15 Best Dual-Type Pokémon (From All Games) –

you look closely, Pokémon are simply an evolution of rock-paper-scissors.

Just replace these 3 options with 18 different types and combine some!

This double characterization is part of what makes Pokémon battles so interesting. But what combination is best?

For this list, we’re going to evaluate different types of combos based on their offensive and defensive effectiveness, as well as the best Pokémon to play them with.

So even if you’re good at typing, you may not have a Pokémon to use (Battle/Ice) and vice versa (Celebi).

So let’s find out: What are the best two-type Pokémon?

15. Seibler (Ghost/Dark)

The ghost and the dark guys work incredibly well together.

Combined, they only have one guy who is super effective against them. And they are immune to the other three species.

Add in extra resistance to poison, and you have arguably the best Defense type of any Pokémon.

Then why is he at the bottom of the list?

For two reasons.

The first is that there is no offensive synergy. Spirit and Dark types cover many of the same types and only hit 17% of Pokémon for super effective damage.

2 : Pokémon that are Spirit/Dark are not very good. Between the two Pokémon that share this footprint, Sableye is simply the better one.

With Prankster, he can bypass stats and annoy enemies with moves like Encore and Taunt.

Additionally, his Mega Evolution is a defensive force with 125 defenses and 115 special defenses. Both, however, are generally treated with derision or a strong neutral attack on them.

Hopefully we’ll get more Pokémon with this scary combination in the future!

14. Magnetic zone (electric/steel)

When I did my research, I pretty much ignored the electricity/steel combination.

The boy was surprised to learn that he had the highest resilience of all the combos in the game.

Electric + Steel withstands 11 different attacks and is immune to poison attacks. Not to mention that it can hit 34% of all Pokémon for super effective damage!

Magneson is a perfect example. He is an exceptional force both defensively and offensively.

With moves like Thunder Lightning, Cannon Lightning, and Body Clamp, he can take advantage of both of these traits and catch other Steel men with Magnetic Pull.

Then why isn’t it on?

One word: Earthquake!

Earthing is one of the most common forms of attack in the game. And the earthquake is his best move.

He hits Magnezone for 4x super effective damage, all of which are guaranteed to knock them out.

Which, frankly, makes no sense here. Doesn’t Magnezone and all its predecessors float in the air? Do they have to be hit by an earthquake?

13. Gyarados (water/flight)

Water/Fly may seem like an odd choice.

All you have to do is hit the Pokémon with this combo with an electric strike.

Problem solved, huh?

Well, it’s not that simple.

Water/flies can be eliminated by an electric attack. But the only other guy who is super effective against it is stone, which is weak against water.

Not to mention the 5 resistances and immunity to ground attacks.

Add to that a super efficient 39% coverage and you have a much more threatening text game than you think.

While there are quite a few Pokémon with this dual type, none are more threatening than Gyarados.

Dragon Dance has access to an amazing boost move and has incredible coverage with moves like Waterfall, Impact, Power Whip and Earthquake.

Combine that with the impressive abilities of Moxie and Intimidation, and you can understand why Gyarados will likely remain a threat as long as Pokémon exist.

12. Zapdons (electric/volatile)

Fly and Electric have an excellent synergy that creates immunity against Electric’s only weakness, the ground.

It also gives you 5 resistors with 2 weaknesses.

It’s a great defensive attack.

The offensive typing is great too!

Electric and Flight combo hits 42% of Pokémon for super effective damage. And with movements like thunder and lightning, there’s a good chance of paralysis.

Zapdos can exploit both strategies perfectly, as he can be a threat with offensive or defensive nets. Zapdos is well covered by Hurricane, Thunderbolt, and Heat Wave.

Moreover, you can settle for better health.

Or use Toxic to deplete your opponent’s health.

With all these different strategies, it’s no wonder that the original Zapdos is the best legendary bird.

11. Lucario (steel/fighting)

The best bet on one defense is the Steelers.

And one of the best offensive writers is Boy.

Combined, they are easily one of the best dueling types in the game.

If you defend yourself, you get 3 weaknesses, but also 8 resistances and immunities.

Insulting, nothing can stop you. And you can hit 33% of the Pokémon for super effective damage.

Add to that the best offensive moves in the game, and you have a constantly intimidating Pokémon.

Although there are two legendary Steel/Combat Pokémon, the best option is not legendary.

