15 Best Spears & Pikes in Dark Souls 3 –

world of Dark Souls is full of horrors, and it’s understandable that you’d want to keep as many at bay as possible.

Lucky for you, DS3 has lots of options for handguns!

From spears to shovels, javelins, lances and more, today we’re looking at the best sharp sticks!

15. Soldering iron

The soldering iron is at the bottom of our list and frankly could easily fall off.

It’s a masterstroke in wasting potential, but I had to include it because it’s so unique.

Just like the dungeon master who wields it, blowing another player with the blow torch drastically reduces Estus’ healing and increases the tension of outfits – 2 extremely unique and cool effects!

Unfortunately, this weapon is almost useless due to the pathetic damage, crumbling, and inability to be polished/explosive.

Some players pick it up during an invasion, but never use it as their main weapon.

How to get there: Abandoned by the prisoners of Irithil.

14. Jorska Speer

This incomplete hammer hybrid is another interesting item, and not as bad as the soldering iron.

While its base damage is quite low, it has decent C/C/ex/faith strength, so it can be used quite effectively against valuable faith constructs!

His unique calming power applies a buffer that removes enemy FP when he gets hit – and that’s no negligible amount either!

But it’s actually the other way around.

The skill doesn’t give you PF to drain, which would be nice, and ash is to drink quickly rather than get in the way of duels, so the effect is pretty insignificant.

How to get there: In a safe in a dark room on Iritilus.

13. Gargoyle Fire Lance

The firearm is actually a very good one – it’s just been pushed down because it’s been overshadowed by later entries.

It’s perfect for hybrids, with D/D/D scaling on all stats at +5, with normal basic physical damage – and a nice bit of fire damage on the side!

The Igniting Attack weapon skill forces you to attack your opponent head-on, which becomes a powerful attack that deals a lot of damage.

It stuns humanoid targets and blocks them when you attack, but it’s very easy to parry in PvP.

How to get there: Leaving the gargoyles with the desecrated capital and grandiose archives.

12. Rear lance

This weapon doesn’t seem like much, but it has a surprising number of fans!

It’s a deceptively long spear with good base damage and a C-Scale Dex, but it’s a weapon skill that keeps people busy.

His skill Free the Dragon summons a very long and expansive cone of power that does a lot of damage and sends enemies flying.

This allows you to kill all kinds of enemies in the area, which is especially fun during invasions!

How to get there: Rarely does a villain escape from Irithil’s dungeon.

11. Lance of the Golden Ritual

The Ritual Spear is a very strange weapon, full of possibilities – even if it is a bit difficult to execute.

It’s a hybrid launcher/catalyst that launches sorcery instead of a heavy attack, but the sorcery swings with faith.

And spells too!

But the odd thing is that the weapons themselves have no intelligence ladder, so investing in the statistics needed to make them can seem a bit pointless.

However, it has some nice edge applications on hybrids, it has reached scale A with faith, and it deals damage from innate magic!

How to get there: He was dumped by a copycat right above the arena of Pontiff Sulivan’s boss.

10. Pike

Pike may seem a little bland, but ….

Actually, it’s a little soft.

It has a good base of damage, good scale, can be ground and primed, and has a long range. It can also be purchased at the beginning of the game and has low status requirements!

It’s harmless, but not particularly remarkable. Excellent reference base for javelin sticks and really solid for first time javelin users!

How to get there: Caves drowned in the Cross Forest.

9. Chevalier lorrain long lance

When it comes to flashy weapons, Lothar’s spear is just another Jane, but this time with a certain advantage!

It can even be acquired before the pike and has a nice liability, giving the owner +15 in balance!

You can’t launch tank attacks like a brick wall with it, but you can make a good trade for heavier weapons, or avoid being taken out wherever you are!

How to get there: Abandoned by the knights of Lorraine who possess it (early game), or sold by Greirath after his journey to Iritillus (late game).

8. Magnificent

The once ridiculous size is now comfortably in the middle of our list of the best spearfish!

When DS3 came out, size was really a terrible weapon.

