15 Best Gloves in Old School RuneScape (Ranked) –

OSRS, the glove has a wide range of useful content.

There are gloves and bracelets that can help you with almost any skill, some with extremely unique uses and effects.

Many OSRS gloves help learn certain skills and often save a lot of time and money. And with nearly 2,500 hours of grinding to get the maximum cape, you want to maximize your grind as much as possible.

There are so many choices to make that it’s hard to know where to start. Don’t worry, your personal glove inspector is here to tell you what’s hot and what’s not!

15. Gloves of silence

These gloves are beautiful, well… Silence!

Silent gloves are used by the most deft thieves in Helinor to easily steal the pockets of unsuspecting NPCs.

These gloves will reduce your pickpocket error by 5%. And it not only increases the amount of loot you get per hour, but it also increases your experience.

Note that these gloves will not work if you have completed the Ardougne Elite Journal, as the Journal grants a permanent 10% bonus to pickpocketing that cannot be combined with the gloves.

How to get there: All you need to make these gloves are two dark Kebbit pelts and 600 pieces, which you need to bring to Varrock’s fashion store. To wear these gloves, you must be at least a level 54 hunter.

14. Murderbelt

Have you ever had a kill mission that should have lasted longer?

Well, with the slap bracelet, this can now be a reality!

If you wear it during a killer task, you have a 25% chance that your actual kill won’t count towards the task’s total, but you still get the full experience!

This feature is especially useful when searching for certain items from Slayer bosses like Cerberus or Hydra.

And for maximum effectiveness here, it’s recommended that you only wear the bracelet on the final kill to maximize DPS.

How to get there: The bracelet is made of an enchanted topaz bracelet that requires level 49 magic.

13. Ethereum Bracelet

This bracelet is unique in that it is only useful in one area of the game: Caves of vengeance in the desert.

The ether bracelet must be charged with ether, and all damage inflicted by attackers in the cave is reduced by 75%, using the ether charge per attack.

The bracelet is a fairly common item left by the Revenants, but be careful, as this item is always lost with death.

So be very careful how much air you calculate!

Finally, the Returners have a great drop table. And damage control is very important if you want to camp on a rare drop like Bow Crouse. Watch out for poker players!

How to get there: The usual trap of The Revenants

12. Heavy-duty mountaineering gloves

These gloves are an improved version of the miner’s gloves and are incredibly useful!

When certain rocks are mined, it is likely that ore will be produced until the rock is exhausted. This means you save time because you don’t have to wait for the ore to charge!

This effect is especially important when mining rune-erts, as there is a 12.5% chance that the rune will not be depleted.

How to get there: You can get these gloves from the Mountain Guild. They were purchased from Belon for 60 unidentified minerals, just like the original mining gloves.

11. Vaccination against Chaos

Once you complete the quest for the family crest, you’ll unlock these powerful mid-level magic gloves.

When equipped, all lightning spells gain a maximum hit value of +3, which is a significant improvement.

In this case, the maximum travel on both bolts is 1 point less than on similar bolts.

This is great because you can do almost the same DPS for much less, and at a lower magic level.

They are useful in areas where monsters are weak in magic, such as. B. steel kites or blue kites, or in areas where you are looking for a safe place

How to get there: Collect the Steel Gloves from Johnathon’s quest at the Jolly Boar Inn, located near Varrock. He also needs 25 to load them for you.

10. Karamja gloves (4)

The Karamja 4 gloves are locked behind the Karamja elite journal, but it’s worth it.

These gloves provide 10% more dexterity to clear obstacles in the Brimhaven agility arena, as well as a small discount on spending in Zjaar City and discounts at the Karamja General Store.

And they offer free and unlimited teleports to the gem mine and the Slayer Master’s Duradel.

Almost all of these bonuses can be unlocked before the elite journal, with the exception of Duradel’s teleporter.

How to get there: You can pick up these gloves from Jackie, the fruit pirate, on Brimhaven’s learning path after you complete the diary.

9. Baking the glove

This is another pair of gauntlets that are unlocked when a Family Backbone request is made.

Wearing these gloves reduces the risk of fish burns – many times over.

Lobsters, for example, usually don’t burn anymore when you reach cooking level 74. However, with the cooking levers, this only goes up to 64 cooking levels.

All in all, these gloves will save you a lot of time because you can be sure that your fish will be cooked to perfection much faster.

