16 Best Site To Watch Free Korean Drama Sub Indo 2021

Best website to watch free Korean dramas in 2021 – In recent years Korean dramas have become very popular in Indo and other countries around the world. Millions of people watch Korean dramas, which are published and broadcast monthly with a very high frequency.

16 Best site to watch a Korean drama with subtitles for free

Thanks to the great resources of the Internet, people outside Korea or Asia can also watch interesting dramas. However, it is still important to have a website or platform where they can broadcast or download the latest episodes of the Korean-Indian drama in 2021.

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One of the most amazing facts about Korean dramas is that they have very clean and cultured plots. That’s why users love to watch every last episode.

To watch this episode, you need to open the website that offers free Korean sub-Indonesian fiction movies. Most Korean drama sites are full of ads or reserved for paying users.

However, there are websites where you can download a Korean sub-drama to your local hard drive for free to watch it offline, which I will write about in this article.

16 Sites to watch Korean drama for free Download Sub Indo 2021

1. Wiki

16 sites to watch dramas Download in subtitles

Viki.com is known as the most famous site that clearly plays the role of playwright in many countries. This site also provides subtitles so that users can enjoy the drama in different languages.

However, the number of ads sometimes bothers and annoys viewers, as the page is then often used by users to download the Korean drama Sub Indo free 2020.

Visit:- https://www.viki.com/

2. NewAsianTV


This site is considered a hub for all Korean, Japanese and Asian dramatic films. This site offers visitors a user-friendly design that makes it easy for users to find relevant series.

The only problem identified by viewers is the IP address, which means that in some countries it is not possible to access this site due to differences in IP addresses.

Visit:- https://wwv.newasiantv.tv/

3. Dramago


This is one of the best sites for downloading Korean fiction movies from Sub-Indo 2021. This site allows users to search for the best and biggest hits, saving time

This site is famous for Korean dramas, as it has many series on its homepage.

Visit:- http://www.dramago.com/

4. Dramanis – Korean Drama Download Site

Dramanice – Korean Drama Download Page

This site has a fascinating design that attracts many users to this site. The combination of white and pink on the side makes it even more unique.

This site is composed of various old and new Korean dramas. But it’s also a mix of video subtitles and the original version However, the interruption of the announcement occurred only at the beginning.

Visit:- https://www7.dramanice.movie/

5. GoodDrama.to – Korean Drama Download Page

GoodDrama.to – Korean drama download page

This is a Korean drama Download site that is very similar to Dramgo.com and has the same interface. This site also contains several Korean, Chinese and Japanese dramas.

The simple user interface makes it easy to navigate and browse through each drama series in less time. There are also advertising influences on this site.

Visit:- http://www.gooddrama.to/

6. DramaFire – Korean Drama Download page

DramaFire – Korean Drama Download Page

DramaFire is considered the best site for downloading Korean drama movies of 2020. The series will be broadcast in HD quality with very good sound quality

This site makes searching for Korean dramas easy and affordable. This site is competitive and offers Free access to various Korean dramas.

Visit:- http://dramafire.info/

7. Drama Fever – Korean drama download site

DramaFever – Korean Drama Download Page

Are you concerned about the slowness of your internet? So you don’t have to worry anymore, DramaFever allows users to stream Korean sub-drama movies at low internet speeds.

With special search options, users can easily access various Korean dramas for life. This site is similar to the other Korean drama sites Viki.com. This place is known as the largest theater center in Korea.

Visit:- https://www.dramafever.com/

8. Dramabei


DramaBeans is known for providing users with a wide variety of Korean, Asian, Chinese and Japanese dramas. Not only is it a hub for Korean dramas, but it also allows you to browse and search for various Asian and Korean dramas.

DramaBeans is the oldest access site to all these dramas. This site also offers users lifetime access to Korean and Asian series.

Visit:- http://dramabeans.com/

9. KissAsian.es


KissAsian is another classic site that offers many Korean dramas of all categories like action, love scenes and so on.

I love this site because it is simple and straightforward. So you can download your favorite Korean drama without fear of malware.

Their drama is updated daily and new Korean movies are added to keep you updated. All in all, it’s your call if you want to watch great drama.

Visit:- https://kissasian.nz/

10. Thedramacool.com


Thedramacool may seem like a simple blog, but to be honest, this site offers a collection of fascinating Korean dramas.

I even put a Korean drama on the site, and honestly, it was great.

The administrator of this site keeps viewers well informed about the latest Korean dramas. However, you can only play free songs from this site.

Visit:- http://ww1.thedramacool.com/

11. Mydramalist.com


Mydramalist is not really one of the sites I like when I download Korean dramas. I’m trying to be open here …. However, there is a strong tendency that you may or may not live on this site when you look around.

They have many recently updated Korean dramas that might intrigue you, and you can watch the trailers of these dramas. The side navigation is very clear, but I can still select DramaFire on it. This site is malware-free, so your device is 100% safe while you broadcast your favorite drama.

Visit:- https://mydramalist.com/

12. Viewasian.tv


Viewasian is a site where you can download the latest movies from the Korean Drama 2020 sub-industry. If you feel the flow of life, this site may be your first choice.

I love the classic look of the site, and it contains a great collection of popular and current Korean dramas. If you stream dramas on the site, you can also download the application to follow the many Korean dramas posted online every day. They are the best, try to thank them later.

Visit:- https://viewasian.tv/

13. VIU


For those of you who like to watch a lot of Korean dramas, you may be familiar with this free app for watching Korean dramas.

This Korean drama viewing application is one of the most customized to your needs. VIU offers many subtitles in Indonesian.

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Moreover, this application even allows you to download content, so you can watch dramas offline and of course save your quota package on the Internet. You can download content in SD (standard definition) or HD (high definition) quality.

VIU is not only an application for watching Korean dramas with TV series, but also offers various favorite movies and music shows.

With VIU Basic, you can also download content easily and for free. However, if you want to be ad-free while watching, the solution is to subscribe to Premium VIU.

Visit:- https://www.viu.com/

14. HOOQ


Although the collection of Korean dramas in HOOQ’s Android app is not as complete as VIU’s, who would have thought that this app could also be one of the best alternatives for you to watch different series of Korean dramas.

HOOQ is not only easy, but also offers free delivery options and all you have to do is use your internet quota. Want to watch a drama with the HOOQ app? Then just download the Korean drama app from the Play Store

Visit:- https://hooq.tv/

16. Netflix


Netflix officially made its entry into Indonesia in early 2016. You also have to pay a subscription fee to watch movies and series offered on Netflix. Netflix has the advantage of having Indonesian subtitles.

This is certainly a big draw for Netflix, which will improve many streaming applications for movies that don’t yet have Indonesian subtitles. However, updates to movies on the Netflix Korean Drama Watch application are quite slow.

In fact, Korean films don’t even need to be renewed in this application. So if you are one of those fans or K-drama lovers who don’t want to miss all the episodes of the latest Korean dramas, it is highly recommended that you don’t use the Netflix application.

Visit:- https://www.netflix.com/

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Result :.

So, my friends, here are the best websites to watch Korean Sub Indo drama for free. You don’t have to worry because thanks to the many websites above, you can always keep up with the drama and not miss an episode.

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