But since then he has gained many followers, which has improved his slowness and lack of self-confidence.

It’s a great option. He has good combos with payload and can swing surprisingly fast with both hands!

The range is also fantastic, and the hitbox of his heavy attacks can really take some out!

How to get there: Found in Castle Lothric, just above the stairs and to the left of the bonfire in the Dragon Barracks.

7. Arstor Lance

I didn’t even know that gun existed, but I have so much respect for it after using it.

It has really solid base damage, a B scale in Dex at +5, great weapon skill, innate poison damage and a passive effect that gives you Hp when an enemy dies!

It’s also not when you kill the enemy, it’s only when he dies. For some reason.

This thing single-handedly accomplished my non-healing task, and I carried it on my back even as I switched to a new weapon!

It’s really brilliant and a fantastic option with a great range. I can’t recommend him enough.

How to get there: Far from the master of the rotten soul of the great tree.

6. Dragonfly Lance

Ornstein’s Spear, half of the most notorious boss of all time.

Dragonfly Spear does a lot of damage, split between physical and lightning damage, and is more effective at pure Dex because of its B-positioning.

Thanks to the unique Lightning Charge ability, you can fire lightning bolts at enemies after a short recharge, inflicting fantastic damage and great locks – shattering most enemies!

However, it has the same weakness as the gargoyle spear – its weapon skill is very easy to parry, and in PvP it can often do more damage than good.

How to get there: Go up the stairs to the Mausoleum of Dragon Fire by the door.

5. Twin bears encourage

The twins were one of the first things I really fell in love with.

They have a walker that is so aggressive and heavy that it is perfect for PvP and raids.

The damage is also fantastic, the scale is good, they can be buffed and infected, and many attacks are multitasking!

You quickly remove HP from your opponents and can chase down a fleeing enemy with ease. It’s really scary to face the truth.

How to get there: Planted by a drunken knight who waved it after the arena of the Pontifex boss, Sulvan.

4. Winged spear

One of the favorites of all spear enthusiasts returning from the original Dark Souls!

The winged spear is simple when it strikes – it pierces a straight line to do damage. No fancy moves, no special passions.

Are you bored? Not much. Effective? Extremely.

It reaches the S scale for pretty much everything it’s filled with and should be accessible to any lanschopper.

How to get there: Sold to Patch after they recruited him from the Firelink Tower.

3. Knight Damned Lance

That gun was going to be number one until I tested it.

Unfortunately, it has the same flaw as some of the previous entries – the weapon’s skill is very easy to parry.

Don’t let that put you off! That spear is still awesome.

It has a scale for each stat, but its E/E in intelligence/belief makes it more favorable for dex/power build.

This weapon skill acts as a buffer and adds a flat AR of 90 to the weapon for even more damage – and all attacks in this skill are awesome, flashy, and deal super-high damage.

Just be careful when using them against another player ….

How to get there: In the remote town of DLC, along the county line. Found near the body behind the ringed knight.

2. Dowsing arrow

Dragon Swordsman is really a fantastic option for miracle/dex hybrids.

He has a very fluid running game with very quick attacks that are hard to predict and dodge.

But that’s not all, it’s a weapon skill that complements it.

The skill is a falling lightning bolt, a long-range blast that hits your target directly, inflicts massive damage and is similar to lightning bolts hitting a weapon and inflicting tons of extra damage.

In my opinion, it’s one of the best weapons in the game, period. I really like her.

How to get there: Moves with the soul of a nameless king.

1. Lothian War Banner

So here it is – the number one spear!

And it’s not even a …. lance.

but what he lacks in spears he makes up for in other ways!

He has surprisingly good damage, can be polite, and has advanced weapon skills;

The skill – Lotric Warbanner (imaginative name) protects you and your closest allies from 15% of all damage – in 2 minutes!

It’s great to see such a powerful supporting weapon. The war banner of Lorraine triumphs over all that it holds before it, and therefore it takes our first place.

How to get there: In the Secret Area of the Ring City DLC – instead of running long behind Harald’s knight after the chapel, run to the right instead!

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