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Bloodborne is an action role-playing video game developed by FromSoftware and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 4. The players take on the role of a lost soul who journeys through Yharnam, a fictional city populated with monsters known as “The Beasts”, in search of healing from its endemic diseases.

The “best skill build bloodborne ” is a guide for the game Bloodborne. The guide includes 12 skills that are best to use in the game.

There are several weapon kinds in Bloodborne, each of which demands a certain set of qualities. It might be perplexing at first, but after you understand how various weapon kinds scale, you’ll have a better concept of how your build will look. There will always be a weapon that you love using, no matter what you employ.

If you wish to utilize particular weapons in Bloodborne, your qualities are crucial. Because the scaling on Skill weaponry is among of the greatest in the game, the Skill attribute is undoubtedly one of the most helpful. The Skill attribute influences how effective your weapon is against physical attacks. It may also influence whether or not you are permitted to utilize certain equipment.

We’ll go over 12 of the top Skill weapons in the game in this post. We’ll sort them into categories based on Skill’s rating system. To gain full scaling for any of the weapons on this list, you must obviously completely max out the weapon. Every single one of them is a fantastic alternative for a wonderful construction.

What is the purpose of the Skill Attribute?

The Skill attribute is a gaming characteristic that governs more sophisticated physical weapon ATK. Determines whether or not you are permitted to utilize certain equipment. This implies that if you employ weapons that need this Skill attribute, you will do extra damage automatically. It also indicates that to use a given weapon, you must have a certain degree of Skill attribute.

Every weapon on this list will need the Skill attribute, which will scale better and better based on the weapon’s upgrade level. Obviously, the optimum weapon scaling is obtained when the weapon is upgraded to +10, the maximum upgrade level.

Even if you don’t have a weapon on this list, another weapon may need a few points in the Skill attribute, thus it’s necessary to level it up regardless of your build. Other traits may be mixed and matched with the Skill attribute to create some extremely exciting builds.

Best Weapons for Skill

We have 12 Skill attribute weapons on this list, and we’d like to point out that the stronger weapons are listed first. If you’re not sure how scaling works, the letters are S, A, B, C, D, and E, and they go from best to worst. The best scaling is S scaling, which means you’ll gain the greatest damage from a single level in that attribute.

On this list, we’ve ranked the weapons from greatest to worst, as well as listed the letter of scaling for a +10 version of each weapon next to its name. This list demonstrates which weapons are the most effective when just the Skill attribute is leveled. Other traits may be leveled up and your character can be built in whatever way you like.

Here are the 12 Best Weapons for Skill you can use in Bloodborne:

1. Mercy Blade (S scaling at +10)


A unique trick weapon handed down through generations of hunters. One of the workshop’s earliest weapons. When triggered, it splits in half. The weapon’s bent blades are made of siderite, a rare celestial material. Most effective in fast assaults, such as those that follow a quick stride.

After obtaining the Crow Hunter Badge, it was sold to the Bath Messengers for 40,000 Blood Echoes.

This is widely regarded as one of the greatest weapons in the game. Eileen the Crow, who can be encountered in several locations throughout the game, gives or drops the Crow Hunter Badge. You may either pursue her questline and accomplish it, or you can beat her and get the badge. The Bath Messenger store will then unlock this weapon.

It may also be discovered as a prize in the Chalice Dungeons. Keep in mind that no elemental paper can boost this weapon, so don’t expect it to accomplish everything. It is a weapon that should only be used for Skill builds since it has S scaling for Skill. You may also equip it with jewels that increase the weapon’s elemental damage.

2. Simon’s Bowblade (S scaling at +10) (DLC)


Because Church hunter Simon detested weapons, the Church workshop had this custom-made for him. When converted, the big curving blade becomes a bow. But, with the exception of a few close friends, Simon was mocked for his choice of weapons, since who would dare to fight the animals with a meager bow?

Simon the Harrowed drops it either via slaying him or at the conclusion of his questline.

This weapon is given to you by an NPC. To get this weapon, you must either complete Simon the Harrowed’s questline or fight him first. Keep in mind that this is a DLC weapon that can only be obtained if the Old Hunter’s DLC is purchased. It’s a fantastic weapon since it transforms into a bow when you convert it.

Quicksilver Bullets are required, although it is a bow. It will be in your right hand when you change it back to normal, and you may use the melee as usual. It’s one of the game’s most unusual weapons, and even if you don’t intend to use it, it’s worth having in your armory.

3. Rakuyo (DLC) (+10 scaling)


Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower wields a Hunter weapon. A trick sword originates in the same country as the Cainhurst Chikage, however this sword requires considerable skill rather than blood. Despite being a distant cousin of the queen, Lady Maria favored this element of the Rakuyo since she disliked blood knives.

Dropped at the bottom of the well in Fishing Hamlet by the second Giant Fishman.

