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it or not, people spend a lot of time in the bathroom. That’s how it is in Animal Crossing

So why not make it a place where you don’t have to be bored, with decorations, pretty objects and snacks?

It might be tempting in New Horizons not to devote an entire room to a simple bathroom (robot hell room, anyone?), but these player-created structures make us run to Nook’s Cranny en masse to buy toilets, tubs, and sinks.

17. Girls’ bathroom

Image source by @ICelesteI

Look, I’m a pink girl.

Finding (and paying for!) a pink bathroom, right down to the washer and dryer, is a dream come true.

The whirlpool bath, the shower and the freestanding bathtub make this bathroom a real eye-catcher. Details like hanging flowers, a teapot and cherry blossoms make the space bright, sparkling and surprisingly pink.

The pink and white striped slippers are lined up and ready to come out of the tub…. That is, if you can convince yourself that you won’t be here forever!

16. Botanical bath

Image Source by @miniseelie_ (in English)

If the apartments only had bathrooms, they would be very clean and spacious.

This natural-looking ANCHA bathroom features light-colored wood pieces that pair very well with botanical wall art.

Numerous details such as clothes hanging on the wall, towels and a plush carpet make this bathroom an inviting bathing experience.

Or maybe bathrooms aren’t your thing?

The shower head of the bathtub allows everyone to enjoy a gentle and pleasant hygiene. And a washing machine makes part of the room more efficient!

15. Smooth bath

image source by @HoneyACNH

This bathroom from Twitter user @honeyACNH is a clean and modern building.

The predominantly black elements, such as the washbasin and the bathtub, form an elegant contrast to the white tiled walls and the light wooden floors.

Numerous hanging plants, small succulents and a small terrarium add color to this design and help fill the space.

What a great place to take care of your skin!

14. Bathroom pink 2: Electric Boogaloo

source image @ShannonZKiller

What could be more relaxing than sitting like a king in the bathroom? And all this with your scented oil diffuser.

Imagine doing all this, but the tub is pink.

Twitter user @ShannonZKiller delivers sweet goods with this Barbie Dreamhouse level bathroom to Animal Crossing : New horizons.

Dark panel walls help to balance the light elements, making the building look tasteful and not painfully cute. The floors are distressed and a cherry wood vase in the bathroom adds a nice touch.

I’m not leaving this bath. Period.

13. Antique Bath

Image Source : @mabelsapron

Now this structure gives off two simultaneous vibes with a surprising amount of overlap: a neat antique and a rich Druid fairy.

Did you ever think you could read those words in that order?

That’s right.

Monochromatic wood, an open book, dried flowers and cathedral windows give the bathroom an atmosphere inspired by the nature of the past.

Using a bird bath as a sink may be unusual, but it’s a charming way to preserve an old extravagance. And I like it.

Also note the wooden switch. This design is full of little things like this, and we love it.

12. Siren bath

Image Source by @MrsKaskel812

The mermaid aesthetic is very popular these days.

And for good reason: Damn, that’s cute!

Objects from the siren line in Animal Crossing New Horizons uses pastel pink, blue and yellow for a whimsical underwater experience.

And this bathroom uses a lot of the stuff you found in the shell swap with your favorite otter, Pascal. This bathroom even doubles as a dressing room with a daybed and a vanity, which replaces a bathtub or shower with great charm.

A corrugated rug that comes loose from a vanity is also a great way to decorate the floor. And the giant seashells make a nice makeshift partition for the toilet and bidet. This structure was merMAID for the selfies!

11. Royal bathroom

Image source by @toplaysigrams

At night, kings and queens need a bath.

And this royal conception does not disappoint.

Many candles give the room a pleasant light, and the wallpaper is printed with beautiful wreaths to convey the message in the room.

Did you feel like maybe there wasn’t enough music during your bath?

So the stereo and speakers are from 1990.

We will be using whole harps here in the future. It’s the luxury that comes with being a monarch, a champion.

10. Japanese bathroom

: @___kh62

For something tougher, try this Japanese bathtub idea.

Bamboo lanterns and tea lights set a wooden tray filled with steaming, relaxing water in a beautiful light. The natural wooden walls give the building an almost monochromatic atmosphere.

Probably one of the best Japanese interior buildings I’ve seen.