Lucario is a versatile offensive threat that can be both physical and special.

Aura Sphere, Coles Boy, Meteor Mash, and Aura Sphere are all incredible.

Add in another key priority, extreme speed and punch, and you understand why Lucario is in Smash Bros

10. Mamoswine (ice/earth)

Defensively, typing on an icy or slippery keyboard isn’t all that impressive.

He has 5 guys who are super effective against him (3 of which are really mean), and only one resistance and immunity.

But it’s the best offensive combination in the game.

Combined, Ice and Ground hit 52% of Pokémon for super-effective damage and perfect neutral coverage.

Nothing can resist this combination. And there are many powerful moves that you can take advantage of, such as earthquake, blizzard, ice jet, Earth Force, ice shard, and ice cube.

Mamoswine is doing an excellent job.

Which is good, because it’s the only fully formed ice/land type.

His impressive stats of 130 attacks, plus additional cover like Super Power, Stone Edge and Knock Off mean Mamo can hit 75% of all Pokémon for super effective damage.

Additionally, his Fatty Fat skill gives half damage to fire-type hits. So that’s one of the weaknesses that has been addressed.

9. Tapu Fini (Water/Animal)

The latest typewriter, Fairy, has become a boon for balancing meth.

The dragons must finally think before they attack!

And it turns out it works very well with the most common guy in the game: Water.

Water is excellent for fairies because it neutralizes steely blows. And while this combo still has three weaknesses, it resists 6 types while dealing 33% Pokémon for super effective damage.

This is a great combination!

And Pokemon can also print.

While Primarina and Azumarill are excellent, Tapu Fini is simply the best.

He is very versatile as a useful player, but also as a particularly attacking player. Additionally, his Misty Wave ability is excellent because it weakens Dragon-type moves and prevents status degradation.

By the way, it looks like the Venus de Milo. That’s good.

8. Alolan Mook (Poison/Dark)

Sometimes the effectiveness of a type by itself is less important than how it works with another type.

For example, Steel and Ice are great on their own, but terrible together. And the poison/dark is exactly the opposite.

These two sets go well together.

Venom covers Dark’s weaknesses in fae and combat, while Dark grants psychic immunity.

And with 4 resistors, the only type you need to worry about is the floor.

All this is perfectly illustrated by Alolan Mook.

Alolan Mook is better than the original Mook in every way.

While the stats remain the same, the new types and abilities make this Pokémon a real threat. She can use Knock Off and Poison Jab with Poison Touch, a skill that increases the chance of poisoning an opponent.

He can also take full advantage of the curse by strengthening his already high attack and low defense.

Not to mention that Alolan Mook is a fucking rainbow.

From appearance to effectiveness, Alolan Mook is better than the original in every way.

7. Knight (Steel/Let)

Steel/Flying is one of the best defensive typing machines out there:

2 immunities, 8 resistances, and only 2 weaknesses.

Any Pokémon that has these types is incredible and usually forms the defensive core of the team.

But for this list, I want to talk about Corvinaite.

I mention Corwinite not only because of his incredible defensive skills, but also because of the way he converts them into offensive skills.

Bulk Up allows Corviknight to use a decent attack and great defense while activating moves like Brave Bird and Body Press.

Not to mention the power trip, which gets worse with each increase in power.

Corvinite also has great abilities that give you the ability to press for PP or mirror armor to punish your opponents for trying to reset your stats.

Corwinite is fantastic. And it is by far one of the best Pokémon in Sword and Shield

6. Landor (ground/air)

Ground/Flying is an interesting collection of lyrics.

Earth covers the fly against electroweak, but makes 4x ice-type hits super effective.

Flying makes you immune to ground attacks, but makes the rotstype move neutral again.

But even though he only has 3 resistances, his offensive capabilities are immeasurable.

Ground/Flight can hit nearly half of all Pokémon for super effective damage.

And no Pokémon will benefit from it more than Landor.

With his high attack stats and speed, Landor will destroy your opponents. And while he doesn’t really have any useful flying moves, he doesn’t need them either because of the Lone Force ability.

Pure power makes attacks with a side effect stronger, at the expense of a side effect that does not occur.

Combine that with a Life Orb, and you have a Pokémon that can’t break through teams with Earth Power and Mud Wave.

Landor is an absolute beast and will always be a threat for teams to prepare for.

5. Scientific (insects/steels)

Beetle is easily one of the weakest guys in the game.

