14 best cooling sheets of 2022 for sweat

Have you ever wanted your bed to be cooler? The following are the 14 best cooling sheets for sweat of 2022.

“best sheets for sweaty sleepers” is a topic that has been trending on the internet. The article will list 14 best cooling sheets of 2022 that are perfect for sweat.

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Upgrading to cooling sheets when your bedroom heats up and the temperature rises will help you enjoy some restful sleep. We sought suggestions from experts to help you replace your sweat-inducing linens with something less sweat-inducing.

According to nurse Angela Ballard and Lisa J. Pieretti, executive director and co-founder of the International Hyperhidrosis Society, the most crucial element to check for and consider is the fabric’s breathability. “Look for moisture-wicking materials in mattresses and clothing.” They add that “these materials are meant to pull water away from the skin, assisting your body in regulating its own temperature.”

One thing to keep in mind: if you’re often overheated at night and it’s affecting your sleep, Pieretti and Ballard recommend seeing your doctor. “Night sweats may be caused by a variety of medical issues. Visit your doctor for a comprehensive physical to discover out what’s wrong.”

According to Liz Boscacci, Casper’s head of product development, “breathable textiles composed of natural materials do a terrific job at providing a cooler resting environment.” “Tencel and cotton percale are two examples of such textiles.”

If you’re ready to quit sweating through your sheets, we identified 14 attractive sheet sets created from cooling materials including cotton, bamboo, and other natural fibers.

Cooling bamboo sheets

The Regulator is rocked by my sheets.

My Sheets Rock has prices starting at $139.

The Regulator is rocked by my sheets.

“Bamboo rayon offers several advantages for hot sleepers,” explains Christopher Sun, creator of My Sheets Rock. “Bamboo fabric wicks sweat, lowers humidity, and stretches, all while remaining exceptionally comfortable.” These colorful sheets, which come in ten different hues, are ideal. They’re also available in split king sizes.

Earth Bamboo Sheet Set (Cozy)

Cozy Earth has items starting at $225.20.

Earth Bamboo Sheet Set (Cozy)

Another bamboo choice, these sheets (of which Oprah is a lover) have swooned numerous Underscored editors. These sheets, made exclusively with bamboo viscose, are cool to the touch and even moisture-wicking. We’ll certainly be purchasing another pair now that the brand has expanded to include colors other than white.

Cooling cotton sheets

Percale Sheet Set Riley

Riley Home has items starting at $120.


This set, composed of 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton for smooth breathability, is another percale favorite that we tried and liked.

Boll & Branch Percale Hemmed Sheet Set

From $188 at Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch Percale Hemmed Sheet Set

Known for its organic cotton, Boll & Branch has percale cotton sheets that are great for hot sleepers. We love this subtle stripe pattern, and how crisp the sheets feel. If you want to make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel room, this is where you start.

Percale Sheet Set with Embroidery

Peacock Alley has rooms starting at $285.


This percale sheet set has a 200 thread count and a gorgeous embroidered edging, making it a genuine luxury selection.

Microfiber Sheet Set with Smart Cool Technology

Target has items starting at $32.99


Looking for something a bit less pricey? This solid sheet set is offered in four soft hues and contains the Cool Max proprietary mix fabric that wicks away perspiration. Target customers love how cold these sheets keep them, but they also love how silky they are before washing them.

400-Thread-Count 100% Cotton Sheet Set by Castorena Dearmond

From $29.99 to $58.99 at Wayfair


These high-thread-count sheets are made of soft, breathable cotton and will keep you cool and comfy at a reasonable price.

Lyocell sheets for cooling

Hyperlite Sheets by Casper

Casper: $109 from $54.50


According to Boscacci, the sheets’ “unique design enables greater breathability and airflow,” and they’re made entirely of Tencel, which also makes them absorbent. These 200-thread-count sheets come in five neutral colours that will go with practically any bedroom decor.

Use the coupon CNNSLEEP10 to save 10% on your whole Casper purchase.

Eucalyptus Sheet Set by Sijo

Sijo has rooms starting at $145.

Eucalyptus Sheet Set by Sijo

The quality and attractiveness of these Sijo sheets, which are produced from Tencel lyocell and eucalyptus, can also be attested to by our editors. One editor alone purchased three sets since they are very thick, good quality, and have a great gloss without retaining heat. However, the sheets have that cool-to-the-touch quality that is so appealing in the winter, and the colors are all so vibrant.

Sheet Set with Eucalyptus Buffy

Buffy starts at $169.

Sheet Set with Eucalyptus Buffy

One Underscored editor who is a very hot sleeper said that she hasn’t slept on another set since she first tried these sheets three years ago They’re cool to the touch, too, thanks to Tencel and a silky weave.

Cooling linen sheets

Set of Parachute Linen Sheets

At Parachute, prices start at $164.

Set of Parachute Linen Sheets

“Linen is another choice; it’s a more breathable cotton that’s cooler and lighter,” Pieretti and Ballard explain. “On the summer night we first tried them, the sheets were soft but yet sturdy,” our tester noted of our top-rated linen sheet option. If it seems unpleasant, imagine the opposite: cold, light, and lovely. Our initial mental impression was that we were sleeping on a cloud.” The outfit is made of flax in Portugal and comes in seven vibrant colours.

Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set by Citizenry

Citizenry has prices starting at $230.

Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set

Citizenry’s linen sheets are woven at a family-run mill in Portugal and manufactured in a fair-trade setting, making them another lovely linen choice. This set is so sumptuous that it came in second place in our evaluation of the finest linen sheets available.

Linen Core Sheet Set by Brooklinen

$199 at Brooklinen, down from $179.10

Linen Core Sheet Set by Brooklinen

This set, our top selection for the softest linen sheets, isn’t stiff or starchy like many of the others we tried, but it came worn in, even when it was brand new.

Simple&Opulence 100% Linen Sheet Set

Amazon has it for $114.99.

Simple&Opulence 100% Linen Sheet Set

For little over $100, you can have the luxury and breathability of a much more expensive set with these 100 percent linen sheets, which we dubbed the finest budget linen sheets on the market. They’re also available in ten different hues, ranging from a plain white to a stunning purple.

The “bamboo cooling sheets ” are a type of sheet that is made out of bamboo. The sheets are designed to keep the user cool while they sleep.

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