And if you’re not in the mood for a swim, free showers are available. Beautiful branches of sakura add a pink touch to the room that will surely get you in the mood!

9. Bathroom for grouting

unknown image source

Sometimes it’s hard to choose between blue and green…. Then why don’t you make some tea?

The teal color is perfect for the bathroom because it is dull and refreshing and lends itself well to relaxation.

In this bathroom, calf tiles were used on the wall, contrasting very well with the white wood floor. A recessed whirlpool tub and modern sink give the bathroom a truly avant-garde look, and the white accents really bring unity to the space.

No skylight? It’s not a problem.

A shell lamp and a floor lamp are used in this room, which can be a non-traditional choice for a bathroom. But can you imagine taking a bath in dim light?

That’s amazing.

8. Modern bathroom

Image source: unknown

Here is another modern, elegant and cool bathroom.

This design makes extensive use of black and grey, including grey marble floors and murals.

Some potted plants break up the dark colors with nice contrasts, as well as some white accents. A matching washing machine and tumble dryer complete the look and complement the bath, floor shower, toilet and pedestal sink.

General manager of the baths!

7. Single bath

image source: faith-crossing

Sometimes a bathroom is just a bathroom. We can respect that.

And this Vera Crossing bathroom with its original design is simple.

There is a toilet and a bathtub, as well as space for an ironing board. The bathrobe hangs next to the tub and the colors are all muted (and a little rustic).

A few details, such as the plants, the food baskets and the coat rack, give an impression of life and breath.

6. Japanese whirlpool bath

Image source by @nataliasbrennan

Here we have a Japanese-style spa with great attention to detail.

It can sometimes be very difficult to fill in the spaces. Juggling matching colours, finding elements from the same decors and just putting everything together to make it all look right can be a real challenge.

This resort-level thermal bath has hanging plants, a hammam and, to top it all off, a place to drink tea.

The beautiful standing sink is the perfect place to put on a mask, and the walk-in closet has room for plenty of clothes.

We also love the Japanese accents, bamboo partitions and shoji in the pattern of the walls and the small towel cabinet.

5. Bathroom for factory hobbyists

image source from @mayor.yue

While plants are regularly used for accents in this foliage,… Plants play a central role in the design of this bathroom for nature lovers.

Some trees, such as cypress trees, are comfortable between the toilet, bidet, sink and bathtub.

There is a porcelain pot, presumably to water all the leafy greens. There are even some wonderful layers, as some pots are on the floor and others are hung on the wall, giving the space a fantastic depth.

The white objects, tiles and walls help to make the plants the focal point of this bathroom. Talk about the environment!

4. Comfortable bathroom

image source: ramenbam

I swoon at the thought of soaking in that bathtub, the fire beside me and tea at hand.

A table with cute bonsai trees adds a nice touch of color and a sense of nature to otherwise wooden structures and monstrous plants.

We also love the fireplace here.

Mostly used as a pizza oven, it’s a creative use.

Either that or there’s a pizza oven in the bathroom. This is called efficiency.

3. Shoji Bath

image source by @dreamsicle_acnh

This charming ACNH bathroom design is characterised by its simplicity.

With a sleek, white bath, shower, sink and toilet, the wood of the shoji wall stands out particularly well.

An ironing board adds some function to the room, and pretty tea lights provide some mood lighting in addition to the usual ceiling lights.

It’s a tenant’s dream, TBH.

Too bad he was trapped in Animal Crossing huh?

2. Butterfly bath

Rainwater Image Source

In New Horizons, nature design usually means plants.

This lovely candlelit bath uses butterflies.

They cover the charming wallpaper, the centerpiece of the room. There is a book next to the bathtub so you can read comfortably, and a few plants, a common tree, and a large rock give the room a fairly cool atmosphere.

He gives us butterflies in our stomach!

1. luxury spa

Image source @acnh.ladyofcapeide

Blue Ribbon winner if I ever saw one. It’s a divine figure for something chic.

More of an indoor spa than a bath, this place has a reception to get you ready for your appointment!

Between the deck chairs and the Jacuzzi, there is sure to be a way for every animal in your village to relax. Items like roses, dressing gowns and a terrarium make you want to relax in luxurious comfort.

The key element in this case is an urn made of algae (actually, it’s a vase, isn’t it?).

The recipe comes from Celestial and is made from star fragments.

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