How to get there: You get them by bringing your steel gloves from the quest to Caleb in Caterby, who will charge you 25k to charge them for you.

8. Combat Bracelet

This bracelet has a certain reputation in the OSRS community, as it is often worn by players who don’t want to seek out the high-end Barrows gauntlets and are content with a combat bracelet (which requires no questing to wear).

While the bracelet has some good benefits, most people use it for built-in teleporters.

This can lead you to the Warriors Guild, the Champions Guild, the Edgewyll Monastery and the Rangewyll Guild.

Also note that the combat bracelet can usually only be recharged 4 times and then must be recharged at the Legends Guild.

How to get there: Enchant the bracelet with the dragon stone at magic level 78.

7. Goldsmith vaccinations

This is the last of the Family Crest Quest gloves, and my favorite.

Gold ore smelting experience doubles from 22.5 to 56.2 experiences per ore.

Because of this effect, the gloves are often used by players up to 99 blacksmiths.

Blast furnace productivity rates of nearly 300,000 per hour are not uncommon.

How to get there: Bring your steel gloves from the walk in Awan to the Al-Harid mine, and he will charge you 25 to load them for you.

6. 3 Age of Wambrow

Like most of the items in the 3. Old age vmbras are quite expensive and are often considered flexible items.

Nevertheless, these bonuses offer the second largest range of bonuses for vmbras in OSRS. And are a good alternative for bidders who don’t have mound gloves like purity.

They also have a decent +9 magic protection bonus, which can be useful when sunning.

How to get there: You can only get them through the elite and master classes, but it’s much easier to buy them on the big exchange.

5. Rain band

The rain bracelet is unique in that it requires no equipment, has better combat stats than the combat bracelet, and has a special effect.

This special effect doubles the player’s natural healing power by 1 hit point per minute and increases it to +2 hit points per minute.

This effect also stacks with the hit points of the skill Mantle and Prayer, Fast Healing.

This can effectively quadruple natural healing.

The rain bracelet also has specific niche applications, such as. For example, for vocational training or theft. It’s very popular with defense #1.

How to get there: Onyx charm bracelet, which requires level 87 magic.

4. Dragon gloves

Dragon gloves are the next best thing to buying in the cook box during the Recipe for Disaster quest.

Many players buy them when they choose dragon gloves, as dragon gloves only require 107 quest points, while dragon gloves require 175 quest points.

Statistically, they are strong and provide +9 in almost all areas except +5 in magic.

From an aesthetic point of view they are very attractive and give the whole kite an absolutely outstanding appearance.

Those of you who are looking for a new fashion item will definitely want to try it out.

How to get there: You can buy them from the chest in Lambridge’s basement at some point in the Recipe for Disaster quest.

3. tortured bracelet

The jaded bracelet closes at the top of our list, and definitely counts as the best lock bracelet for magic in OSRS.

This bracelet has a fantastic bonus of +10 magic attacks and 5% magic damage. This is absolutely necessary for a content like Xeric Cameras.

As with all of Zeynte’s jewels, a high level of 75 Hitpoints is required to wear them – with an additional level of 75 in magic.

The bracelet is intended for end players and therefore has a very high level.

How to get there: You need to enchant Zaint’s bracelet, for that you need level 93 in magic. You can also buy a bracelet from Grand Exchange for about 10 meters. It’s certainly not cheap.

2. Fierce gloves

To win the title of best mêlée glove, Ferocious Gloves requires you to achieve a very high attack and defense level – 80 to win.

They give +16 to all offensive melee styles, as well as a power bonus of +14.

Just watch out for the negative range and mage bonus, as they are not meant for these styles.

These gloves are mostly used by high ranking PSCs and fighters.

How to get there: You need to use the Hydra skin on a pair of Barrows gloves. Hydra skin can only be obtained from an alchemical hydra with a drop rate of 1/512.

1. Mound gloves

Barrows are simply the most popular gloves in the game. And getting a pair is often the first step in the endgame of OSRS.

They offer +12 in all offensive and defensive stats except +6 by magic, making them the best glove for almost any style.

While they do not dominate a particular area, the bonuses allow any player to use them for content that requires multiple attack styles – such as Chamber of Xeric and DKS.

I personally recommend you make it a goal, because they are definitely worth it.

How to get there: Complete the Recipe for Disaster quest, which is the longest in the game and consists of 10 side quests and many requirements.

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