12 Dirty Emojis To Use If You Want To Send A Signal To Your Partner

Want it or not, emojis are a significant part of communication these days. They surround letters, texts, and DMs while adorning messages, articles, and videos. They join the physical landscape as pillows, posters, banners, and Hollywood even granted them their film. You can’t beat how amazing those, especially nasty emojis are to boost up the sexting.

Not only can they help virtually express some of the sexy things you get at (and sometimes in a playful, innuendo-based way till we have real nude emojis parts), they often save you time typing out all the difficult terms while, say, you can only use one hand for typing. To support you, give your dirtiest fantasies hot, emoji-filled emails. Here’s a peek at the sex-crazed emojis and when to use them.

Sweat Emoji

Horny is an overt emotion, but often it may interact through nuance: thus the sweat droplet symbol. Some think of this sweat emoji as sweat, others thought of it as a jizz, and for horny people, they think of it as female ejaculation. Is it damp excrement with all these things? That’s for the sweat-containing message recipient to determine. And this confusion? That’s horny.

Emoji Unicorn

Unicorns are regarded as one of the most majestic animals, and emoji is used to depict a wordplay. The Unicorn emoji is symbolic of being aroused, the bright unicorn horn doing all the job of accurately representing the case. Often used to portray a threesome, this emoji is the strongest sexting emoji.

Policeman Emoji

This emoji brings “crime” into “copulation.” If you look at the emoji, the man is too pleased to be a true cop. Do you suppose the smiling knucklehead saw the streets’ horrors?

The expression in its beady brown eyes doesn’t mean that he is arresting you. It says that he is under your spell. Obviously, he’s a rogue man, squinting in his gorgeous criminal eyes, preparing to grab two guns and a couple of handcuffs.

Purple Emoji

This devil is horny, enjoying what he likes. Give this little purple pervert once you have zeal and want something so immoral, Satan himself emerges. Sending his demonic demeanor to your beloved other indicates you are about to get blazing wet. But beware! You will actually spend an evening screaming the Lord’s name in vain.

Peach Emoji

Peaches occasionally look like buttocks in real life; however, every peach is An Ass on the emoji keyboard. A peach chain is an appropriate, good answer to a photo wherein someone’s ass looks fantastic, but it’s not really a sexy answer. With its dainty little stem and busty leaves, peach is too pure to seep unrestrained sexual frustration.

Emoji Hotdog

“Wiener” is one of the most prominent (and idiotic) penis silly names, and we have the emoji to fit! Appears to look like eggplant was recently replaced as the emoji of preference when talking to a penis by email. Hotdog is ultimate!

Taco Emoji

Other people hate it when somebody calls a vagina a “taco” (so insulting and pretty disgusting); there’s no doubt in mind that this will rapidly be a favorite vagina emoji counterpart. Just make absolutely sure the woman you are flirting with knows her pussy is way more beautiful and attractive than a Mexican piece. Plus, there are plenty of more erudite, less insulting code words that don’t compare vaginas to a food consumable.

Scissors Emoji

This is for girls only or also known as lesbians. We all know that sexting is for every couple existing nowadays. This scissors emoji is used to indicate ‘scissoring,’ a flexible role for two women with vaginas. The role of this is a very erotic but reasonably easy sex activity.

Firework emoji

Do you remember when a romantic activity was as pleasant as a fireworks blast? That, right. That is the message that the sender wants to deliver an explosion. The fireworks emoji may reflect an orgasm or be used to define extreme chemistry and ‘spark’ with another.

Fire emoji

To reassure somebody they look attractive (or ‘sexy’), use the flame emoji to reassure them they are so hot they are burning. This emoji can also be used with romantic mates to raise morale.

Smirky face

This smirky Face Emoji is everybody’s go-to emoji for dirty jokes and explicit remarks. Others think of it as between a flat-old smiley face and a fiery wink on the unpredictable scale.

Tongue emoji

This Tongue Emoji is like another “tongue out” R-rated variant emojis. Any receiver you get this emoji instantly think of something about licking. It will make your message recipient dream that you are doing all sorts of stuff with your tongue.


You will soon understand that you wouldn’t need a Stanford Ph.D. in becoming a professional translator of emoji or erotic emojis. With a little practice, you will comprehend the dialect your kids are talking about.

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