13 Internet Searches Urgently Prohibited

The Internet is still paradoxical. On the one hand, we know little or nothing about him, and on the other hand, he teaches us many things. However, quantity is no guarantee of quality and sometimes you have to know how to filter yourself before turning on your PC, Mac, Minitel… This top is therefore of an informative nature. Plus we’re sure you’re going to type everything that’s going to be written in this article anyway, so we’re taking advantage of it!

1. The Avulsion of the Alliance

Looking for an excuse not to get married? You’re a strong proponent of wearing the engagement ring around your neck? This argument is for you. The avulsion ring (always more classy in English), is a loss of the ring finger due to the wearing of the wedding ring. She can hurt you a little bit at best. At the very least, cut off your finger. In the latter case, go check on Google Images is a very bad idea. American talk show host Jimmy Fallon has fallen victim to the dreadful reptilian conspiracy of marriage.

Then one is astonished that there are so many divorces!

2. Harlequin Baby

We come back lower in the ranking on weird diseases that are legion in Google Images. Except that Harlequin Baby Syndrome is so well known and popular that you might be tempted by a Big Brother sister or friend to take a look. Don’t do it! The harlequin fetus or harlequin baby, so well known that it has many nicknames, is a genetic disease that affects the skin. It usually attacks the fetus and those affected suffer from it from birth. If you’re curious, just take a picture from Wikipedia. The picture on the French page is sober.

You knew I was going to put this picture

3. Two Girls One Cup and Other Culinary Delights

I see so much of your reactions. Those who have forgotten and remember. Those who don’t know and will go and look. Those who oddly liked it rather (seriously?!). In any case this video is part of the pop-culture of the internet generation. By the way, no image of an informative or demonstrative nature, but a picture that has nothing to do with it. The web has seen a phenomenal amount of filthy videos bloom that can, for some, be really shocking. Who remembers the Luka Magnotta video?

photo 10 searches proscribe

Thanks Ben! Even though I don’t know you

4. Kalashnikov + Daesch

Afterwards, for thrill-seekers, eager to interrupt the shower with a nervous twitch, go ahead. Seriously, curiosity can play very nasty tricks on you on this point. Radicalization sites abound on the web and clicking on a link can happen quickly if you are not careful, so you might as well avoid them.

5. Doctissimo

In general, if you feel unwell, not well, nauseous, feverish… never go on the Internet to find out the reason for your condition. For sure you will end up with 3 cancers when you are not even 20 years old (for some)! This aspect I take care of myself thanks to the Internet is a little bit the Dark Side of the World Wide Web. Nothing beats our good old GENERAL PRACTITIONER and his countless years of exhausting studies!

6. The TV seriesClem

In itself I have nothing against this show. You’ve got nothing against this show, you’ve probably never seen it. And now, what if I tell you that she was more wanted than Games of Thrones or The Walking Deadin 2015 in France? See? Right away we’re not happy.

7. Announcement Bethesda Elder Scrolls 6

Then you’ll be nothing but tears, disappointment, fury, anger. I hear you coming yes but they’re going to release an HD and modable version on next-gen console! So first you calm down, we don’t know each other, then it already exists, it’s called the PC version. Note I’m criticizing, but I’m going to buy it, so… Still, I’d love to hear your opinion on this. Isn’t this announcement at the bottom of pure laziness on the part of Bethesda? 

8. Degloving Injury

It is rather difficult to translate this injury into French. But don’t hesitate. It’s not so much the disease that disgusts you as the wound that scares you… and disgusts you. The degloving injury could be summed up as a skin detachment due, in addition, to a burn. Except it’s not just the skin that peels off, the muscles do too. So you end up with one hand, one leg, one jaw, completely raw, literally.

9. Why Japan?

We’ll never get answers to that question. It’s like Why life? or Why do I fantasize about Valerie Pécresse?. In general avoid adding the word Japan after an internet search. It’s the best way to get weird videos with tentacles. We’re talking about a country that has used-up high school girl’s panty dispensers. Then I respect this country enormously. Without them there wouldn’t have beenShogun 2 Total War

Disable auto play

10. Scientist

A very specific case like this one. Knowing full well that you will go and see everything that is written in this top, here is someone I ask you not to go and see at all. Savant is an autistic artist with hyper-creativity syndrome. These sounds are based on video games I don’t like this artist so much that I’m going to link his two most famous musics.

11. Prolapse and other medical festivities

We are talking about Google Images, which abounds with splendid photos of diseases, symptoms and other medical atrocities. The Wikipedia sheet already makes you nauseous so why inflict photos of lower limb necrosis, organ descent or testicular elephantism. We also avoid typing Blue Waffle, there is no question of simple blue waffles here. 

12. Your name or email address

You may be in for some unpleasant surprises with the number of personal data hackers multiplying. In the best case scenario, you come across a picture of you dressed as a mermaid vomiting in a urinal, in the worst case scenario, much of your intimate life is open to the public. 

13.Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

A crazy theory says that if you stop typing this or that word in your search bar, you’ll forget it. It’s scary and at the same time why not use it to our advantage? There is no guarantee that stopping looking for this film will lead to its oblivion. And at the same time why not try? So, yes, we did not make great film schools to be able to make ungrateful judgements about the products of the 7th art. In the meantime, you don’t have to be a biologist to see that a food is out of date, you just have to taste it. On this principle we all agree that this film should be banned from the collective memory. Just the image below gives the content of the fourth opus of theIndiana Jones saga.

And you? What internet search would you like to see disappear?

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