Another DLC weapon is this one. You’ll need to own the Old Hunter’s DLC in order to acquire it. The ability to change this weapon into a Twinblade is what makes it so special. It may be transformed back into a Sword and Dagger. It isn’t very tough to get, but you must fight an adversary in the DLC to do so.

Because it is a pure Skill weapon, you may concentrate only on the Skill attribute. It is well worth purchasing since it has A scaling and is an excellent weapon to build around. The weapon is incredibly combo heavy, so make sure you understand everything about it before you start using it.

4. Reiterpallasch (on a scale of +10)


The Knights of Cainhurst use this weapon. Combines a beautiful knight’s sword with the Cainhurst order’s unique handgun. Long-time blood drinkers, the ancient aristocrats are no strangers to the sanguine epidemic, and the disposal of creatures was a discreet chore left to their slaves, or knights, as they were dubbed for show.

After obtaining the Cainhurst Badge, it was sold to the Bath Messengers for 18,000 Blood Echoes.

This is a weapon that is rather simple to get. You may get the Cainhurst Badge by pledging your allegiance to the Cainhurst Vilebloods. You may return to the Bath Messengers and buy the weapon after you’ve received it. This weapon may be transformed into a variety of Rapiers by transforming it.

You may choose between a Rapier that is quicker but less damaged and a Rapier that is slower but more damaged. It is entirely up to you how you utilize it. It has one of the strangest names in the game, but it’s a fantastic weapon to combine with. If you like Rapiers, you should give this one a go.

5. Threaded Cane (+10 scaling)


One of the workshop’s trick weapons, widely utilized by hunters on their missions. When its blade is divided into multiple pieces, it acts as a whip as well as a hard bladed cane. Part of the act of concealing the weapon within the cane and whipping the creatures with the whip is a show of force, an effort to prove to oneself that the hunter’s bloodlust would never infringe on their soul.

The Messengers can provide you with a beginning weapon. After obtaining the Saw Hunter Badge, the Bath Messengers sold him.

This is one of the game’s three beginning weapons. Most players end up utilizing the Saw Cleaver, so it’s certainly a unique decision. It is, nevertheless, well worth employing since it not only has sword-like strikes, but it also transforms into a whip. If you’re beginning a fresh game, you should give this a go.

If you didn’t pick it and wish to use it, you must first get the Saw Hunter Badge from the Bath Messengers. This badge isn’t very tough to get, however you should definitely use it as your first weapon. If you choose, you may use the Beast Cutter, which is based on Strength instead of this one.

6. Saif, the Beasthunter (DLC) (B scaling at +10)


The ancient hunters utilized this cunning weapon. Inside the curvature of the primary blade lies a second blade. The saif may be used as a long curving sword in its natural state, but when changed, its blade contracts, allowing for swift, repetitive stabs. Although this trick weapon allowed for adaptable fighting, saws and other similar weapons were eventually supplanted as more effective beast-killing weapons.

Found on a ledge near the stairway leading to the Nightmare Church in Hunter’s Nightmare.

Another fantastic DLC weapon. It’s only available if you own the Old Hunter’s DLC. It is not difficult to get. It may be found on a ledge near the Nightmare Church’s stairway. Depending on your playstyle, it may be either a Cleaver or a Longsword, and it can even be used both ways if you love switching weapons.

The weapon is remarkably similar to the Burial Blade, therefore it’s clear that they were inspired by it. It has incredible scaling and is well worth your time if you have the DLC. It’s a handy weapon in almost every situation, whether you’re fighting NPCs in PVE or actual people in PVP.

7. Burial Blade (+10 B scaling)


Gehrman, the first hunter, held a ruse weapon. A masterwork that characterized the workshop’s whole arsenal of weaponry. Its blade is made of siderite, which is claimed to have fallen from the sky. Gehrman undoubtedly saw the hunt as a last lament, intending only for his victim to slumber in peace, never to awaken to another terrifying nightmare.

After receiving the Old Hunter Badge, it was sold to the Bath Messengers for 60,000 Blood Echoes.

After obtaining the Old Hunter Badge, you may get this weapon. You may get this badge by beating Gehrman, the First Hunter, but you won’t acquire it until the game is almost over. This is a weapon you should use in NG+ and even DLC locations. It is one of the game’s most costly weapons, but it is well worth the Blood Echoes.

It has two settings. It may be used as a Scythe or a Curver Sword. It’s a lot of fun to use, and it’s very effective for groups of adversaries. Because the Scythe strike has such a long range, you may easily damage numerous adversaries with a single swing. Overall, it is an excellent option for anybody who want to utilize it.

8. Chikage (+10 B scaling)


The royal guards of Cainhurst Castle use a foreign-made weapon to defend Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods. The sword sings in red colors when the elaborate, rippling etching that spans the Chikage’s blade is imbrued with blood. The rite, on the other hand, consumes the wielder’s whole existence.