But combined with steel, it becomes one of the best.

Bug/Steel has only one weakness to fire and has 8 resistances and one immunity. And while there are a few Pokémon that use this typing method effectively, one of them jumps better than the others.

The scholar is an offensive beast, even if his characterization is better for defense.

Although she has a good base defense of 100, her best attribute is her base attack of 130 and her tech ability.

A technician performing movements with a base force of less than 60 does 50% more damage.

This means that the STAB ball strike is 80 instead of 40.

The scientist can combine this ability with a number of weaker movements such as the double wing stroke and the insect bite, as well as solid movements such as the sword dance.

This makes Scizor one of the most dangerous attack threats in the entire franchise. Don’t let it catch fire.

4. Gastrodon (water/bottom)

I love water and land.

He only has a weakness against grasses, resists 4 other species, and is immune. It can also hit 32% of Pokémon for super effective damage.

The only tricky question is what kind of water/soil to choose.

Seismitoad is a great defensive Pokémon, and Swampert is one of my favorite Pokémon of all time.

But when it comes to the utility of the Pokémon, you have to go for Gastrodon.

Gastrodon is an excellent defensive Pokémon thanks to its large 111 HP base.

He can heal himself with recovery, pressure enemies with poison and scald, and has extra immunity from his Storm Drain ability.

This skill not only makes Water-type attacks ineffective against Gastrodon, but also against his teammates.

I might prefer the other water/land type pokemon. But Gastrodon just has the most useful stuff.

3. Ferrotorn (grass/steel)

You thought Bug was weak?

Wait until you see the grasses.

Of course, it has more resistance. But it also has 5 weaknesses, including Bug!

But then it becomes clear that synergy is more important than being at your best.

Grass and Steel is a solid combo with 9 resistances, immunity, and only 2 weaknesses.

Of course, that’s not so offensive. But it doesn’t have to be. She is by far the best defensive type in the game.

But what really makes this machine great is a Pokémon: Ferrotorn.

Ferrotorn is perhaps the best defensive Pokémon of all time.

He has insane defense and can take hits like no one else. This is a defensive move that uses moves like the sting, stealth stone, leech, thunder wave, and knock offs.

Combined with its Ironbeard skill, you have a Pokémon you wouldn’t want to beat even if you could.

Yes, Kartana is an attacking Pokémon of the same type, incredibly fast and deadly.

But only Ferrotorn makes his opponent groan in frustration and stops the whole game.

2. Sword of Zacian (fairy/steel)

The last two grinds are one of the best combinations in the entire game.

Of course, you can only hit so many guys for super effective damage.

But you can’t ignore the steel on the defensive end.

Fairy/Steel is resistant to 9 species and is immune to two of them.

Steel covers both of Fey’s weaknesses, while Fey neutralizes all combat techniques. Then you only have to worry about fire and terrain movement.

So the best Pokémon for this has to be a defensive giant, right?

No. Not at all.

Zazian Crown Sword is perhaps the most broken offensive Pokémon of all time.

His speed is 148. Attack 170.

His gift gives an automatic attack boost. It can destroy almost any Pokémon in a single move. Even Ferrotorn, which as I just said is the best defensive Pokémon ever, can be taken out in one hit.

Sword Zakian is the definition of a legendary Pokémon.

And that has a lot to do with his fantastic defensive typing.

But even if this thing is broken, there’s a Pokémon I like much better.

1. Grudon Primal (Earth/Fire)

The fire/ground doesn’t look that impressive at first.

He only has five resistances and immunities. Two of his weaknesses are incredibly common, including a weakness of 4x against water-type hits.

Sure, it can hit 47% of Pokémon for super effective damage without resistance….. but is that worth the huge defensive weaknesses?

For Camerupta? No.

For Primal Grudon? Yes.

Primal Groudon is one of the strongest Pokémon, period.

He has huge base stats with 180 attacks, 160 defense, and 150 special attacks.

He can take advantage of all these metrics on mixed offenses and heavy defenses.

But what about that fourfold weakness of water?

Goryudon Primal’s Deserted Land ability causes a strong sunlight that not only strengthens fire-type attacks, but also makes water-type attacks disappear.

This thing even beats Kjogr Primal, a Pokémon designed to counter it.

Primal Groudon isn’t just the best Dual-Type Pokémon. This could be the best Pokémon ever.

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