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12 Tips to Create an SEO Friendly Homepage

Are you looking to create a homepage which is optimized for both the user and the search engine? Optimizing homepage of a site can be tricky as it contains multiple elements that needs to be optimized and positioned correctly. We have listed a few tips below that will help you build the right homepage for your brand;

1. Logo and Navigation:

The logo emphasizes your brand and is important for the users to recognize your branding efforts. Navigation includes the main categories and subcategories of the site and showcases the site hierarchy. Good navigation is important to make user experience better and improve SEO.

2. Explain About Your Company Solutions:

The homepage should contain information about what your company does, in detail the services it can provide, how is it different from other companies and your selling point. You need to grab the attention of the audience by the solutions you are providing so that they engage with your company.

3. Incorporating Keywords:

Using keywords is not just limited to your posts but you can also incorporate them in your homepage so that your site rankings go higher and google can rank you for those specific keywords. Do not overuse the keywords though as it should not look unnatural.

4. Headers:

The header is an important element of the site as it is an element above the fold of the site. The header can contain an image as well as the text where you can target keywords to improve site SEO. Use a nominal header size that is completely visible without scrolling. Use the most relevant brand-related keyword as H1 tag and rest can be H2 and H3 tags.

5. Using Visuals:

Humans respond better to visuals than text hence homepage needs to have attractive images to make it look more appealing. Do not overstuff the homepage with too many images though or else the page will become heavy. Compress and optimize all the images by adding relevant keywords to Alt-text before uploading.

6. Videos:

To stimulate the users further adding a relevant video to the homepage is a great way to keep your users engaged and on the page for a longer duration.

7. CTA:

Click to Action can be considered as one of the most important elements of the homepage as you would want to convert your audience into customers. There are a few rules of placing the CTA. It needs to be placed above the fold area so that the users do not need to scroll to see that, it should look different from the other elements on the page for the users to be able to locate it. The best way to maximize your CTA is by doing A//B testing and analyzing audience behavior using a web analytics tool to figure out which positioning, color, and font works ideal for it.

8. Meta Description:

Do not forget to add your company name and a few words about your company which will be displayed in the google search results. This will help the searchers understand the essence of your site.

9. Links:

It is a good practice to add the site structure in the footer. This will showcase all the categories and subcategories for the users to explore the site further.

10. Social Icons and Proofs:

Adding social media icons to the homepage will showcase your social presence. Add the icons which represent your followers for the audience to know that people like your content. Take testimonials from your customers and add a section on the homepage to increase credibility.

11. Minimalistic Design:

To create an SEO friendly site, maintain a minimalistic approach with only adding elements necessary. Viewers do not like to see an overcrowded homepage with many options as the more options you provide the more confused, they will get and take more time to come to a decision. Just give enough information for them to understand your company and provide important elements that showcase the essence of your company. The lesser elements, the more user can focus on the CTA.

12. Check Page Speed:

You cannot forget the fact that the homepage contains the maximum number of elements when compared to other pages hence the page will be a little slow to load. Most users do not have the patience to wait for slow sites to load hence optimize the page to load faster, use fewer elements and user optimized images to reduce the page size so that the site speed goes up.

There are many elements on the homepage that you need to think about before creating it. The main thing to remember is that you should be satisfying the search engines by providing enough information on the page that they can list you on their search results and you should also make your users happy by providing them with top-notch browsing experience and providing them with solutions that they seek.

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