This is approximately 17% more than competitive sports.


Gates Foundation spends a lot

The Bill Gates Foundation spends more money on health than the United Nations World Health Organization every year.


Ching Shih, the Terror of the China Seas

This Cantonese woman managed to lead between 40,000 and 80,000 pirates and faced many imperial fleets such as that of England or Portugal.


Christopher Lee engaged to Henriette von Rosen

In the 1950s, Christopher Lee was engaged to Henriette von Rosen, the daughter of Count Fritz von Rosen. The latter, being very demanding, asked them to postpone the wedding for a year (until he could investigate Christopher Lee). Eventually, Christopher Lee gave up on the idea of marriage thinking she deserved better.

Despite an accident, Les Paul wants to play guitar

In 1948, the American guitarist Les Paul was involved in a serious road accident. To save his left arm, the surgeons have to immobilize it with pins. Les Paul asked them to fix his arm at a 90-degree angle so that he could continue to play the guitar.


Google StreetView everywhere

To capture the desert, Google used a camel!


The Kamehameha Day

Kamehameha Day is the day we celebrate the very first king of Hawaii.


President James Buchanan never married

The President of the United States, James Buchanan, was never married because he did not need to be. Indeed, his niece served as First Lady during his presidency.


Stop playing!

In 2013, a Chinese father hired a gamer to repeatedly kill his son in his favorite game so that he would no longer be an addict. 


Mr T, the monster

In the army, Mr. T was punished and had to cut down trees. He completed the task in only 3 hours and 30 minutes, which completely shocked his sergeant. The latter asked him to stop.


Russell Brand, the Millionaire

After divorcing Katy Perry, Russell Brand could receive $22 million, but he refused! Somebody explain it to me!


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