13 California Counties Move to Less Restrictive Tier, SLO Remains in Red •

District travels weekly to instruct COWID-19 every other week

SAN Luis Obispo County – Thirteen counties are moving to a less restrictive level, although local health departments may have more restrictive policies than the state. From purple (widespread) to red (important) : Fresno, Glenn, Kings, Madera and Yuba. Red (important) to orange (moderate) : Alameda, Butte, Colusa, Los Angeles Modoc, Orange, Santa Cruz and Tuolumne.

No province has moved to a more restrictive level.

Three counties remain in purple (widespread), 36 in red (significant) with SAN LUIS OBISPO County, 17 in orange (moderate), and 2 in yellow (minimal).

Designing for a safer economy

All districts are subject to the rules and framework of the Safe Economy Plan, as well as a color-coded list of activities and businesses open for business based on local performance and positive test results. As always, local health departments may have more restrictive guidelines than the state.

Enrollment report for March. 30

  • 3 Purple Plan districts (expanded)
  • 36 counties in the red tier (significant)
  • 17 districts in the orange (temperate) layer
  • 2 yellow level districts (minimum)

Draw positions are updated weekly on Tuesdays. Review the status of activities in specific districts.

State data on COWID-19 as of March 31.

  • To date, 3,568,426 cases have been confirmed in California. Figures may not reflect actual daily changes as there may be a delay in reporting test results.
  • As of Tuesday, there were 1,962 new confirmed cases.
  • The 7-day positivity rate is 1.8%.
  • 53,786,487 tests were conducted in California. This is up from 127,906 in the previous 24-hour period.
  • Since the start of the pandemic, 57,936 deaths from COPID-19 have been reported.
  • See you on the 31st. In March, health care providers reported that they had administered a total of 18,023,603 doses of vaccine in the state. The CDC reports that 22,892,620 doses were delivered to government agencies. The figures do not reflect actual daily changes as reports may be delayed. For more information on immunizations, visit KOVID-19’s immunization information dashboard.

San Luis Obispo County Booth: 31.01.09.

  • 20,505 total cases since March 2020
  • 30 new cases, including weekends
  • 255 news items
  • 4 cases in hospital (1 in intensive care)
  • 19,990 cases were recovered, with a recovery rate of 98%.
  • 256 deaths 0.012% of deaths (margin of 255 active cases)

Updating of vaccine authorisations

Because vaccine supplies are expected to increase significantly in the coming weeks, the state is expanding the number of Californians who are eligible. From 1. In April, people 50 and older can make an appointment to be vaccinated, and people 15 and older can make an appointment to be vaccinated. In April, people 16 and older can make an appointment to be vaccinated. Go to recoverslo.org to register your eligibility for immunization.

The 31st. In March, SAN LUIS OBISPO County offered people 30 and older the opportunity to enroll in the county’s COVID-19 vaccine registry. Read here.

Monitoring options

During the COPID-19 pandemic, several variants of the virus causing COPID-19 were identified worldwide. These genetic mutations are expected, and some appear and disappear, while others persist or become common. Most options have no significant impact. Public health is concerned about the option if it affects COVIDA-19 transmission, disease severity, testing, treatment, or vaccine efficacy. Learn more about the options currently being pursued by OHTSP.

Health care personnel

From 29. In March, local health departments reported 102,220 confirmed positive cases among health care workers and 444 deaths nationwide.

Test time

The testing dashboard shows how long California patients are waiting for COVID-19 test results. In the week of the 14th to the 20th. In March, patients had to wait an average of one day for test results. During the same period, 83% of patients received their test results within one day and 97% within two days.

Multisystemic inflammatory syndromes in children (MIS-C)

As of March 22, there were 413 cases of multisystemic inflammatory syndrome in children (SIM-C). MIS-C is a rare inflammatory disease associated with COVID-19 that can damage several organ systems. MIS-C may require hospitalization and can be life threatening.

According to the Sloan County Health Department, three cases of MIS-C have been reported among Sloan County residents in the past year.

Employees of the SLO County court system, jurors, may receive COVID-19

Friday the 26th. In March, San Luis Obispo County’s COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force opened up access to vaccination to individuals personally employed in the justice system due to the growing supply of vaccines and the potentially serious impact on this group.

All SLO County residents who are involved in or employed by the court system – such as judges, attorneys, victim and witness advocates, bailiffs and jurors – can now schedule their first dose of the KOVID-19 vaccine, in addition to the previously announced groups who can receive the vaccine.

The COVID-19 vaccine protects jurors if they are on the jury, said Dr. Penny Borenstein, county health commissioner. These vaccines are an essential tool in stopping this pandemic, and if you can get vaccinated, do so as soon as possible. I am pleased that we are now able to provide this level of protection to members of the community who are fulfilling their civic duty in law.

According to county health officials, some people in this group have already been vaccinated at the emergency area and through the sheriff’s office vaccination clinic. However, the jury is still out on the appropriate panel. Anyone who receives a jury summons can use this letter to apply for the vaccine, even if they are not ultimately selected as a juror.

All community members eligible for the vaccine are encouraged to sign up for the first dose as soon as possible. Earlier this week the province extended eligibility to community members 50 years and older. Other eligible groups include workers in health care, education and child care, food and agriculture, and emergency services, as well as persons 16 years of age and older with certain diseases or disabilities that are at high risk.

Schedule change for COVID-19 messages

As indicated at the meeting of 24. March was announced, the district meeting was held on Wednesday the 31st. March, canceled. After that, briefings are held every other Wednesday.

SLO County COWID-19 Update Meeting Schedule:

– Wednesday, 7 a.m. April at 3:15pm – Briefings will resume every Wednesday.

– Wednesday, 21. April at 3:15 pm

For more information, visit readyslo.org or recoverslo.org.


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