After earning the Cainhurst Badge, it was sold to the Bath Messengers for 50,000 Blood Echoes.

This is one of the more unusual weapons available, although it does have some good scaling. The metamorphosis drenches the whole blade in blood and causes Bleeding damage. Once you’ve obtained the Cainhurst Badge from the Bath Messengers, you may buy this weapon.

The strange thing about this weapon is that it depletes your health as you transform it. It will obviously do a lot of damage, but you’ll have to use a lot of Blood Vails to restore yourself to compensate for the health loss. It is difficult to use, but it is worthwhile if you can master the weapon.

9. Church Pick (B scaling at +10) (DLC)


A hunting weapon made from one of the enormous picks that appear in ancient beast legends, one of the Healing Church’s old trick weapons. The Church Pick starts off as a long sword, but when changed, it becomes a long battle pick. Despite its origins, it is a very useful weapon.

Found in the Subterranean Corpse Pile, dumped in one of the underground cells by a Yahar’gul Hunter.

The fourth DLC weapon on the list is this one. You’ll need to own the Old Hunters DLC to obtain this, exactly like the other DLC weapons. It’s a fantastic weapon that a Yahar’gul Hunter drops in one of the Underground Cells in the Underground Corpse Pile level. When converted, it transforms into two separate weapon kinds.

It may be used as a longsword or as a battle pick. Both are a lot of fun to use, and the weapon’s scaling is rather good. This weapon is quite similar to the Burial Blade, so if you liked that one, you’ll appreciate this one as well.

The Holy Blade of Ludwig (B scaled at +10)


Hunters from the Healing Church often utilize this trick weapon. Ludwig, the church’s first hunter, is claimed to have wielded the silver blade. The Healing Church workshop started with Ludwig, who diverged from old Gehrman’s method to equip hunters with the tools they needed to face even more dangerous monsters, and maybe even worse.

After receiving the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge, sold to the Bath Messengers for 20,000 Blood Echoes.

This is a weapon that you should absolutely get your hands on. To acquire this from the Bath Messengers, you must first get the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge. The Radiant Sword Hunter Badge can be found in the Healing Church Workshop, inside a chest. Found after taking the elevator inside Oedon Chapel to the top level of the tower.

When converted, it may be wielded as both a standard sword and a greatsword. It is based on the Holy Moonlight Sword, which is essentially a Dark Souls variant of the Moonlight Greatsword. If you wish to, you may also infuse this weapon with Gems. It’s also an excellent weapon to employ if your Arcane stats are high.

11. Rifle Spear (+10 B scaling)


The Powder Kegs are a trick weapon created by the workshop heretics. A prototype weapon that functions as both a rifle and a spear, presumably based on a lost Cainhurst weapon. It is the only trick weapon with a connected gun, although it has no other significant features.

After receiving the Powder Keg Hunter Badge, sold to the Bath Messengers for 4,000 Blood Echoes.

This is one of the few weapons on the list that can attack from a distance. This weapon functions as both a spear and a rifle. When you use the rifle half, it will fire Quicksilver Bullets, and when you change it, you may use the spear part to melee. It doesn’t have the ideal scaling, but if you don’t want to have numerous weapons at once, it’s perfect.

You can go back and forth rapidly, which is ideal for someone who loves to multi-task. The weapon itself may be obtained quite early in your game, making it a very useful weapon for almost any build you wish to make.

12. Saw Spear (+10 C scaling)


One of the workshop’s trick weapons, frequently utilized by individuals who devote their lives to hunting. This saw morphs into a medium-range spear after drawing the blood of creatures. With its set of blood-letting fangs, the saw has become a symbol of the hunt, and its efficacy rises as the beast becomes more grotesquely changed.

After obtaining the Saw Hunter Badge, it was sold by the Bath Messengers.

Many people believe this weapon to be a superior version of the Saw Cleaver. The only difference is that the cleaver is a spear instead of a knife. It has the smallest scaling of any weapon on this list, but that means it’s quite valuable in areas other than Skill. Once you’ve earned the Saw Hunter Badge, you may buy this weapon.

If you don’t want to buy the weapon, you may discover it on a corpse in Central Yharnum. Keep in mind that the spear portion of this weapon is dependant on your Skill attribute. The weapon as a whole features a lot of distinct movesets, making it a great pick for folks who like variety.

Bloodborne is a game that has been released by FromSoftware. The game was released in 2015 and it received critical acclaim. Bloodborne is known for its difficult gameplay, amazing art design, and fantastic story. One of the best features in Bloodborne is the skill weapons. These weapons can be upgraded multiple times to increase their power and give them unique attacks. Reference: bloodborne best skill weapons reddit .

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